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Extend and customize Drupal functionality with contributed modules. If a module doesn't quite do what you want it to do, if you find a bug or have a suggestion, then join forces and help the module maintainer. Or, share your own by starting a new module.


Placeholder for NuPoll.

This project is named NuPoll, because it is, well, a new Polling module. And NuPoll rhymes with Drupal hehe ;)


DC Storm


Integrates the DC Storm tracking platform into Drupal.


This module is developed, sponsored and maintained by ONE Agency.


Google Add to Circle

Google Add to Circle

Google Add to Circle module let the users to add your Google+ Page to their circle directly from your website.

This module allows you to show the visitors of your blog or website that you have a Google+ account. Therefore its a great opportunity to get in touch with your visitors!

It has a badge customization, through which you may control the look of the widget/badge.

This module will definitely help you to increase your fan base and followers on Google

Add a great opportunity to get in touch with your visitors!



This module integrates Drupal with Newsbeat a realtime statistic service for especially suited for news sites.

Section and author variables

The module uses taxonomy to set _sf_async_config.sections variable, and it uses node author for _sf_async_config.authors

Both of these variables can be altered using hook_newsbeat_authors_alter and hook_newsbeat_sections_alter

More info

See more on: http://chartbeat.com/newsbeat/


Sematext Search Analytics

This module integrates Apache Solr Search with Sematext Search Analytics.


Search rank

Maintain a list of hits on specified domain names for provided sets of search terms.

Attempts to automate the fetching of search results of given search terms on given web sites, returning the URL and title of the hit and additional metadata if available. It also provides for human checking of the rankings and choosing what will be displayed.


Project Estimator

Project Estimator

This module can be used to count the number of lines and characters contained in the files of a project.

It can traverse a given project directory recursively and process files that match a given file name pattern.

The module counts the number of lines of the matched files and the total number characters excluding white space or just considering alphabetic characters.

The module can also display the statistics in a Web page.



Backstory is a contextual website optimization service. It allows you to modify the content or HTML on any given page request, display messages across the top or bottom of the page, or request specific actions from visitors based on any number of criteria if known - the referring site or social network, the specific page being viewed, or even the visitor's device type (desktop vs. mobile), gender, or location.

All actions and filters are configured through Backstory's own interface, and they are evaluated and executed client-side through a small bit of JavaScript inserted to the footer of your page. The interface for configuring these actions is a akin to a simplified version of the Rules interface, allowing only a single action per rule and presenting all known filters on a single form instead of letting you add conditions one by one.


Views Rollup

Add ROLLUP support to Views.

Because this feature is only available in MySQL (and not PostgreSQL), this can never be contributed back into the core Views project.

Known Issues



Adds IgnitionOne tracking code to the footer of each page. Configuration options are available to disable tracking for specified exclude paths and roles

More information about IgnitionOne can be found at www.ignitionone.com

This module has been sponsored by Dennis Publishing.


CIM Metriweb

Metriweb is an implementation of the CIM Metriweb tool.
Additional information can be found at the website of CIM Metriweb (http://cim.be).


MongoDB Statistics

Logs access statistics for your site using MongoDB & provide a replacement for the core statistics module.


Geckoboard Push Statistics

This module implements the Geckoboard Push module's hooks and provides datasets containing statistics for your drupal site which can be displayed on Geckoboard using the specified widgets.

Current datasets:

  • System load average (Geck-o-meter widget)
  • Number of watchdog notice/warning/error messages (RAG widget)

And could easily be extended to include more through feature requests.



Optify configuration page.

The Optify module allows Drupal website owners to quickly and easily integrate the Optify digital marketing platform. The module exposes javascript tracking code on all website pages. In addition, the module lets website owners set pages that should not be tracked by Optify. Drupal website owners will need to sign-up at Optify before being able to complete the module's configuration settings.


Statistics API

This module introduces a Statistics API upon which you can build and configure your own analytics platform.


Saplo Text Analytics

Saplo provides services that extract and refine valuable information from large quantities of text. This module enables tag extraction and similarity analysis by connecting to the Saplo API. Use it to e.g. fetch relevant content or suggested tags.

Some use cases

This module is under development.


Google Analytics Form Tracking

Adds the ability to track partial form completion in Google Analytics.

Development of this module was sponsored by Opsview.




Provides integration with the third-party service, StatHat.

Currently only supports EZ stats.


Google Analytics Injection

The module injects any Javascript code right after the _gaq.push(["_setAccount", "UA-XXXXXXX-X"]) call. This module is not a submodule of Google Analytics, but can extend it.

It can be used for adding any custom GA tags, like _gaq.push(["_setPageGroup"...]);

The module does not provide any UI, it only fires the hook.


Google Analytics Link

Adds Google Analytics event tracking to link fields and/or menu item links.


Enable this module and either one of the following modules:


Mail Domain Report

Creates a report of the mail domains used by the users on the site.


Backlink Handler

This module saves referrer, IP and domain, and initial page the user arrived on from a users initial connection inside the users profile.


OG SimpleStats

OG SimpleStats provides some basic group statistics including total post count, total member count, and total comment count (coming soon). This module is meant as a lightweight alternative to OG Statistics. OG Statistics also has not released a Drupal 7 port yet, so this module serves those sites looking for basic group statistics.


AB Tasty

AB Tasty Drupal integration

AB Tasty enables you to set up A/B tests and multivariate easily to optimize your conversion rate.