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Extend and customize Drupal functionality with contributed modules. If a module doesn't quite do what you want it to do, if you find a bug or have a suggestion, then join forces and help the module maintainer. Or, share your own by starting a new module.

Bango Mobile Metrics

http://bango.com/mobileanalytics/ is a service to add Mobile Analytics to your website.

The analtyics are based on insertion of an image.

This module provides the following functionality:


This module which I hope one day will be able to do is track trending changes over time for any type of data on a site. I will start off by implementing an ubercart trending feature that tracks what certain users buy over time. Then not only will I have a way of displaying the data but the data will be able to be used by other modules. (suggestions)

Marketing Automation

This project is designed to facilitate MARKETING AUTOMATION rules for drupal sites. The module serves as a locally hosted replacement for 3rd party services like Pardot, Marketo or Eloqua, allowing you to track individual user paths through your site and assign rules for marketing automation in the form of drip campaigns triggered from user interaction. For example, imagine a user comes to your site and downloads a whitepaper... with this module installed, you can assign rules for automated marketing to these prospects, like sending an email offer or assigning them to a particular list. These 3rd party services are expensive and slow! I began building this module after noticing a serious performance delay with 3rd party marketing automation on my company's website.

What this module does:

  1. Creates a unique cookie for individual users
  2. tracks all page visits, file downloads, and form submissions on your site.
  3. assigns points(configurable amount) to pages, forms and files.
  4. shows prospect interactions in admin view
  5. creates useful reports
  6. Allows use of 3rd party email sending or built in

I am a creative director/designer, and have moderate php coding skills.


Trends provides statistical information on how your content is performing.

Ideally it will connect to various external parties, Google analytics, Facebook, Twitter etc. to gather information statistics. The key here is that stats will be "in site" and "on page", giving instant feedback where applicable and also show how your content is performing inline with other pages on your site i.e.

- How does this page perform against the best / worst / average
- Last access time

Inbound Links Checker


Dead simple experimental module that checks a website inbound links status. More comprehensive description to come.



  • Install module as usual.
  • Goto admin/reports/inbound-links/settings and configure module settings.
  • Goto admin/reports/inbound-links/settings/add and add URLs to check for inbound links.
  • Run cron and see the results.

Statistics History

I think most of the Drupal developers know the Statistics module, which makes part of the Core of D6. It basically logs access statistics for your site. Every time a node is viewed, a counter gets updated. This counter value is stored in the node_counter table, and gets reset each day at 00 AM.

The most important thing is the hook_cron() implementation.

This function will check if we are 24 hours later since the last statistics check. If we are, it will clean all node_counter values. But for us, this was pretty annoying, as we wanted to keep track of older statistics. We wanted to know, "the most viewed" nodes in the last week, month, etc, etc, ...

We started looking around for a contrib module, but really, there was no contrib module that could satisfy our requirements.

So what did we do? We created our own custom Statistics module!
* We created a custom variable which keeps track when we ran our custom statistics system the last time
* If we are 00 AM (or later), copy all values from node_counter to a custom table, and index it with a timestamp
* The structure of this table is defined as:

| FIELD | Type | NULL | KEY | DEFAULT | Extra |

Node link statistic

Log access the link in node body.

IPv6 Greeter


The IPv6 Greeter module defines a new block which can be shown on your Drupal site in order to greet users connecting from an IPv6 address, or to inform the others about the existence of the new protocol.


The content of the block changes depending on the IP address of the user:


A field that can be used to generate dynamic chart from data

Smart IP Sandbox

This is an existing project, with additions agree to by the author.

Webform Graphs

This module was developed with the intention of creating graphs for webform results. Further you can define as many charts you want for a particular webform and get them as charts in view fields. When you installed this webform_graphs module, you will get the following list of features.


keyboard key d

DocCharCounter counts the chars/letters in various files/documents like MS Word, OO/LO Writer, XML and TXT.

This is a sandbox project at the moment. If it should become available for the general public, then only as one for Drupal8.


AppInsight provides tools to actively monitor your Drupal websites and notify you of performance and security vulnerabilities.

Node points

This D7 module would like to make lists of the "best content" of the site based on points. Something like http://drupal.org/project/userpoints but with nodes.

Every node can give points based on several rules which the admin user can change.
Points based on
- the length of the node body
- the number of the comments
- taxonomy ids
- statistics
- users votes
- extra points of the editor

:) (sorry for my english)


Badgeville integrates the Behaviors and Awards system offered by Badgeville into your website.


This module is an effort to create a simple and robust data warehouse for use within Drupal.


This module creates a context reaction, that takes a string a parameter (a Gemius code).

Using the context module, it can be invoked on any page and every condition can have it's own Gemius Code.

Yandex Metrika

A module allow to use on a site the counter and an informer Yandex Metric (http://metrika.yandex.ru/).
The module has the block with an informer. At all pages of a site it will be added JavaScript. This code is in charge of the count of visits, reviews and visitors.
All parameters of the counter may be configured in the interface. This are: webvisor, clickmap, track links, accurate track bounce, disable of an automatic indexing, the synchronous or asynchronous counter type, track hash.
All parameters of the informer may be configured in the interface. This are: counter type, information type, informer color, gradient, text color, arrow color.
Additional parameter of visit can be passing without change JavaScript or PHP the code. Additional parameters of visit improve detailing of reports of the metrics. A value of the parameter can be generate to the php code. Additional parameters "authorized user" And "user login" can be marked in settings.

Модуль позволяет использовать на сайте счетчик и информер Яндекс Метрики (http://metrika.yandex.ru/).
Модуль имеет блок с информером. На все страницы сайта будет добавлен код JavaScript. Этот код отвечает за подсчёт визитов, просмотров и посетителей.

Keyword Tracker

Tracks the frequency of keywords for Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

Omniture Import

This module provides an integration with Omniture's Web Services API, for pulling site statistics and data into your own database on a regular schedule. It provides:

- Node edit level stats on specific node performance
- Site overview stats under the reports tab

It is capable of breaking out data based on user, node, and taxonomy pages, as well as general site overview data.

This module is behind the "views" count feature on the site FastCoDesign.com, and also serves as a useful resource for editors to keep track of top stories, and top-referrers for stories.

There are many caveats to using this, as the Omniture API, and data structure in general is quite tricky. It presumes that you have chosen to name your pages, for Omniture reporting, with the full URL path minus the server name. For instance http://site.com/article/how-to-build-a-website would be "/article/how-to-build-a-website" in Omniture.

I will take suggestions for enhancements to the entire scheme, as use cases come up.


- Drupal Queue module (a backport of 7.x Queue feature).
- NuSOAP library, expanded in a "nusoap" directory within the module directory.
- An OmnitureAdminServices.wdsl file, from your Omniture admin.
- A valid Omniture account, with Web Services enabled.

Anonymous / Authenticated Page Views

This module displays a block showing the number of times anonymous users and authenticated users have viewed a node. The anonymous views aren't counted uniquely at this time but authenticated views are counted uniquely. This module is handy for easily seeing how many times page views a node is getting from both anonymous and authenticated user traffic. It comes with a theme function, allowing the block's HTML output to easily be modified through a theme override.


Integrate with the oboe logging infrastructure developed by Tracelytics to log specific information about Drupal execution.

Count Nodes Fork

Existing code of the Count Nodes project. (http://drupal.org/project/count)

Will use this for a full git account application in order to take over maintenance of the module which appears to be abandoned.

Site Counter

A simple site counter that keeps track of the number of visitors to a site.

Piwik Dashboard

Include the piwik dashboard in the Drupal reports section.