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Extend and customize Drupal functionality with contributed modules. If a module doesn't quite do what you want it to do, if you find a bug or have a suggestion, then join forces and help the module maintainer. Or, share your own by starting a new module.

Showoff Feeds

The feeds functionality for the Drupal Showoff distribution.


51Degrees.mobi Mobile Theme Switcher

The module takes advantage of the 51Degrees.mobi Device Detection library to allow devices to be switched to a different theme or redirected to a different page. Multiple switcher rules can be be set up to cater for all kinds of devices from an easy to use menu accessed from the Drupal System Configuration.

Features include:

  • Mobile detection and switcher which automatically detects and switches between desktop / mobile theme, or the request can be redirected to another URL
  • Easy to use administration tool to set-up and define redirection rules. The plugin can be downloaded and working within minutes. Rules can be defined to treat small screen mobile devices, smartphones and tablets differently.
  • Detects over 11000 mobile device combinations and updated regularly. No cloud services, PHP extensions or external components are required. Once installed the detected device properties are also available to theme developers.
  • Developed and supported by 51Degrees.mobi a leader in mobile device detection tools and used by over 220,000 servers and 500,000,000 devices per month. Additional detection capabilities including Tablet, Smartphone, Small Screen / Feature phones and additional themes are available from the 51Degrees.mobi website.


OG Delete

OG in Drupal 7 does not delete content of the group when the OG content type is deleted.

This module is an extension to OG that allows the group owner/admins to delete associated nodes when the group is deleted. This module provides following options which were available in Drupal 6.

1. Delete all the content associated with group.

2. Delete the group and make the content public.

3. Move all group posts and memberships to the different group. This option is visible only to site admin who has access to 'administer nodes'.


IP Block

Block user access based on their IP address.
Also provide Maxmind integration to block Proxy users.


  • IP 2 Locale
  • Smart IP


This module is supported by AG Prime


Organic groups time frame

Organic groups time frame

Put a time frame on posting and editing content in organic groups.

This module restricts access to group content within a time frame (or time window) specified in date fields attached to the group entity. Depending on how the date field is configured, the date field behaves either as a simple due date or a 'from – to' window.


Node Access Fixer

This module does nothing on its own, other than to attempt to make harmony out of multiple node-related "access callback" changes made in the hook_menu_alter() implementations of various modules. It does this by ensuring that its own "access callback" handler is called for each of several node-related menu paths ('node/%node', 'node/%node/edit', etc.). This handler then calls all other "access callback" handlers for the given path, returning TRUE if any handler grants access.


Require OG access

Prevent access to OG private posts except to privileged users and OG group members.

This module serves to ensure that OG private posts remain private to the Organic Group(s) to which they're posted, regardless of which other modules may be trying to grant access.

Organic Groups usually does a fine job of ensuring that group posts marked "private" will only be accessible by group members. But other access-control modules may still grant non-group-members with access to those nodes.

This module adds an additional check to the node access system, so that group posts marked "private" will be inaccessible (for view, edit, and delete operations) to anyone who is not a group member, even if other modules grant such access.


Workflow required

This simple module allows nodes with required elements to be left empty when the node is in selected workflow states.

This is Useful for 'draft', 'unpublished' or 'staging' kind of workflow states where the node isn't yet finished. It's especially useful when using nodes as complex formal applications over several pages where users typically spend lot of time to fill out and work with them.

The FAPI '#required' attribute will recursively be unset after the form is build, but enabled again just before rendering, giving the user the same visual experience as before.


One-time File Download

This module allows you to provide single-use URLs to files stored in Drupal's private file-system.


Read only node

The read only node module is allow you to set a node as read only by adding a new "Publishing option".
The module commes with 4 new permission :

  • set node as read only
  • set node stiky
  • set node status
  • set node promote

When a node is set as Read only, only the role with the permission 'set node as read only' can edit it.


The Loch Ness Module

This is a module that will allow for locking of editing of nodes and things. If you need advanced features please take a look at Content Locking. This module is designed with simplicity in mind. All locks are ephemeral and they are stored in the cache table.


Og comments access

Og comments access allow you to manage comment access in Og group context.

It comes with 2 new og permission :

  1. Post comments
  2. Edit any comments

With these 2 permissions, you can now restrict comment posting on group.
You can also allow particular OG role to modify all group comments.

There 2 permissions overwrite the global Drupal permission in the group context.



Register for free to put an end to those annoying Captcha codes that slow down or even send away your users! NoMoreCaptchas authenticates human beings based on the one thing that can never be faked - their behavior.

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Drupal Audit Tool (auditool)

Find someone to Blame. source: http://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Agreeing_on_him.jpg

Are you sure you did everything to secure your site and cover your ***?! Try this module!

The Drupal Audit tool is a complete solution for Drupal shops and Organizations seeking more control over "who is doing what" in their systems.
It was written to provide you with additional auditing capabilities so a Drupal Shop (or a security team within an organization) can provide a much wider picture accounting who addressed which data helping find patterns like wrong data insertion, typing mistakes, malfunctioning form, automatic form submission, malicious employees and more..


Reserva (rsrv) - A Booking and Reservation API

What is Reserva?

Reserva provides a generalized booking and reservation API for Drupal that can be used to make any entity bookable.

The purposes of Reserva is not to provide an interface or solve specific booking or reserve use cases. Instead it is a framework upon which specific booking scenarios can be built.


Client Error Trace

Client Error Trace

A Drupal module to help track down HTTP 4XX client errors. Uses plugins to allow site-specific traces to be added to each report.

All development occurs at the github project.


Content Login

content login

Normally a user gets login by login box containing user name and user password.
Now this module tries to login an user by providing content url which is
This module is useful when you want to provide demonstration of site to new user
and you do not want them to perform provide user name and password and then
enter into the website for walk thorugh of the site.

By encrypted url of the content user will be able to go to the content and he
will be able to logged into the application without any authentication.


Sentiment Analysis

Field Type

* The module name (Sentiment Analysis) itself describes everything about this module.

* This module provides a field type ("Sensitivity")

* This module needs an additional API key(3rd Party) to check user inputted text
and returns the result of sentiment(If negative).



Future Nodes

A very simple node access module that limits access to nodes if they are published in the future.

If the Node's "Authored On" property ($node->created) is equal to or less than the current request time, then a visitor may have access to the node. If it is after then a visitor will not see the node listed or be able to view it directly. NOTE: This does not effect edtorial access.


Entity Block Visibility

Replaces Content types visibility settings for Blocks with a more powerful Entity Type Visibility settings. Allows setting which Bundles of which entity types it should show up for.