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Extend and customize Drupal functionality with contributed modules. If a module doesn't quite do what you want it to do, if you find a bug or have a suggestion, then join forces and help the module maintainer. Or, share your own by starting a new module.

Test Run Extra

Provides a Drush command similar to the core test-run command, but with additional options to enable the selection of tests by class hierarchy, and the exclusion of specific tests or groups of tests.

Development of this module was funded by BBC Worldwide.


Mandrill Webhooks

Mandrill Webhooks exposes an endpoint, receives data from Mandrill webhooks and makes it available via the Drupal hook: hook_mandrill_webhook($data).
This module also allows for administration of Mandrill Webhooks from the Drupal site via the API.

The endpoint implements the recommended authentication from Mandrill http://help.mandrill.com/entries/23704122-Authenticating-webhook-requests.


Two Factor Authentication for Duo Security

This is a plugin to the tfa framework for Duo Security.

To use

  1. Download, install and enable the tfa framework
  2. Download, install and enable this module.
  3. Enable this plugin at admin/config/people/tfa

7.x-1.x uses Duo auth API to do the authentication. This may not be usable on non enterprise accounts

7.x-2.x uses their webapi, but breaks some Drupal best practice.


CSS Delivery Optimizer

This module aims to implement optimized CSS delivery by inlining stylesheets which are critical for rendering 'above the fold' content and load the rest asynchronously via JavaScript. This, if used well, should completely eliminate render blocking CSS from the pages, improving perceivable and absolute page load times.

Development is at its early stage at the moment although code is in working and functional.


Variable log

Variable log table


Allows you see who and when updated a value of variable.


After enabling a module, go to admin/config/system/variable-log and set up a method to clear the log.




Module was developed by Harbuzau Yauheni.


Config Pages

Access config pages management

At some point i was tired of creating custom pages using menu and form api, writing tons of code just to have a page with ugly form where client can enter some settings, and as soon as client wants to add some interactions to the page (drag&drop, ajax etc) things starts to get hairy. Same story was with creation of dedicated CT just to theme a single page (like homepage) and explaining why you can only have 1 node of this type, or force it programmatically.

If this sounds familiar, then this module may be just a thing you were looking for :)


Media Gallery Extras

Experimental Utility additions to Media Gallery.

Adds some additional tools for managing media galleries - especially large and bulky ones.


Commerce RBK Money

Provides an interface for making payments via RBK Money payment system
- copy module folder in /sites/all/modules
- turn it on at the page /admin/build/modules in “Commerce (payment)” section
- set permission for module here admin/people/permissions
- go to the admin/commerce/config/rbkmoney
- copy URL from "Payment notification URL" field and paste it in "Payment notification" field at the RBK Money merchant settings page
- enter your site ID (from RBK Money merchant settings page)


Taxonomy Wrangler

Taxonomy Wrangler overrides the default taxonomy overview page by providing collapsible terms for hierarchical vocabularies and autosave via ajax.


Clerk IO

Module for integration with Clerk.io

Still unstable

Media WYSIWYG responsive image


Adds option on Media WYSIWYG to make the selected inline image responsive using the picture module. This simply adds 'data-picture-group="<your breakpoints group>"' and 'data-picture-mapping="<your picture mapping>"' attributes on the inline image.


Drupal 7.x


Strip 4-byte UTF8

This module helps in preventing PDO Exceptions caused by MySQL general error of incorrect string value. Enabling this module will have your site reject overly long 2 byte sequences, as well as characters above U+10000, and reject overly long 3 byte sequences and UTF-16.


Assessment tools

Assessment is a series of Drupal modules that allow you to build grade book and other assessment tools in Drupal. These are being developed actively as part of the ELMS Learning Network: Collaborative Learning Environment distribution but are designed to work in any Drupal LMS.


Entity Base Type

Spawned from Drupal Core issue: #1042822. I routinely need to handle entities and their fields in a generic manner but entities don't define their type (not bundle) in the object. This module adds a new property called "base_type" to an entity via hook_entity_load.


Require all Exposed Filters

Provides an exposed form that only renders view rows if all form elements
contains user input. The module is similar to standard Views exposed form
"Input required" but requires that the user has set an explicit ("-Any-" is not
considered explicit) value to all exposed filters.

Author: Claudiu Cristea, @claudiu_cristea


Entityform E-Mail Confirmation

This module provides elements for Rules, which will allow you to setup confirmation of emails, that are sent to your website by using entityform.

This module isn't "plug and play", after enabling it, you will need to create rules that will do the magic. It only provides:

Action: Generate confirmation URL
Event: User visited confirmation URL

Sending of confirmation e-mail will happen in Rules - after event of saving new entityform submission:



BlockAnimate admin interface

Block Animate module extends Drupal’s block configuration system providing new fields which let you leverage Animate CSS and WOW Javascript libraries to add CSS3 cross-browser animations to any block on your Drupal website.



The path2ban module allows to block web scanner's attacks from individual IP addresses.
Module has a list of restricted paths. All attempts to scan restricted paths will be logged:

  • admin.php
  • admin/index.php
  • bitrix/admin/index.php
  • administrator/index.php
  • wp-login.php
  • and others.

Module can send notification emails to administrator.


Crowd Bruteforce Protection

This module has 2 dependencies, flood_unblock and flood_control. Rather than re-invent the wheel, I use these modules instead. This module protects against Bruteforce logins and bans any IP that tries to login to your website X times and reports those IP's back to a crowdsource server to help everyone protect themselves from that IP.


NuCivic Connector

This module connects your website with NuCivic's and signs you up to receive email updates from NuCivic including news about software updates and other information to help you develop and maintain your website.

When this module is enabled, the email addresses listed on your website's "Available updates" page (admin/reports/updates/settings) will be automatically signed up to receive notifications from NuCivic.


Panels Cache Expiration

This module extends default functionality of the Cache Expiration module and provides actions for Panels and Panelizer. Panels Cache Expiration module allows you to invalidate cache of Panel pages and Panelizer objects.


Derivative Generator

This module allows you to select image styles per field instance that will be generated when a new image is uploaded to this field. Image generation is done via a queue. You can run the queue with drush queue-run derivative_generator or with cron. When a derivative is not yet generated through the queue, visiting the url will still trigger the derivative generation.


DS Bootstrap Slider

DS carousel support for Display Suite



Entity reference viewmode selector

Enables you to select what viewmode a referenced entity should be used when rendering it.

The reference is saved per reference so the same entity can be reused multiple places using different view modes.


We use github for development on this project, if you have any contributes or suggests for changes please make them there.