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Extend and customize Drupal functionality with contributed modules. If a module doesn't quite do what you want it to do, if you find a bug or have a suggestion, then join forces and help the module maintainer. Or, share your own by starting a new module.

Flex Slider

Issue with Fields and alpha 2

Please upgrade to FlexSlider alpha 3 to fix FlexSlider Fields issues.
#2069435: FlexSlider alpha2 breaks FlexSlider Fields integration


Flex Slider module integrates the Flex Slider library with Drupal and several contributed modules which allows you to build responsive, resizable slideshows. Meaning the slideshows automatically adapt to the size of the browser window or device.

Some features of FlexSlider slideshows include:

  • Touch enabled nagivation
  • Keyboard navigation
  • Configurable slide animations
  • Multiple sliders per page
  • Lots more...

Current Options

Allows you to use Flex Slider in a few different ways

  • As a library to be used with any other theme or module by calling drupal_add_library('flexslider', 'flexslider') or preferably with libraries_load('flexslider') or with flexslider_add()
  • Integrates with Fields (flexslider_fields)
  • Integrates with Views using a style plugin (flexslider_views)

FlexSlider v2

FlexSlider Video Tutorials

We'll be posting a series of videos on using FlexSlider to our YouTube playlist. If you have a suggestion for a video, post it to the #2068973: Video Tutorial Series Suggestions comment thread.



jCarousel screenshot

This module allows developers and themers to make use of the jCarousel jQuery plugin. It includes a developer API that other modules can use, as well as Views integration in the 2.0 version so that you can turn any list of content or images into a carousel.


Gallery formatter


Gallery formatter provides a CCK formatter for image fields, which will turn any image field into a jQuery Gallery.

(Drupal 6) Watch the screencast for a demo of how to set it up REMOVED BY BLIP.TV!, or visit the demo page for seeing it in action.


  • Two imagecache presets which will work out of the box beautifully.
  • The thumbnails run under an infinite carousel.
  • Degrades gracefully without JS enabled, the gallery still works.
  • Integrated out of the box with thickbox, colorbox (recommended as the thickbox upgrade path), shadowbox and lightbox2 for the view full links.
  • Works with the swfupload, image_fupload, and imagefield_crop widgets.
  • A hook for modules to provide styles for the galleries.
  • Two options for styles, no style and a green arrows style. No style should be used for developing your own styles.


Field Slideshow


Provides a Slideshow formatter for Image fields, using JQuery Cycle plugin.

Compared to Views slideshows, building the slideshow from multiple nodes, this module builds it from a single node, with a multi-valued Image/Media/Field Collection field.

Available options

  • Image style
  • Caption
  • Link
  • Transition effect
  • Transition speed
  • Timeout
  • Pager (numbers or thumbnails, with optional carousel)
  • Prev/Next controls



This module plays well with:

  • Colorbox (to enlarge images)
  • Media (to provide the images to the slideshow, and use additional fields for captions and/or links)
  • Field Collection (to provide the images to the slideshow, and use additional fields for captions and/or links)


Dynamic display block

Dynamic display block slideshows are mainly used to showcase featured content at a prominent place on the frontpage of the site in an attractive way. A featured content slideshow can contain e.g.: New articles, Most popular content, New products, Portfolios, Videos etc.

For more examples see: Demo site
For example commercial themes see: Themes site
For sites using ddblock see: Sites using ddblock
For installations, custom configurations and custom theme developments fill out the design requirements questionnaire to create an efficient workflow.


  • Featured Content
  • Ubercart Products
  • Image Galleries
  • Video Galleries
  • Header Slideshows
  • Text sliders


  • Any content
  • Multiple content delivery options
  • Multiple slideshows
  • Configuration settings per slideshow
  • Number-, prev/next-, text-, image-pagers
  • Free and commercial layout themes

The dynamic display block slideshow module is supported by a complete set of documentation, like: Installation and configuration tutorials, Video tutorials, FAQ, How to's, Tips, etc.

Support for the dynamic display block slideshow module is given on a daily basis.

  • Please post support requests, feature request and bugs in the issue queue and not on the documentation pages.
  • Give detailed descriptions of your issues, so I can help you better.
  • Searching the issue queue (search on all issue) and the FAQ can give you direct answers.

Slideshow theme layouts
The dynamic display block slideshow module is supplemented with free and commercial slideshow theme layouts. Examples of free slideshow themes and the commercial slideshow themes can be found at themes.myalbums.biz. Free themes can be found at the download page.

How you can help?
Below are some examples how you can support the development of the module:

I need your time, efforts, feedback and support for the module.

The Maintainers

The module is developed and maintained by Philip Blaauw.

I like to thank developers like Aaron Couch (helped with adding Image cache support to the module) and Josh Waihi (helped with reorganizing PHP setting declarations) for their interest and help with the module. I also appreciate the help of others who found bugs, made suggestions for improvements, made issues to improve the documentation and who made reviews of the module.

Support and development of the module is made possible by selling new custom theme layouts and by paid services like installations and customizations of slideshow solutions.

Future of the dynamic display block module.

Drupal 6

The module will get a 1.0 release version of the current RC6 version which fixes bugs. A new 2.x dev version for drupal 6 will be created which will have new functionality like in the Drupal 7 version of the ddblock module and in the views_slideshow_ddblock module for drupal 6.

Drupal 7
Drupal 7 development version is released, please help with testing. The module now uses field mapping of views fields to slideshow theme fields instead of preprocess functions. An extra prev/next pager is available in all slideshow themes, an example theme with a scrollable pager is added. The module makes now use of themed views data instead of raw views data. No preprocess function anymore.

Drupal 7 - Advanced slideshow tutorial at http://ddblock.myalbums.biz
This is a quick step by step tutorial, which assumes you have basic drupal knowledge.

Paid services
For paid installation, configurations and customization of the module and slideshow themes, you can contact me via my contact form. I also do a wide range of drupal development, configurations and theming for Drupal sites.

There are several other Drupal slideshow / carousel / rotator / tab modules available. Have a look at this comparison to find out what suits you best.


Views Bootstrap

Views Boostrap module enables you to create components following the theme structure of the Bootstrap framework all within the configuration settings of the powerful Views module.


Views jQFX

Views jQFX is a very basic API for integrating jQuery plugins with views. It does nothing on its own. This and the contrib modules are all for Drupal 7.

The following modules use the Views jQFX api:



Refer to the specific pages for more details. Documentation is in progress. The README files in the modules should be fairly detailed.

Why this is getting ditched
Truth be told views jqfx is nothing more then views slideshow 6.x-2.x ported.
It existed to fill a gap. It was there to do things that were not possible at the time. It's time is now over.

My intention is to create kick A modules for imageflow (it's done and it kicks) and cloud carousel (not done yet).

The other jQFX modules are just redundant.

Possible Plan

Create a new module that allows users to utilize virtually any jquery library.


Rabbit Hole

What is this?

Rabbit Hole is a module that adds the ability to control what should happen when an entity is being viewed at its own page.

Perhaps you have a content type that never should be displayed on its own page, like an image content type that's displayed in a carousel. Rabbit Hole can prevent this node from being accessible on its own page, through node/xxx.


This works by providing multiple options to control what should happen when the entity is being viewed at its own page. You have the ability to

  • Deliver an access denied page.
  • Deliver a page not found page.
  • Issue a page redirect to any path or external url.
  • Or simply display the entity (regular behavior).

This is configurable per bundle and per entity. There is also a permission that lets certain roles override Rabbit Hole completely.

It's possible to evaluate PHP for the redirect path. This makes it possible to execute different redirects based on whatever logics you need. Perhaps you want a user to be able to view nodes that he has created, but no one else's. The PHP evaluation is limited to users with the appropriate permission, so there's no unnecessary security breach.

Supported entities


Views Slideshow JCarousel

Integrates JCarousel features into views slideshow version 6.x-3.x or 7.x. Currently provides a JCarousel pager widget.

@See also:


Views Slideshow: Dynamic Display Block

Views Slideshow: Dynamic Display Block


  • Featured Content
  • Ubercart Products
  • Image Galleries
  • Video Galleries
  • Header Slideshows
  • Text sliders


  • Any content
  • Multiple content delivery options
  • Multiple slideshows
  • Configuration settings per slideshow
  • Number-, prev/next-, text-, image, scrollable-pagers
  • Free and commercial layout themes


The tutorial for version 1 and the tutorial for version 2 can be found at the http://ddblock.myalbums.biz site.


Support for the views slideshow: dynamic display block module is given on a daily basis. The issue queue of the module is the preferred place to post: support requests, feature request and bugs. Please give detailed descriptions of your issues, so we can help you better. Searching the issue queue (search on all issue, also the closed ones) can give you direct answers.

Current developments


iTweak Upload

iTweak Upload Screenshot (Mac)

iTweak Upload module revamps Drupal file uploads with sexy thumbnail previews and mime icons, adds image gallery views for attachments and tweaks file upload forms and attachments display.

Summary of features (Drupal 6):

  • Beautify and improve the upload form for file attachments in nodes and comments (created by core upload.module and by Comment Upload module)
  • (Option) Preview uploaded image files
  • (Option) Display thumbnails for image attachments
  • (Option) Display image attachments in a gallery
  • (Option) Show images in animated popup, grouped or slideshow with one of many image popup modules (see below)
  • Independent of theme - works with any theme that does not already customize file uploads.
  • Compatible with popular modules download_count, private_upload
  • jCarousel (if installed) can be used for the image attachments gallery (experimental)
  • jCarousel Lite (if installed) can be used for the image attachments gallery (experimental)
  • Insert feature added to the files upload form (Insert module required)
  • Insert feature preview of presets (experimental)

See details for Drupal 7 features (in active development).


Owl Carousel

This module integrates the wonderful Owl Carousel slider built by OwlFonk. The primary module is comprised of three sub modules providing a views style, field formatter & administration UI. The administration form leverages the variable module providing multilingual support out of the box.

Owl Carousel is a modern responsive slider which boasts the following features;




Collapsiblock makes all Drupal blocks collapsible. To show/hide the content of a block just click on his title.

Optionally, the last state of blocks is saved in a cookie for each user.


Drupal 6

dependency: Javascript Tools a small collection of commonly needed utility functions.


Views carousel

In an effort to minimize the duplication of jcarousel based modules this module is being deprecated for the Drupal 6 version onward and is being replaced by the jcarousel module. As of the Drupal 6 2.x branch of the jcarousel module views integration is provided.

The carousel module, jcarousel module, and this module are being merged into one effort with the maintainers combining efforts in one module.


Image Picker

What it does:
The Image Picker module is an image upload feature modeled after the image upload currently built into Wordpress but with a few improvements.

Imagepicker now has a sister module, Filepicker.


BxSlider - Views slideshow integration


* Preview - Examples - Showcase of functionality *

BxSlider carrousel preview
BxSlider callbacks example


This module provides integration with bxSlider


  • Carrousel integration with Views & Views slideshow
  • BxSlider integration

Requirements & Links to useful resources


  • bxslider
  • carrousel, carousel
  • slideshow
  • views slideshow

How to

  1. Install the required modules (See Requirements above !)


Views Rotator

Note: There are way too many modules that do "fancy jquery effects in Views". It's like the textbook case of module duplication. I have therefore decided to deprecate this module in favor of Views Slideshow, which has an order of magnitude more users and a much more active maintainer. I will continue to support bug fixes on the current release, but there will be no new feature development and no Drupal 7 version. All users are recommended to migrate to Views Slideshow, either now or as part of Drupal 7 migrations.

The Views Rotator module provides a Views style plugin to display items by rotating through the items displaying one at a time. The cycling of images happens via JavaScript (jQuery) with a number of configurable options.



A Bootstrap Carousel image with text


Bootstrap Carousel module provides a very easy way to make carousels, based on bootstrap-carousel.js.



*** See #315100: Allow to add JS/CSS libraries (sets of files, settings, and dependent libraries) for the patch to put jQ in core! ***

The jQ module allows other modules to register jQuery plugins in a central repository, and allows administrators of a site to enable or disable specific plugins globally.

The concept behind this module is to create a basic hook structure for jQuery wrapper modules, allowing other modules using these plugins to invoke them in a consistent fashion.

(Drupal 6 version only): You can also simply add new jQuery plugin files in your /plugins or /sites/example.com/plugins directory, and they'll be added to the registry. Then, for example, if you upload jquery.example.js, you could just jq_add('jquery.example'); and you're off. Additionally, if you have a .js and .css file with the same base name there, they'll both be added with the same call. Caveat: if you have two plugins with the same base name, there are no guarantees which will be added to the registry. Better off defining a hook_jq function in that case (see below for information on that).

Kudos to jjeff for his work on the jQuery Plugin Handler (JQP) module that inspired this latest functionality.


Media Feeds

Media Internet Mapper

This module is the Drupal 7 solution for Media Feeds Integration. It provides mappers for the Feeds module. The target can be a Media asset, image or file field on an entity (such as a node).

When you define your field mappings, you'll simply see a new target field.


  • Media asset field, image field or file field on an entity as a target
  • Embed string or URL that can be claimed by a media_internet provider as a source
  • Map existing files from the media library
  • Reference remote files using the Remote stream wrapper module
  • FeedsEnclosure as a source
  • Works with Mailhandler attachments.

Screencast: Using Media Feeds with PEG.TV to create a carousel of videos (thank you, kreynen).

Another scenario: Importing a YouTube Video Feed into Media Module (thank you, EvanDonovan).


Views jQFX Galleria



This module integrates the Aino Galleria image gallery plugin with views.

Drupal Demo


Aino's Galleria is an extremely powerful javascript plugin for creating first class customizable photo galleries. Combined with the power of views, it should cover just about any need.

Galleries can be created from multiple image fields per node (or other entity), or multiple nodes can be grouped into a single gallery.

Galleria provides support for carousels, sliders, autoplayers, lightboxes (built into the plugin), titles, captions, fullscreen mode, image panning, and more.

Themes are customizable. Additional themes are available from Aino.


Installation Notes

It requires the Galleria plugin from Aino available here:

Follow the instructions in the README file. They are pretty thorough.

Development Status

New features since alpha1


    Slick Carousel

    Drupal slick carousel

    Drupal module for Ken Wheeler's Slick carousel.

    See http://kenwheeler.github.io/slick


    Views Slideshow JCarousel Thumbs

    Views Slideshow JCarousel Thumbs is a plugin for the Views Slideshow module. Functionally similar to the ThumbnailHover plugin included with Views Slideshow, this module uses the JCarousel JQuery plugin to provide a carousel-like scrolling thumbnail navigation.


    Total Gallery Formatter

    Optional Elegant style


    The Total Gallery Formatter module creates a gallery formatter for image fields with more than one number of values, It gives you the full control over its funtionality and styling.

    This module exceeds the capabilities of other existing gallery formatter modules, because it uses the CarouFredSel jQuery Plugin which gives more features.

    This module can use colorbox if you have installed the colorbox module:


    These are the options available:

    • Slide Image Style
    • Thumbnail Image Style
    • Colorbox Image Style
    • Carousel Items
    • Scroll Effect
    • Direction
    • Autoplay
    • Circular
    • Infinite
    • Pagination scroll duration
    • Pagination Easing
    • Style
    • Open in Colorbox


    Dynamic Banner

    Dynamic banner list demonstration

    Dynamic Banner is a module that lightens the load on web developers from creating many blocks for pages with different banners.
    This module will read from the database to automatically decide which banner goes on which page based off of the rules and administrator sets.
    This module has many different usage patterns and is extremely reusable.

    There is various usage notes in the help section of the module

    This module supports