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Extend and customize Drupal functionality with contributed modules. If a module doesn't quite do what you want it to do, if you find a bug or have a suggestion, then join forces and help the module maintainer. Or, share your own by starting a new module.

Real Estate Mortgage Calculator

Real Estate Mortgage Calculator is the mortgage calculator module. It is designed to operate with the Drupal Real Estate module, but also can be used on any other Drupal site.

For now exist two types of the calculators:
Mortgage Calculator - used a submit form,
Mortgage Calculator JS - used a JS calculation.

Drupal Real Estate

Drupal Real Estate is a solution for the creation of a real estate and property classifieds sites.

Taxonomy Facets

Progresive content filtering, with clean url's, using taxonomies as facets.

Ideal for eCommerce carts, real estate / properties sites, classified ads, or other sites with multiple categories, where users need to filter content progressively by applying filters from one or more categories.

Category Landing Pages

Taxonomy terms are used as Facets to help users filter content progressively. Similar to the way it is done on most of today’s eCommerce sites, like Amazon. This module can be used to improve your site SEO, (but be careful, you need to know what you are doing, see note at the bottom) so as the user applies different filters the clean URL's are preserved with each filter change. For example, if the user applies these three filters: Computer Monitors, Samsung and LCD, then the URL will look something like:


When the user then changes the filters to Computer Monitors, HP and LCD, the URL will change to:


Filters can be applied in various permutations, so producing a clean URL for each unique filter combination will allow search engines to index a huge amount of landing pages.

Node pages

Baidu Map

Baidu Map Logo

It is sometimes said to be more accurate than the Google Maps in China, more complete than Ali Maps, the Baidu Map module allows geographic and location information to be displayed through the Baidu Map API.
See a live example of Baidu Maps or the map control screenshot.

Drupal RETS Real Estate Framework (dRealty)


The Drupal RETS Real Estate Framework (dRealty) enables administrator-developers to get real estate data via RETS and maintain a copy of that data in Drupal. dRealty is focused on that one-way data flow, and it does not include a user interface beyond administrative and configuration pages.

The Drupal 7.x-3.0 stable release is out (hopefully, with the only minor BUG overlooked: https://www.drupal.org/node/2840750#comment-11863587) and the support documentation and Video is to be produced in 2017.

The Drupal 8.x release is being designed, and the download is unusable and unsupported until further notice. If you would like to join the 8.x work then review the issue "Plan for dRealty for Drupal 8". The next hangout for coordination is scheduled to be April 22, 2016, at 1 pm ET.

Simple Calculator

SimpleCalculator Block

Simple Calculator is a module that will useful for calculator,
EMI calculator(with print) , Home loan Calculator.

1. Download and enable the Simple Calculator module.
2. Visit the /admin/structure/block page
3. Enable "Simple Calculator" block anywhere in site.

1. Visit /admin/structure/block and configure "Simple Calculator" block.
2 .This block will enable Simple Calculator, EMI calculator, Home loan Calculator.
3. You can also print EMI view also

Slick Browser

Slick Browser Media Entity Selection at Bottom

Slick Browser provides a Slick Entity Browser integration serving to enrich variant displays for the Great Entity Browser.

User Quota

User Quota Alteration Screen

User Quota provides a system of limiting users to create a certain number of nodes of a certain type. The framework keeps track of the history where users may have gained (or lost) a specific limit. If a user does not have a quota for a content type then they can create as many of that item as they want (as long as their roles allow it).

Menu Toggle

Menu Toggle is a very small, simple module that lets you toggle the visibility of expanded menu items. By default when a Drupal menu is set to 'Expanded', the children of that menu item are listed below it. Some menus have very long lists of items however, and it can be inconvenient to navigate. With Menu Toggle you can force expanded menu items to show up only when you click the parent menu item. This will save a lot of vertical real estate on your website.

Overlay Menu


The Overlay Menu module creates the ability to add content such as menu and navigational items to an overlay to minimize page real estate. This overlay is configured using Panels and uses Radix Layouts as its default layout scheme - but, you can change the Panel layout to anything you want. Edit the Panel like any other and its done!


Update December 2011: The listing location module now has a release candidate. The Listing Premium module is now in place to create paid listings of different levels for different periods of time in conjunction with node checkout, node checkout scheduler and scheduler.

The listing module enables listings of all kinds such as jobs, online courses, real estate, hotels, restaurants, classifieds and any kind of business or sales listing, especially those which involve location. It is being developed as a modular system comprising a core listing module upon which different components can be added. The following modules are included.

This module provides the glue that holds together content types, views and other drupal systems to enable:
1. jobs to be applied for, applicants sorted and communicated with.
2. listings to be searched based on location module settings and displayed with map AND listings on same page
3. listing fields to be displayed or hidden according to what the author has paid
4. listings to be searched on based on addresses module and taxonomy module settings
5. menus to be autocreated based on content types and taxonomy
6. and other features


This module creates a content type called immoclient. Immoclient is built after the official German "openimmo" xml-standard to create real estates.
This is used in German speaking countries (Germany, Austria, Swiss).

What this module does:
It creates about 300 fields per click and gives an easy to use UI to manage real estates, used by real-estate agents in German speaking countries.


This module provides integration with the real-estate management software FORTISSiMMO (http://fortissimmo.net).

This module assumes the option was chosen to have direct SQL syncing with your database (this means FORTISSiMMO will dump data directly into your MySQL database).

Build mode tabs

This module creates MENU_LOCAL_TASK tabs for custom build modes (from Node displays, which interfaces with Display suite). So for a user with permission, when they visit the full node view they should see some extra tabs for those build modes.

Use case

You have a real estate agent site that has a number of properties. Each property has a number of tabs that display different info (eg. overview, Google map, price details). You create a build mode for each tab, and this module will then create the tabs for you.

Works with

I've had no problems using this module with Ajax Tabs to allow AJAX loading of the different build modes.

If you use secondary level tabs, you might be interested in the Sub-path URL Aliases module for clean URLs to the tabs.


Why not use CCK Fieldgroup Tabs, or Node displays with Tabs (jQuery UI tabs)?


PIRETS is a module for Drupal which connects to real estate listing (MLS) providers using the RETS (Real Estate Transaction Standard) protocol and imports listings as Drupal nodes with CCK fields. PIRETS is the first step to building a truly great real estate listing site with Drupal.

Please see the official PIRETS site for more information and documentation.

Google Base

The goal of this module is to allow Drupal to:


Phoneword block

Phoneword provides a block displaying a click-to-call telephone link that cross-fades between a phone WORD and its corresponding phone NUMBER e.g. "1800 DRUPAL" to "1800 378275". Clicking the link will launch the user's phone number dialler (if installed) or alternatively it can link to a "contact us" page.

rListing - Real Estate Listing

rListing is a real estate module that plugs into Drupal 5.x. The module can be used by individual agents as their personal listing site or by agencies to allow their agents to login and post their own listings.

Drupal roles can be used to assign user types for each member (ie. Agents, Normal Users … ). This means that administrators can assign permissions to specific type of users ie. Who can post listings, who can view listing and so on.

Administrators will also have the ability to limit the number of posting on a per user basis. They also have the ability to add/remove property features and building type.



This module makes it possible to import objects from the Capitex system as nodes into Drupal. Capitex is a third party system for real estate agencies. The system is used by agencies to help them keep track for their sales objects.

More information will come with the first beta release.

Realworks Integration

This is an initial module to integrate Realworks synchronisation into Drupal, xml and images are synchronised once a day, only new or updated images are imported into Drupal.

There are several templates and associated functions you can use in your template to generate the real estate output:


There is also a search block you can use to search the available real estate.

PHP's SimpleXML is required on the server.


Skarabee logo

What is Skarabee?

Skarabee offers an innovating online and offline software for professional real estate businesses in Belgium, France and the Netherlands.


This module is for real estate agents that use the Skarabee software to manage there publications and want to publish them on there own website.


This module will provide a new content type, create fields, import data, download images and manage publications on cron run.

Real Estate

complete real estate project

This project is started recently, do not use it for production purpose


This module provides the ability to add SEO INFO on absolutely any web page on you site.
The initial problem was - adding titles and SEO TEXT on the page of search queries.

For example:

Catalog page:

  • catalog/34 - catalog of Laptops
  • catalog/87 - flash card

Search query:

  • catalog/34/brand/Acer - Notebook Acer
  • catalog/87/volume/4 - Flash cards for 4 GB
  • filter?field_area [] = Nevsky - Real Estate in the Nevsky district

It was also necessary to place the titles and text on the hand made pages and in the pages of views.

After installing the module, in page.tpl.php add new variables

$meta_description - Description page. Add to the <head>

if ($ meta_description) {
     print '<meta name="description" content="'.$meta_description.'">';

$seotext- Text for the promotion. One of the requirements were SEO's - the ability to post in the text of collapse, therefore, collapse_text required module.In any arbitrary place to add site

print $seotext;

Feeds Pericles Parser

Feeds Pericles Parser is a simple parser for Pericles Real Estate software.

dRealty Sandbox


dRealty is a Real Estate Module to import Listings into drupal via the RETS protocol. It aims to become a full fledged IDX solution for Drupal.