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OM Maximenu

OM Maximenu

"Maximize your main navigation by adding text, images, videos, slideshow, tabs, menu blocks, user info ..."

That is now possible by using OM Maximenu which can create menus with all other module blocks you want as attachments, modules like views, slideshow, menu, user, nice menus, quicktabs, and custom blocks with tables, lists, images, videos, etc.

For OM Maximenu advanced editing, install OM Tools 2



This module integrates the Fontello service via the Icon API module and allows you combine icon webfonts for your own project.




Adds a block titled "Countdown" to count the days, hours, minutes, and seconds since or until a specified event. Can configure to just show days, or days and hours, etc.

See also:



Drupal Most Popular

Showcase the most popular content across your Drupal website and engage your audience.

Ready to Use

The module is pre-packaged with several services including:


Context Accordion


Context is a great module that aims to replace Drupals quite lacking block management system among other things. However, from time to time it's pretty rough on the edges. This small helper module adds nice JQuery UI accordion effect to it's block selector.

Some other UI improvements may be also added at some stage.


Parallax Background

This a simple module that allows to set a vertical Parallax effect on the background of any element on the DOM.


Download and enable Parallax Background Module.

From jQuery Parallax on GitHub download, rename and save jquery.scrollTo.js and jquery.parallax.js on the module's /js directory.


Drupal Ipsum

Drupal Ipsum tex generation form

Drupal Ipsum is a Drupal-flavoured lorem ipsum filler text generator!

Drupal Ipsum was featured in Episode #69 of the DrupalEasy Podcast!

Drupal 8

The Drupal 8 version has moved to a new project: Ipsum.



This module is unsupported due to a security issue the maintainer didn’t fix. See SA-CONTRIB-2014-008 - Tribune - Cross Site Scripting (XSS) for details.
If you want to use this module, your options are:

A tribune is a type of chatroom. It does not require any external service like IRC or plugins like Java or Flash-based chats, and also works without Javascript (although Javascript greatly enhances the experience).

The module has a notion of threads based on timestamps: typically, a user clicks on the timestamp at the left of the message they want to answer before typing their message. When the message is displayed, hovering the mouse over timestamps highlights the corresponding references and answers, even for old messages that are not displayed anymore.


Scroll Reveal

A simple way to create and maintain how elements fade in, triggered when they enter the viewport. An open-source experiment from @JulianLloyd.


Joyride JQuery for Drupal Site Tours

This module provides Drupal integration with Zurb's Joyride Jquery plugin in order to provide a tour of different html elements on your Drupal site. Drupal integration is done via the Context module, which provides a way to control conditional calling of the joyride plugin and copy-and-paste method for adding specific tour code.

You can view a demo of how Joyride works here: http://www.zurb.com/playground/jquery-joyride-feature-tour-plugin

Or better checkout out this article and explanation in and for a Drupal site: Create Site Tours on Your Drupal Site with JoyRide Jquery Plugin

Drupal Installation

1. Download the current, stable version from Drupal.org at http://drupal.org/project/joyride
2. Download the version 2.0.3 of Joyride jquery plugins at https://github.com/zurb/joyride from https://github.com/zurb/joyride/archive/v2.0.3.tar.gz and place in the sites/all/libraries/joyride OR directly from Drupal 8's tour module here: http://drupalcode.org/project/drupal.git/tree/refs/heads/8.x:/core/modul..., so subsequently you should have something like sites/all/libraries/joyride/jquery.joyride-2.0.3.js



Custom Built and Crisp Icon Fonts, Done Right

This module integrates the IcoMoon App service via the Icon API module and allows you combine icon webfonts for your own project.




This is the version 2 development of OM Maximenu, it will take advantage of the new api features of Drupal 7, and this will only for Drupal 7 and up.


Splash Offer


Allows the management of one or more "splash offers", which are modal popups with an accept or reject form. If a user accepts the offer then a new page will open with a provided accept url. If they reject the offer, the modal will close. (If they select Do not Show Again, then a cookie is set so as to avoid futher display.) You may define the who, when and where of the splash offers with precision controls. Factors such as: user role, site url, device, and whether the offer has been previously viewed (cookies), cookie duration, etc. are configurable for each splash offer created.

The module was borne as a way to advertise a website companion app and offer a button to download, but it's generalized nature has the potential for many other applications.


  1. Javascript is required.
  2. This project creates a new entity type and thus depends on the Entity API:



  1. Device detection is supported if you install the optional module: http://drupal.org/project/mobile_detect
  2. To add fields use http://drupal.org/project/entity_bundle_admin


  1. Download and unzip this module into your modules directory.
  2. Goto Administer > Site Building > Modules and enable this module.



Boo Frickety Hoo!

Misery is a module designed to make life difficult for certain users.



On International Talk Like a Pirate Day (September 19th), this filter changes all appropriate English phrases and words into pirate-speak.

As part of #D7CX, Pirate filter had a full Drupal 7 release on the day that Drupal 7 was released.


Facebook Photo Filter

Facebook Photo filter

Facebook Photo/Album Text format for Drupal

Demo: We can try the module on simplytest.me.


Nginx Accel Redirect

Nginx Fast Private File Transfer for Drupal using X-Accel-Redirect.

Installation (for the impatient)

  1. Install the module as usual.

  2. drupal 6: Go to admin/settings/file system and enable private files.

    drupal 7: Go to admin/config/media/file system and set the private files path.



CloudMenu displays the navigation menu on /admin/settings

CloudMenu is based on Cumulus but renders link clouds based on menus, not a taxonomy. The module can display any number of differently configured blocks, each with their own menu if need be.

It requires the use of an external SWFObject javascript library called cumulus.js. This is downloadable for free, just check the included README.txt file.

The module has been developed courtesy of Nescio.


OM Maps

OM Maps - USA Map

OM Maps is a plugin of OM Maximenu (for ver. 1.0-rc5 and beyond), it's a collection of image maps used for navigating your site sections/pages.

Available Maps

  • Countries
    • U.S.A - 50 clickable states
    • Philippines - soon!
    • Australia - soon!
    • Singapore - soon!
    • Japan - soon!
    • India - soon!
    • China - soon!
  • Others
    • World Map - soon


  • Inherits all OM Maximenu features
  • Shows as block by default
  • Currently, you can only change color via photo editor
  • Currently, it's not resizable, 640px width only

Quick settings path reference

  • Drupal 6 /admin/settings/om-maximenu/om-maps
  • Drupal 7 /admin/structure/om-maximenu/om-maps
  • Drupal 8 /admin/structure/om-maximenu/om-maps

Related Projects

  • OM Base Theme - Simple, professional, lightweight base theme, for custom theming
  • OM Subthemer - Subthemes generator, automates creation of theme files based on custom layout and skin.


LayerSlider Responsive jQuery Slider Plugin

About Layer Slider

LayerSlider is not free, so before installing it, be sure to buy the licence that fits the use of the plugin.


OM Subthemer

OM Subthemer Sample Skin

A power tool that creates subthemes for all base themes. By default, it is using OM Base Theme (version 2) and it has also an option to make standalone themes.

This module demonstrates the power of PHP recursion when applied to custom layouting and automates processing of important classes, such as:

  • Wrapper Level - styling by wrapper depth
  • Row/Column - styling blocks vertically or horizontally
  • Number of Rows/Columns - for applying width and height depending on the number rows and columns, ex. 1 column gets 100%, 2 columns get 50%, and so on
  • First/Last - styling first div or last div differently
  • Wrapper/Region - styling wrapper divs and region divs differently


  • Ability to create custom layouts and regions
  • Creating regions and wrappers is as easy as dragging the elements
  • Wrapper Element: an element, with other elements nested below it, becomes a wrapper
  • Region Element: an element, without other elements nested below it, becomes a region


Speech recognition

Examples of speech administration and usage of speech recognition.

Adds speech recognition to forms.


Blinky messages

Makes your Drupal messages blink, so that either your users will really notice them, or you want to cause epileptic fits.

Lovingly inspired by http://drupal-association.ideascale.com/


Inline Manual

Inline Manual Player

Inline manual is an online tool, making it easy for everyone to create, update and re-use documentation as well as create product/site tours. Documentation is interactive (step by step guides) that can be played and used by any web site/ web application.

The Drupal module allows to fetch data from InlineManual.com and store them locally. The data can be played using the player afterwards.


No need to have jQuery Update anymore, player works without jQuery


Nginx Fast Config


Nginx Fast Config is a Drupal 6 only module that disables the deslash setting of the globalredirect module. This setting causes a redirect loop with a 0 rewrites Nginx configuration. There's no need for this setting to be enabled — which is the default — since the way Nginx processes the requests removes the trailing slash.