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Extend and customize Drupal functionality with contributed modules. If a module doesn't quite do what you want it to do, if you find a bug or have a suggestion, then join forces and help the module maintainer. Or, share your own by starting a new module.

Forbidden File Format

Provides setting for the file upload fields, which allows to upload all types of files except of specified.

For example you can deny to upload files with types js, exe, bat, com but all other types of files will be allowed for upload.

It can be usefull if you want to give some freedom for users who want to upload something, but protect users who want to download something from dangerous files.


File Chooser Field


This module extends File and Image fields by adding ability to upload files from third-party services such as Dropbox, Box, OneDrive, Google Drive and Instagram. The module's built-in plugin API allows developers extend functionality of the module by integrating other service providers.

The module respects Drupal field settings such as file size limit, extensions, cardinality.


Dropbox File Field

Please use File Chooser Field module. It supports Dropbox, Box and Google Drive uploads out of the box. More services will be added soon.

This project is no longer active.


audio.js for Audiofield

audio.js is a drop-in javascript library that allows HTML5’s tag to be used anywhere.

It uses native where available and an invisible flash player to emulate for other browsers. It provides a consistent html player UI to all browsers which can be styled used standard css.


  • Download audio.js
  • Put audio.js, player-graphics.gif & audiojs.swf in the sites/all/libraries/player/audiojs folder



EmbeddedViewField is a module that will allow you to render a view as any other field.

It is based on keithm's ViewField module, except that it will always render the view, regardless of whether the user is editing or displaying the entity that has the EmbeddedViewField. The view used for displaying is controlled by the default value set for the view.


Field Sections

Simple module to provide field type "Sections" composed of textfield and textarea (with support of the filter formats).


ECK Blocks

ECK Blocks module provides form blocks for ECK entities.

Known Issues

The current version still have problems when the combined entity name and bundle name are longer than 32 characters (the length of the delta column in the blocks table).



This module provides a field to integrate with Skype buttons and Skype URI's. The module contains 2 formatters, both configurable.
When a stable drupal 8 version is released, this module will be ported


Work days

This module provides field with calendar. You can fill work days for your organization or active days for your event.

This project using library MultiDatesPicker
and requires module jQuery Update


JSON Fieldset

Attach fieldgroups to an entity without creating tables for those fields, and store the data as a json string as if it was a textfield.

One of the more complex user interface issues yet to be solved is to provide groups of fields to the content manager while maintaining a sound data model. These groups of fields would generally be described as meta data for the content object being curated, and do not serve any purpose outside of the context of its parent object.


Date Multiselect

date multiselect widget

This is a javascript multiselect calendar widget using the MultiDatesPicker library on top of the date_popup module.

It allows you to select multiple dates (with no time) in just one field, instead of having to add multiple popup widgets.


It requires the date_popup module.



This module is a successor of the nodeblock module for Drupal 8.


Gentle Select Widget

Screenshot Widget

Gentle Select Widget implements gentleSelect jQuery plugin for transforming select boxes into a skinnable alternative. The selection list can be rendered with multiple columns/rows to present larger datasets in a more manageable format. It recognizes the multiple attribute on select boxes and does the right thing automatically.

This module works with list, list_text, list_number, node_reference, taxonomy_term_reference, user_reference and entityreference fields.


Drawing Field

Drawing Field provides a field type to create HTML5 based drawing.

What this module Provides:

  • Rich drawing tools
  • Exporting drawings to PNG
  • Saving and loading JSON
  • Constant-size or infinite canvases

It achieves this using the literallycanvas API plugin from:
Literally Canvas which has dependency on react.js.


Resumable field

Resumablefield provides field widget that allows multiple simultaneous, stable and resumable uploads via the HTML5 File API.


ECK Revision

This module allows any ECK Entity Type to add a revision property. Once the property has been added you should find a Revisions tab when viewing/editing the entity.


Entity Construction Kit (ECK)


Redmine synchronization



This module allows expose Redmine's time entries using Views. Time entries can be related to:

  • Drupal's nodes - through a custom field added to Redmine time entry
  • Drupal's users - through additional field in Drupal's user profile

Highlights of the module:


Access by Reference

Lightweight module that extends edit permission to a user in three cases:


Facebook Style Image Formatter

Formatter for image fields to make them look similar to the facebook listing


Commerce Discount Fields

Allows the creation of commerce product discounts based on a custom field.


Commerce Discount Fields is a sub module of Commerce that allows the creation of commerce product discounts based on a custom field.


FileField Sources Scald

Drag and drop into a file field, right from the scald library.

The 'FileField Sources Scald' module allows drag and drop from Scald into a file or image field. If building a site from scratch, we highly recommend using the Scald Atom Reference sub-module, included with Scald. However, in some cases, you may need to continue using an existing File, Video or Image field and would like to add Scald drag and drop functionality without adding a new field.


Field Wistia

Wistia + Drupal

The Field Wistia module provides a simple field that allows you to add a Wistia video to a content type, user, or any entity.

Display types include:

  • Wistia videos of various sizes, or input your own custom size.
  • Wistia thumbnails with image styles.

You can also specify other Wistia related embed options like:


VoIP Number Verification

== Introduction ==

The voipnumber_verification.module is a module which adds verification capabilities to
VoIP Number Fields by sending an SMS message with a random-generated 4-digit code. In future versions we plan to add verification via Phone calls, too.

In particular, this module provides:

- a new VoIP Number Field option, which can be found under
Field Settings -> VoIP Number Verification

== Installation ==


Sticky columns

Sticky columns module allows you to add table sticky columns for Views table (by admin area) and for any table (by API).

Please report if this looks bad in your theme.

Created by ADCI solutions team


Media Query Images

A javascript-free responsive image formatter.

This module has similar functionality to the Picture module.

This module provides an additional image field formatter and stand-alone widget
that allows the browser to automatically download the appropriately sized image
for the current display. This helps save bandwidth and improves the page load

Because the module does not require javascript in modern browsers, images are
requested sooner in page load and reduces browser processor usage on javascript.


After enabling the module you can select it as a field formatter for any image
fields defined on a content type.

There are three options when using this module as a field formatter:

  1. "Media Query Images with Picture mappings" - This allows formatting of the
    field using pre-existing mappings from the Picture module. This allows for
    simple replacement of Picture module formatting with this module. Picture
    module must remain enabled to preserve breakpoint mappings.

    Requires Picture and Breakpoints module.

  2. "Media Query Images with Breakpoints" - This allows formatting of the field
    with Breakpoints functionality. Each breakpoint in Breakpoints group is
    configured in the field display settings.

    Requires Breakpoints module.

  3. "Media Query Images" - This output has no automatic image choosing
    functionality. You select from the list of available styles for this field
    to show. This output is designed for developers that want to have total
    control of the displayed image style using their code.

    Requires no additional modules.

Legacy Browser Support

The built-in automatic image selection funcitonality of this module depends on
media queries support in the browser.

Browsers supporting media queries can be seen here

This functionality also works with IE8 when using respond.js, a JS polyfill for
media queries.

Tested using Respond.js module in IE8.

Not tested in any older browsers.