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Extend and customize Drupal functionality with contributed modules. If a module doesn't quite do what you want it to do, if you find a bug or have a suggestion, then join forces and help the module maintainer. Or, share your own by starting a new module.

CiviCRM Entity Address Extra

This module extends the CiviCRM Entity module by adding a contact's address, phone, and email details to tokens. You can specify the "location type" in the token for the address, phone, and email properties of a contact.


Notice the use of "main" in the token below:



This module implements a Drupal field type that stores JSON or JSONB data. A core patch is required to get the data type supported at the moment.

Currently, only PostgreSQL database (version 9.2 or higher) is supported, but MySQL is adding support for JSON data types in the future.


Domain Restriction Formatter

This module exposes a formatter to hide or show fields on selected domains.
All fields in the "manage display" tabs can be configured.


Go to Structure -> Your content type -> Manage display and start
configuring the fields you want to put restrictions on.

Supporting organizations:



Shortcode Video

This ShortCode macro provides video embed code from various sources.

Supported providers

  • Youtube
  • Vimeo


* Shortcode contrib project
* configure your input format to allow enter shortcode_video macro


Vocabulary Queue

Vocabulary Queue creates a nodequeue for a defined set of vocabularies and creates subqueues for each taxonomy term from the selected vocabularies have their own unique subqueue. You can place nodes into any of these subqueues.

Vocabulary Queue is build using Nodequeue modules Smartqueue API and the implementation based on smartqueue.module (part of Nodequeue module).

Vocabulary Queue is similar in functionality to smartqueue.module and the code based on code from smartqueue.module.


Panels Preview

Browse and Add/Edit

Panels Preview provides previews of Panel Panes during browsing, adding and editing panes in the ctools modal.

This project started as a fork of the Panopoly Magic module.

It currently relies on Ember Support for most of its style settings.

The goal of this module is to take the basic concepts provided by the original, mostly adding additional functionality but also removing some unwanted features.


Bypass comment review

Module allows you enable bypass comment review. In this case any user that have permissions to post comment, will have ability skip approval.
That will be convenient in cases when you need improve communications for certain nodes.


You have an event and during this event anonymous users should be able to post comment without approval only on nodes, that related to this event.



Use http://hypothes.is to discuss, collaborate, organize your research, or take personal notes.

This module embeds Hypothes.is into your site.


Views exposed form layout

Views exposed form layout example

Provides an ability to output Views exposed fields in layouts. Helps with Views exposed filters theming.


Image poll

File field in poll choice

Module allows to add image or video files to poll.
Depends on core poll module and this issue.
Warning: the module in alpha development - not recommended to use on production sites (need code modification).

Any suggestions are very appreciated.


menuimage Views

Exposes images added to menu items via menuimage to views.

Most useful when using a module that exposes menu_links table to views, such as menu_node_views, menu_views.


XML sitemap Http Cache

XHC batch job preview


XML sitemap Http Cache (XHC).

This module uses non blocking batch job requests for generating http cache pages for Nginx fastcgi and such, from sitemap.xml files provided by the xmlsitemap module.
The method used for cache generation is PHP's Curl "fresh connect" requests.

You will also get the optional xhc_cron module, for planning daily http cache warmup with cron tasks for Drupal's awesome Elysia cron module.


Block Attributes

Screenshot of the Block Attributes configuration fields added by the module on the Block Configuration forms.

The Block Attributes module allows users to specify additional HTML attributes for blocks, through the block's configuration interface, such as class, id, style, title and more.

It appeared the ability for users to configure Blocks' HTML ID, classes or custom styles has been a recurring request (for quite some time). Therefore, this module attempts to provide a solution for these cases and support more HTML attributes for blocks.


Node Export Webforms

This module extends Node Export to work with:


Scald Pane

Scald Pane provides a Panels Pane for the Scald module.

It works similarly to the "New Custom Content" pane, except this module provides a "Scald atom" pane that has a single atom reference "field" which can be populated with drag and drop from the Scald library.

The module also works with the In Place Editor, however there is a design conflict between the different kind of modals, and so the scald modal does not look exactly like at other places.


Menu Link Weight

This module replaces the standard numeric weight dropdown widget for menu links in the node form with a tabledrag widget that lists all children for the selected parent.

Upon selection of a parent, a tabledrag widget will be loaded via AJAX that will allow us to reorder the weight of the menu link for the node we are editing relative to its sibling links, as well as reordering the sibling links themselves. This means we can now ignore any numerical weight values and instead see the position of a menu link relative to other links in the tabledrag widget itself.


Node expire patterns

Node expire patterns project.

Work days

This module provides field with calendar. You can fill work days for your organization or active days for your event.

This project using library MultiDatesPicker
and requires module jQuery Update


Visual Form Alter


Visual Form Alter gives you the possibilities to edit any form element on the fly instead of having to code manual modules for it.

It also supports the possibility to export all the changes into a automatic created module for saving performance if you have done a lot of changes.


Hierarchical Select Access

Hierarchical Select Access

This module prevents certain roles from accessing the enhanced hierarchical menu provided by the Hierarchical Select module in content types.

Provides a UI to manage roles and content types.

This module helps solve this issue: https://drupal.org/node/298611

After enabling the module, go to admin/config/content/hierarchical_select/access
and tick the checkboxes next to the roles that should not access the hierarchical menu in content types.


Book Cache

Book cache is a drop in performance improvement for the book module. Book is very expensive when it comes to calculating the previous, next, and parent links for use in rendering at the bottom of the page. By hijacking core's uncache-able version of this function, book cache is able to serve up the results from cache bins instead of calculated at run time.


Preview Sync

4 steps into preview sync

Aims to solve the holy grail of Drupal problems - site preview. It does this in a different manner to all other preview systems that currently exist in Drupal.


Biblio WorldCat Search integration

Integrates with Biblio module's node add form to look up a citation from the WorldCat Open Search API and prefill the Biblio form with values from the selected entry.


Knowledge Graph

The Knowledge Graph Module allows to build schemas from schema.org using the field ui. A schema can be used to map content type fields and properties as a schema property and output it as JSON-LD in the HTML head.


View Modes Display

View Modes Display is a helper module to preview view modes for your entities.

When working on a site with many content types and view modes, it becomes tedious to find out where to view the rendered entity in a given view mode. This module aims to solve this by providing an additional tab "Preview Display" on the node itself.

On the "Preview Display" page, all view modes with custom settings will be rendered in the enabled theme. A contextual link is also added for nodes to make it easy to link to the "Preview Display" from anywhere the node is shown.