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Extend and customize Drupal functionality with contributed modules. If a module doesn't quite do what you want it to do, if you find a bug or have a suggestion, then join forces and help the module maintainer. Or, share your own by starting a new module.

Associate Entities With Users

Full Description coming. Allows you to associate entities on your site (nodes, taxonomy terms, users) with user accounts and displaying those associations on user information pages.


jQuery oEmbed All

Integrates jQuery oEmbed All, which allows you to automatically embed Tweets, Facebook posts, and other oEmbed content anywhere on a site simply by posting a link.

Configuration consists of one step- setting the selector to which to apply jQuery oEmbed All. This allows you to whitelist or blacklist certain types of content (for instance, only applying jQuery oEmbed All to links in articles that do not have a 'no-embed' class).



Revolutionary new way to create content in Drupal.


Multilang - Embed multiple translations inside a unique node or block

Multilang with CKEditor


This module is intended to allow entering all desired translations of a given content inside of a unique node, instead of having to create a separate node (with Multilingual Content) or a distinct field version (with Entity Translation) for each translation.


Scald Video: JW Player

This module adds the JW Player for the Scald Video module.


Scald Video: VideoJS

This module adds the VideoJS player for the Scald Video module.



This module provides a field to integrate with Skype buttons and Skype URI's. The module contains 2 formatters, both configurable.
When a stable drupal 8 version is released, this module will be ported



The BigVideo module provide the ability for attach background video to site pages.

You'll probably need to adapt/update your theme styles to make your theme look good with background videos.

This module requires the following modules and libraries:

* Modules
- Libraries (https://drupal.org/project/libraries)
- Video.js (https://www.drupal.org/project/videojs)
- jQuery Update (https://www.drupal.org/project/jquery_update)

* Libraries
- BigVideo.js (https://github.com/dfcb/BigVideo.js)
- ImagesLoaded (https://github.com/desandro/imagesloaded)


Scald Dailymotion

Scald Dailymotion is a video provider for the Scald module.


Scald Vimeo

Scald Vimeo is a video provider for the Scald module.


Scald YouTube

Scald Youtube is a video provider for the Scald module.


Domain menu overview

Domain menu overview, domains per menu


This module enables you to have an clear overview per domain what the menu
entries are. In Drupal all of these links are on the same page and thus
it is not clear in which domain it is and the menus will grow
very big in time as well.

Another option is to create separate menus per domain. This could be handy or could be total overkill and very clumsy since you will have to change a lot of code probably.


Direct upload

This module supports direct file upload in CKEditor using copy/paste or drag and drop. Requires CKEditor 4.5 and the uploadwidget plugin.

This module is included in Scald Galaxy for quick demonstration and testing.


i18n custom content

Provides a new cTools content type for: Translatable custom content.

Behaves like the default (non-reusable) custom content type, except there's a configuration per language.


Personalize View Modes

This module builds on the Personalize module suite. It allows you to swap out the rendered view mode of any fieldable entity on the site(provided it has multiple view modes). This module is functional, however, it is currently in heavy development and you should exercise caution before using it in a production environment.


Lesser Forms

Configuration screen for Lesser Forms.

The goal of Lesser Forms is to hide configuration options from your content creators / content managers. They probably don't need to modify this.

You wouldn't want to bother them with the pathauto-alias, do you?

Lesser Forms introduces a new permission. Make sure you enable it.
This module is a UI modifier. It doesn't change permissions.


Views Parity Row


This module provide a new Row Style Plugin for Views.

It allows you to alternate the view mode used to render the row. You can configure when it starts, when it ends and when to switch view mode (frequency).

With Drupal 7, if the module Entity API is enabled, this will be available for all kind of entities.
With Drupal 8, you do not need Entity API, it's already based on entities.


CiviCRM Entity Address Extra

This module extends the CiviCRM Entity module by adding a contact's address, phone, and email details to tokens. You can specify the "location type" in the token for the address, phone, and email properties of a contact.


Notice the use of "main" in the token below:



This module implements a Drupal field type that stores JSON or JSONB data. A core patch is required to get the data type supported at the moment.

Currently, only PostgreSQL database (version 9.2 or higher) is supported, but MySQL is adding support for JSON data types in the future.


Domain Restriction Formatter

This module exposes a formatter to hide or show fields on selected domains.
All fields in the "manage display" tabs can be configured.


Go to Structure -> Your content type -> Manage display and start configuring the fields you want to put restrictions on.

Supporting organizations:



Shortcode Video

This ShortCode macro provides video embed code from various sources.

Supported providers

  • Youtube
  • Vimeo


* Shortcode contrib project
* configure your input format to allow enter shortcode_video macro


Dirty Form

Dirty form detection using the jquery.AreYouSure library.


Vocabulary Queue

Vocabulary Queue creates a nodequeue for a defined set of vocabularies and creates subqueues for each taxonomy term from the selected vocabularies have their own unique subqueue. You can place nodes into any of these subqueues.

Vocabulary Queue is build using Nodequeue modules Smartqueue API and the implementation based on smartqueue.module (part of Nodequeue module).

Vocabulary Queue is similar in functionality to smartqueue.module and the code based on code from smartqueue.module.


Panels Preview

Browse and Add/Edit

Panels Preview provides previews of Panel Panes during browsing, adding and editing panes in the ctools modal.

It currently relies on Ember Support for most of its nicer style settings but can be used without Ember Support.

This project started as a fork of the Panopoly Magic module.