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Drupal.org is maintained by volunteers and the Drupal Association. These projects organize work on Drupal.org itself. For more about how Drupal.org works, see the FAQ.


Subfields is an implementation of core's Field UI that allows you to split a single field into as many sub-fields as you like. It is a lot like Composed Field, but each value is stored as a text string so it is searchable and available to Views.

You can configure each sub-field type as if it were literally a single field. This module only supports select list and textfield input boxes. But is also provides a regex validation handler to validate that appropriate data is provided.


jQuery Autosize

jQuery Autosize example


Allows text areas to automatically resize as rows of text are added.

Uses the jQuery Autosize library found here: http://www.jacklmoore.com/autosize/


jQuery 1.7+ in Chrome, Firefox 4+, Safari 5+, Internet Explorer 6+, Opera 11+.


Download from here: http://www.jacklmoore.com/autosize/



Bluecheese is the redesigned Drupal.org theme. The theme must be implemented in accordance with the new Drupal.org style guide (also see the original style guide from the Mark Boulton redesign), Markup guide, and CSS guide.

This theme is only for use on official Drupal.org sites. Do not use this for businesses, local groups and other sites, which should have their own brand and identity. Questions and comments about use of this theme should go to the Drupal Association.

Access to this theme is restricted to redesign implementers team. Drupal community members who wish to work on improving the theme are able to get access to the private BZR repository so they can make patches for this issue queue.


See Contributing to Bluecheese theme for an introduction to getting involved.

Templates & function overrides


Watchdog JS Errors

A simple module to save Javascript errors in watchdog.

Configure user permissions in Administration » People » Permissions: Save js errors in Watchdog


Drupal.org webmasters

A project with issue tracker that you can use to report spam, broken links, or user account problems on Drupal.org website.

"Webmasters" vs. "Content"

Issues related to non-documentation website content, such as case studies, marketplace listings, Planet Drupal feeds, front page posts etc. belong to the Drupal.org content project. There is a separate project for Documentation content.

"Webmasters" vs. "Infrastructure"

If you want to report a problem with the Apache and MySQL installation on drupal.org, the Mailman mailing lists, the Git repositories, and the various Drupal installations on the drupal.org domain, please use the Drupal.org infrastructure project instead.

What about subsites?

Most subsites have own issue queues:

If a sub-site is not in the list above, you can use the queue here to report problems.

Helping as a webmaster


This is the main project for all Drupal documentation. To learn more about helping with documentation efforts, start with the Contribute to documentation section of the handbook.

Drupal.org infrastructure

An issue tracker for everything related to the Drupal.org servers. This includes the Apache and MySQL installation, the Mailman mailing lists, the Git repositories, and the various Drupal installations on the drupal.org domain.

If you want to report spam, broken links, or user account problems, please use the Drupal.org webmaster's issue tracker instead.

Test driven development infrastructure

NOTE (May 20/2012): Testing infrastructure Issue queue is currently being monitored over at the "Testbot" project page.

A project to manage the infrastructure for test driven development of Drupal core and contributed modules. This project extends work supported by Boris Mann and implemented by Moshe Weitzman.

This project is now live and reporting on automated test results: http://testing.drupal.org/tests

It is based on work funded by the Google summer of code project for test automation. Mentored by Thomas Ilsche and Rok Zlender during 2006, and 2007 respectively. Implementation of automated testing has been led by Rok Zlender, with support from Kieran Lal, and Robin Monks. Robin's work is based on his work with the quality project for Mozilla.

Moshe and Rok's work:

Robin's project demo: Drupaltestbed
freshen.php - Brings drupal source from CSV, runs install of the new drupal checkout.

action/install.php - Simpletest script for running the install script.


Drupal.org CVS applications

This project is obsolete.

Create an issue for http://drupal.org/project/projectapplications instead following the full project application instructions.

The Great Git Migration

This project is purely a container for issues pertaining to Phase 2 of the Git Migration. Mostly, this is here so that issues that don't have a specific home in other modules can avoid squatting in the infrastructure queue.

Drupal.org Project applications

Drupal code review logo

This project is the place to post applications for ability to create full projects.

For more information, see Applying for permission to create full projects.

Maintainers can immediately add co-maintainers to a project without going through an application process by granting Write to VCS privileges on the Maintainers tab. The co-maintainer will need to agree to the Drupal contributions repository usage agreement before they will be able to write to the repository.

Review bonus


Git on Drupal.org

This issue queue began as Git Migration Community Testing to collect and triage issues uncovered during the 'git phase 2' community testing period. Now that the Git migration is live, we will continue to use this queue for support. Issues may be moved to the queue of one of the 12+ modules that comprise the Git system when necessary.

When you report an issue here:



**A place for the Support Team to sync up our work on the initial support.drupal.org build while we sprint.**


This project builds the debian packages (drupaltestbot, drupaltestbot-mysql, drupaltestbot-pgsql, and drupaltestbot-sqlite) used to deploy a testbot in the Drupal.org testing infrastructure.

To deploy new code as a part of a package:

  1. Test and commit code
  2. Log into https://drupaltesting.org/jenkins/ (See DamZ for privileges; this will eventually be on Drupal.org infrastructure.)
  3. Build infrastructure-package-build

This does the following actions (so you can build the packages manually for testing):

rm *.deb || true

cd drupaltestbot
debuild -b -uc -us
cd ..

cd drupaltestbot-mysql
debuild -b -uc -us
cd ..

cd drupaltestbot-sqlite3
debuild -b -uc -us
cd ..

cd drupaltestbot-pgsql
debuild -b -uc -us
cd ..

# Only copy new .deb files, so that we don't override packages that haven't changed version.
rsync --ignore-existing *.deb /var/www/packages/pool/main

Related repositories: drupaltestbot-puppet, Project Issue File Review, Project Issue File Test


This contains the puppet scripts used to deploy testbots in the Drupal.org infrastructure.

To deploy new code:

pifr_setup script: Set up QA testbots

This is the script which was formerly used to deploy testbots on http://qa.drupal.org. It's the pifr_setup script forked from http://github.com/scor/pifr_setup.

Current setup instructions instead: How to deploy a testbot

I don't think we'll end up using this again, but we might, so it's here for reference. But we may revamp this.

DrupalCon Denver 2012 Website

That's right! The official issue queue of the DrupalCon Denver 2012 Website.


Our aim is to use a Drupal.org sandbox for this site in an effort to use the ticket tracking system and for maximum visibility to the community, the Association, and for future teams building out DrupalCon websites. We'll be using COD as our base installation and customizing from there. So the first thing to help out doing is upgrading COD to Drupal 7. Go help!


We are coordinating our documentation within the Association's Open Atrium website. There you can find any official documentation, high level metta discussions, environment details and credentials. If you need access, please ask in #drupal-colorado


If you would like to help build out this website, here's how you can become part of our team:

  1. Google volunteer signup http://tinyurl.com/4x8lqjk (if you haven't already)
  2. Open up an issue requesting to be part of the team. Subject: Membership

Nagios Testing Project (new)

This is a dummy project used only for nagios monitoring. And yes, before long the commits will be ignored from the commitlog. See #1113660: Blackhole specific commits (by user or by project)

Prairie Initiative Sandbox - New Project Page Prototyping


This is a Sandbox project to collaboratively prototype potential directions to take Project pages, just like this one!

Current Version (2)

Version 1

Interface improvements for groups.drupal.org

Student proposal for GSoC 2011:

Improvements to groups.drupal.org interface.

Groups.Drupal.org improve

Drupal Google Summer of Code Proposal

My name is Gabriel Massaki and I am studying Computer Science at the University of Campinas (Brazil).
My e-mail is "gabrielmwb at gmail.com" and my nickname on IRC "Gabriel_Massaki".

I live in Brazil, so it'll be "Winter of Code" for me, I study at night so during the day I will have time to work on the project.

Have you contributed to a open source project before?
No, but I always wanted to contribute, because I like the philosophy of open source projects.

Why do you want to do a project involving Drupal?
I really like webdevelopment and I’ve already played around with drupal. In the end of this year, I’ll start the development of a project for a biologist that will use drupal as the web platform.
By involving myself in this project, I’ll be able to help the community that [in the future] might help me.

Drupal is a really powerful tool for the web. And I want to make it better for me and everyone that uses it.

I intend to improve the Groups.drupal.org UI for a better user-experience so that the drupal community may integrate in a better way. And also propose some fixes to correct the bugs when using the messaging/notification system.




With dreditor moving to github so has the purpose of this sandbox.
New locations are:


Development sandbox for the proposed design.drupal.org site (Drupal 8 Design Initiative).

GSoC Project Fork

Fork of the Project project for my Google Summer of Code 2011 project: Development Activity logging, Activity Streams and Development Statistics.

See Project for the original project.

Activity that will be logged (initial messages to give an idea):

Prairie Initiative - Topic Pages

Creating a place for people with common interests to congregate