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Distributions provide site features and functions for a specific type of site as a single download containing Drupal core, contributed modules, themes, and pre-defined configuration. They make it possible to quickly set up a complex, use-specific site in fewer steps than if installing and configuring elements individually.

DemTools Civi


DemTools DKAN


Publisher 7

This is a Drupal distribution which contain commonly used drupal contributed modules.

This is an experimental module and do not install this in your server.



developer start distribution

EZ Timesheet



Linky Winky

Wink wink, nudge nudge

This is a little project to facilitate link sharing within a group or organisation.

It's also a place for ComputerMinds to learn about Drupal 8, in public, fun times!


AA Intergroup

This will be a Drupal 8.x install profile for Alcoholics Anonymous (and other 12 Step) Intergroups (also known as Central Offices or Central Service Offices). Collaboration or use of this project does not imply membership in AA or in any other 12 step fellowship. Should you be in a 12 step fellowship and have concerns regarding anonymity, we suggest you open an anonymous drupal.org account before commenting or contributing here. We will always maintain an individual's anonymity.

Drupal8 Base

Drupal 8 Base is a fresh and clean repo to begin with a new installation of Drupal 8 but with the Configuration Management based on the File and not the Database storage. It provide also a Phing build script to create a new Drupal 8 installation.


VoyaTrax Drupal Distribution designed to be a Multilingual Content Management System.

Live Questions

This is a placeholder for the Live Questions distribution that is currently being developed for the ELMS Learning Network.


Multipurpose Corporate Profile

Multipurpose corporate profile is a modern-looking profile by ADCI Solutions. It can be used for professional business and corporate sites, portfolios, events promotions and more.

The profile includes a variety of blocks, a nice portfolio page, blog page and typography page.


Nhà Đất Bình Phước giá rẻ

Nhà Đất Bình Phước giá rẻ - Trang thông tin Mua bán Đất nền - nhà ở - đất rẫy – nhà xưởng tại Đồng Xoài – Đồng – Phú Riềng - bình Phước
Đất nền Bình Phước giá rẻ với giá chỉ từ 130 triệu/nền


Open Badges Distribution.


Openlayers 3 Whitelist Test

This is a profile for testing the Openlayers 3 drupal.org library whitelist. See #1442460: Add OpenLayers to whitelist




Drupal 8 For The Win is a demonstration profile.

dev infrastructure containers

This project is set to solve the issues we have on the slowness to create new dev environments on devdrupal.org
More info on:

Note: this is not a module. It's a set of docker containers for internal d.o. infrastructure usage
his repo contains the devdrupal databases


1 - Preparation
Add the respective ${DBNAME}_database_snapshot.dev-current.sql.bz2
to every db_* folder.