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Distributions provide site features and functions for a specific type of site as a single download containing Drupal core, contributed modules, themes, and pre-defined configuration. They make it possible to quickly set up a complex, use-specific site in fewer steps than if installing and configuring elements individually.


Deprecation notice: this profile has been removed because Aegir 0.2 will not require any preconfiguration to deploy new platforms.

E-Journal Install Profile

This install profile will allow site administers to create a basic online journal to publish articles and journal issues. It was developed in Drupal 5 and is being used on a few sites:



Drupal for Alumni organizations

CCK Date Testsite

This is an installation profile to setup a test site for CCK date fields. It generates a different content type for every combination of CCK date field type (Date, Datestamp, Datetime) and timezone handling (Date, Site, User, UTC, and None), and then generates 4 nodes of each type (2 days ago, now, 2 hours from now, 2 days from now). It also generates a bunch of users from different timezones. It configures Devel and Signup, sets up roles and permissions, and so on. This profile depends on the Install Profile API.

The Base Installation Profile

An attempt at helping the average Drupal code monkey when starting a new project. A simple base installation profile activating the most essential modules, and also allowing you to insert your own cck and views dumps into the relevant directories for inclusion during installation. (read the README.txt for instructions on how).


Our stack of modules.

Travian guild

¿What is travian?

Travian is a browser game featuring a world with thousands of other real players. One begins the game acting as a chief of a tiny village. Alliances are groups of players playing together.

¿What is this profile for?

Unfortunately the alliance features in the travian server are not enough most of the times, and guilds tend to use external services to keep track of in game activities. This module will setup a drupal site with the features needed for a travian guild, to provide the missing resources in the game.

Welcoming Websites Wizard

Welcoming Websites Wizard is an installation profile specially tailored to meet the needs of Unitarian Universalist congregations. The Wizard builds on Welcoming Websites' commitment to helping congregations welcome newcomers and engage members and friends, minister to people through the web by providing pastoral resources and building relationships, and make it easy for staff and volunteers to manage the website.

The goal of this project is to help UU congregations reach out to prospective visitors, engage members and friends, and express a message of welcome and justice.

The Wizard includes a number of features that many UU congregation websites need, including:

  • Search engine optimization with human-readable URLs, via Pathauto
  • Rich text editing and inline image insertion, via Wysiwyg API, IMCE, and TinyMCE
  • A wealth of pre-configured content types and content listings, including sermon archives, upcoming services, newsletters, minister profiles and committee pages, and minister blogs, via CCK and Views.
  • Support for flexible calendars, via Calendar and Date
  • Easy site map administration, via EZ Menu
  • Social bookmarking, via Service links
  • Support for multimedia content, including slideshows, multiple podcast channels, video uploads and YouTube embeds.

Drupal Social Network Framework Install Profile

This install profile ties existing contrib modules together to more easily create Drupal-powered social networking sites.

The purpose of this project is to integrate existing social networking features together, to extend Drupal to include "typical" social networking features, and to create a baseline for social network functionality.

Cypherpunk Drupal

Installation profile for a privacy-friendly and security-enhanced Drupal distribution.


Peer Review Install Profile

Peer review install profile enable a user to quickly create an installation of the drupal peer review question and answer platform.

This install profile is a work in progress because lot of changes has been done since the first approach to this platform. It's actually not ready to be used.

Peer review install profile was part of the Summer of code 2009.

Managing News

Managing News is a robust news and data aggregation engine with pluggable visualization and workflow tools.

Download from ManagingNews.com


  • Aggregate RSS/Atom news
  • Show news as list or on a map
  • Search news
  • Republish news by bundling articles into channels
  • Configurable location tagging
  • Configurable maps

The Knight Foundation helped fund key module development to improve Drupal's mapping and aggregation tools.

North Drop - Sample database for Drupal learning and profiling

The end goal here is to build a standard "sample" database for Drupal.

I don't know if you ever had the pleasure of working in M$ Access, but there was a DB it came with called "Northwind"

It was a fictitious company, contained tables for Products, Orders, Customers, etc. It had some forms and some reports. It was a very valuable tool for learning to use the system, and for documentation.

If we had something similar for Drupal, it could be used for the following:

AnyTM - Any Team Management System


AnyTM (pronounced Any Tea-M) stands for Any Team Management System. It is a Drupal 6.x Installation Profile that aims to help you simply set up a powerful custom website for organising and managing Any Team, from a sports clubs to a business.

AnyTM Team:
David Doyle (Project Manager)
Matthew Rowles
Eddie Evers
Graham Morton
Adam Mather

Ashley Maher (Project Supervisor)

Development Documentation:
For Installation Documentation see INSTALL.txt in the project tarball.

Open Media

Open Media Project Logo

WARNING: this installation profile hasn't been updated in almost a year at this point, and no longer pulls current releases of the included modules. Until one of the Open Media Project partners has the time to create or fund a new release, it is recommended that you avoid this profile and instead visit the individual module pages to obtain current releases. A listing of the individual modules and information on the current status of the project can be found on the group page.

The primary goal of the Open Media Install Profile is to leverage Drupal to give local communities more control over their public access channel. The system is built on several existing modules and custom modules developed to meet the workflow needs of a public access station.

The Open Media Install Profile is also committed to developing modules that are flexible enough for a variety of uses beyond public access channels.

Drupal for Churches

Pisgah Baptist Church, a typical Protestant church in rural America

This project has been abandoned in favor of OpenChurch.

The goal of Drupal for Churches was to create an "out-of-the-box" Drupal distribution specifically for church websites. While the intentions were good, without any commercial motivation the project was not properly maintained. Now that OpenChurch is around, and is properly maintained, it only makes sense to abandon this project. Check it out at http://www.openchurchsite.com and get involved!

drupal erp profile

Profile for installation of Drupal + ERP module

For more information see:

Drupal Media

This profile will allow you to easily deploy a media heavy site. Coming soon!

Ubuntu Drupal

The Ubuntu Drupal installation profile will bring together everything the Ubuntu-Drupal team (#ubuntu-drupal on Freenode) has been developing. This will allow you to deploy an Ubuntu based website. This is primarily focused on Local Communities but will suit any Ubuntu type need.

You can read more about the project on our wiki.
You can also see our development occurring in Launchpad.

Brochureware Site

This is a simple Drupal distro (ie; Installation Profile) for small to medium businesses. The goal is to provide a trusted set of popular modules along with a number of common features in an easy to install manner.

UPDATE: Brochure Site is once again in active development. A completely redesigned 2.x branch is in the works. With all the UI / UX improvements Drupal 7 offers — and Drupal 8 is seeking — this moving target has greatly accelerated. While we work on rolling out a release candidate, you might also consider taking a look at:

  • Panopoly: ...an Apps enabled distribution of Drupal powered by lots of CTools and Panels magic... designed to be a base framework upon which to build other Drupal distributions, but will also work for general site building.
  • Julio: ...a distribution targeted for schools, school districts, small colleges, and academic departments within universities. (easily adapted to non-edu-centric projects)


ArrayShift themeA question/answer site built to emulate the core functionality of sites on the StackExchange platform, such as:

Related modules and themes:

Originally built as a fantasy site for a Do It With Drupal conference, the installation profile is capable of bootstrapping and configuring the initial site.

NGP Campaign Profile

This Drupal install profile configures a Drupal site using a standard set of modules for political campaign web sites. These are the required modules:

Spaces 3 demo

Install profile demonstrating a Spaces 3 Drupal site using Context 3 for a drag & drop dashboard.


To use the demo install profile you must build your platform using drush_make as external projects and libraries are referenced by the Spaces Demo makefile.

Top Modules

This is an installation profile intended to bring together the most commonly used modules in a coherent package that will allow both people new to drupal, and developers a strong starting point for a full featured CMS using this as a submodule (see http://drupal.org/project/profiler) .

Kudos to the infrastructure team, and anyone else associated with getting the new installation profile packaging in place. Now, when you download this package, all the modules will be included as well. That's awesome! [edit- and now that I just tested it, you will also download sub-profiles as well!)

1.0 Roadmap

[new improved thinking] My initial thinking was it would be awesome to have a drupal install that allows people to get started quickly with a generic site, using best practice modules. While I think that is still a goal, I think the first step will be to keep things simple and try to stick with features module / ctools exportables as much as possible for now. Not only can we expand upon what is possible in an install profile, but individual customizations and improvements can be re-exported and contributed back.