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Distributions provide site features and functions for a specific type of site as a single download containing Drupal core, contributed modules, themes, and pre-defined configuration. They make it possible to quickly set up a complex, use-specific site in fewer steps than if installing and configuring elements individually.

Bassets Client Profile

Bassets Logo

What is Bassets?

Bassets (Better Assets) is a client-server solution for storing and managing of digital assets (pictures, videos etc.).

This distribution contains the Bassets client as an independent installation profile, although the client can be used in existing Drupal sites as well by installing the modules listed below.

The installation profile of the associated server can be found on the Bassets project page.




Note: The project is in early development stages and may not be stable.

The aim of ADM Drupal distribution is to provide a base CMS with fine-tuned default configuration, bugfixes for open issues and a commonly used set of additional modules and features.


composer create-project adminteractive/adm-project some-dir

Implemented features:

  1. Composer based installation



Kunta.fi is a Drupal 7 platform. The platform was originally created as the web service for the City of Turku and then released by the involved companies as open source with the name KADA and later renamed Kunta.fi. The development of the platform is coordinated by the Association of Finnish Local and Regional Authorities.

BYU Installation Profile

BYU Installation profile for Drupal 7 Updated with the 2016 Brand and component-based modules. Installs and configures a Drupal site with the BYU theme as well as a number of necessary modules and settings.

###This package includes Drupal 7.56 with the following modules:

####BYU Modules


About Purencool

Currently, this is being developed on https://github.com/purencool/purencool and has the best working build

This project allows for a base install using Vagrant Beetbox and an initial install of Drupal 8

All the websites modules can be managed by Composer and Git workflow even on shared hosting for small websites.


DRUTOPIA: Join the movement. Build a Drupal for the grassroots.

Drutopia is a distribution of Drupal that is developed and supported by the Drutopia initiative. Development of Drutopia happens on GitLab and is mirrored here.

Drutopia will support multiple distributions. This is the home of the base distribution.

The distribution must be built using Composer.

Run composer create-project drutopia/drutopia_template:dev-master --no-interaction DIRECTORY


Shop for Chinese, base on Commerce2.x
It's now developping in github https://github.com/catworking/catshop



Cabinetry was created with the goal of fast prototype-to-build designs for various forms of cabinetry. After an input of project specs, the entities display a summary of necessary materials, and provide a cut list and sheet layouts.

The base module itself cabinetry_core provides a framework for extending into specific areas, and does little on its own.

Please note this project is still in development, and has been presented to garner interest in co-development or critique.

Vagrant Drupal Development

Vagrant Drupal Development (VDD) is fully configured and ready to use development environment built with VirtualBox, Vagrant, Linux and Chef Solo provisioner. VDD is virtualized environment, so your base system will not be changed and remain clean after installation. You can create as many environments as you wish without any consequences.

The main goal of the project is to provide easy to use fully functional, highly customizable and extendable Linux based environment for Drupal development.


The OpenBiz distribution makes it easy to create a business site

Prime Commerce

Prime Commerce is a Drupal Commerce platform developed by Double Prime. This is currently a placeholder to avoid name collisions.

DrupalCamp Colorado

This project is used for planning both the event and the website for DrupalCamp Colorado. We started using drupal.org for planning in 2013 and plan to continue using this project for future years.

Drupal Consul

Drupal Consul Logo

Read this first

Note that this distribution is still in development. If you have any suggestions or feedback, please let us know. Thanks.

An open citizenship participation platform built as a Drupal distribution.

Demo Umami Subprofile

Demo Umami Subprofile screenshot.

This is the Umami install profile from the OOTB project. It's built with a patch from Allow profiles to provide a base/parent profile and load them in the correct order.

This is meant to showcase profile inheritance with Umami using Standard as a base profile.

Media Development Profile

See full screenshot below

Screenshot of Media_dev in action.
Screenshot of media_dev in action



Mark-a-Spot is a distribution for public civic issue tracking and crowdmapping. It's shipped with an included Open311 GeoReport v2 Server and a Bootstrap/Radix based responsive sub theme. You can integrate Mapbox, OpenStreetMap, Google Maps, ArcGIS and GeoServer.

This distribution is in use at several local government agencies like the cities of Cologne, newspapers or as a waste management platform in Maputo, Mozambique, a project sponsored by the World Bank Group.

The code for Mark-a-Spot is maintained in two separate repositories: github and drupal's own repository.


Webship logo

Helps in speeding up the work of web developers to ship websites in a swift way.

Having our Webtheme Web Theme

Having the best themes, modules, and libraries out of the box to use right a way, which all are related to the UIKit Framework, The UIkit them, the UIkit Admin theme, UIkit Components, and UIKit GUI module, and more modules.

As Drupal 8 were made on top of libraries from Symfony, Zend, TWIG , CKEditor, JQuery, Behat and other vendors.

We decided that we will build this Webship CMS on top of Drupal 8, as it has many options, tools, frameworks, and configuration management, which needed in building solutions. Following the standard of UIKit UI Framework the lightweight and modular front-end framework for developing fast and powerful web interfaces.


Currently a work in progress, should have a beta by end of Feb 2018

You can track progress on Github in the interim

Uber Publisher

Uber Publisher

A Powerful Publishing Experience That Changes The Way Content is Curated

Uber Publisher is a flexible and powerful solution designed to evolve the way publishers and media do business.

Built on Drupal, Uber Publisher allows publishers to control the way their content is experienced. From layout management, custom workflows, integrations, to an app store with growing features Uber Publisher provides a full solution that allows our customers to focus on crafting their narratives.


Basic site 7

Basic site logo


Base site is a basic but very useful Drupal 7 distribution to start a new site with the most used modules and configurations commons in spanish.

Basic site 8

Open LMS

A complete learning management system in Drupal 8.

Vimeo field uploader


The Vimeo field Uploader module allows users to Uploads videos to vimeo through entity
either Content type or media

It creates Vimeo video field which can be used in any entity.

This module required Vimeo API

Pre required things to use this module