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Distributions provide site features and functions for a specific type of site as a single download containing Drupal core, contributed modules, themes, and pre-defined configuration. They make it possible to quickly set up a complex, use-specific site in fewer steps than if installing and configuring elements individually.

Mapping & Projects

The mpub distribution provides a fast and efficient way for organisations to publish multiple maps and a project database.

View an example

This distribution has been developed for the Enhancing Pacific Ocean Governance (EPOG) project, although it may serve useful to other organisations also.



Fractal component library can now be used with Twig, enabling the transparent integration with Drupal 8.

Then it’s possible to use UI Patterns module to expose Fractal-managed components into Drupal.

And use Bricks module for building components together into organism-like structures.

To easily bring all these component-driven features in Drupal we started Atomic -- Drupal distribution baked by Atomic Design [and initiative with the same name].


Open Source Cloud Hosting for Drupal.

Host all of your Drupal projects, with unlimited environments each, on one or many servers. Use the git host of your choice and follow your own branching strategy. Web UI for Deploying Code from any branch or tag, deploy Data from any environment, Commit Features, Run Tests, and more.

Fully featured cloud hosting environment.

Built in Drupal & Drush.

Law Firm

About Law Firms Distro

The 'LawFirms' distribution is based on Drupal 8. This comprises of content that is related to the law firm related websites in general. It can be used for non-law-firm related sites as well. The distribution is fully responsive.

Configurations & Features

LawFirms is a profile based Drupal 8 installation which includes several modules (extensions that add functionality) for common website features, to manage content, user accounts, image uploading, and search.

U.S. Judicial District


This is a Features module that sets up a taxonomy vocabulary for U.S. judicial districts. Each term gets some abbreviation data and geographical region data, via the Geofield module.

gub UY

Logo distro gub UY

The gub UY distribution allows to create web portals according to the needs of the Uruguayan government, complying with the recommendations of the Official Guide for the design and implementation of State Portals developed by AGESIC.

La distribución gub UY permite crear portales web según las necesidades del gobierno de Uruguay, cumpliendo con las recomendaciones de la Guía oficial para el diseño e implementación de Portales Estatales elaborado por AGESIC.

CRM Core Event Demo

This is the project for CRM Core Event Demo

Open Y

The Open Y platform is a content management system that uses Drupal 8 functionality and useful modules from YMCAs and digital partners. It’s easy and free to use—everyone is welcome to implement Open Y and run Open Y projects.

In 2016 a group of YMCA digital, marketing, and technology experts recognized the digital opportunities that exist if we work together as a community and established Open Y.


PanKM is a rich and enhanced Drupal 8 distribution with the following modules packed with adaptive functionalities, that speed up your development, and provides you with standardized configurations, making your life easier.
1. Taxonomy Import
2. Videos
3. Survey
4. Chart
5. Assyst Security Kit
6. User Management

Damn Vulnerable Drupal

Drupal distribution inspired by the Damn Vulnerable Web Application with the purpose of educating users on issues related to security in Drupal.


This is an intentionally insecure Drupal Distribution built for educational purposes only. Do not, under any circumstances, install it on your hosting provider or any public-facing servers. We are not responsible for any misuse of this distribution. Install at your own risk.


DKAN website


DKAN is a Drupal-based open data platform.

Learn more at getdkan.org.

Multi-language from the box

Umami profile

This is the Umami installation profile that will become part of Drupal core as part of the Out of the box initiative.

Development takes place on github. Please file any issues there.

Requirements / Dependencies

In order to use this profile, you will also need the Umami theme.



Setting up Drupal environment using Vagrant in CentOS 7.

Box available here -- https://atlas.hashicorp.com/soumyadas/boxes/Drupal-CentOS-7.1.x-64

Set up instructions --

Step 1 : Download and Install virtualbox, get the latest version.

Step 2 : Download and Install Vagrant

Google Speech

Powerful Speech Recognition


Opentastings is a distribution that allows you to manage wine tastings.
Authenticated users can add their bottles, notes, mark wines as favorites and subscribe to sessions.
Webmasters may manage users and sessions.

Light Weight Distribution

Light Weight Distribution is a distribution to cater development analysis effort made on choosing best possible modules to start with a drupal project. Here we have consider following contributed modules that are required to start a basic development in drupal.


About deGov

deGov is the first Drupal 8 distribution focussing on the needs of (German) governmental organisations. It uses Acquia Lightning as a basis and extends this it with valuable functions to meet use cases with different scenarios.
Full overview what deGov can do on deGov.de

Drupal in a Day

This is a work in progress to create a distribution for setting up a
Drupal in a Day training environment.

Splash Awards

Drupal 8 distribution for Splash Awards websites.
*** to be released ***

Use Composer to build and maintain your Splash Awards project’s codebase.

composer create-project drupalnl/splashawards-project MYPROJECT --no-interaction

Donate Entity

This module creates a donation entity integrated with the Payment module to allow a site to accept donations from users. This has been created as an entity to make the donation form fieldable and to also capture all of the donation form data. This entity is also integrated with views, allowing site admins to create simple reports on their donations.

This module is not currently stable, if you'd like to co-contribute to this module, then let me know.

Securepay Payment

This module integrates the Payment module with the SecurePay payment gateway. This module is still under development.


This is a distribution intended to be the starting point for a site that's going to publicize an organization. It's a reverse engineering of a site previously made by @_mike_collins for the Penn State Office of Digital Learning -- http://odl.science.psu.edu/

Other sites built using this distribution:

Minimis Distribution

Placeholder for Minimis Distribution

This is a D8 distro that utilizes very few modules yet is quite powerful and easy to use.

Niobi Research Center

Niobi Research Center

Niobi Research Center is a research management system aimed at grantmaking institutions and university laboratories. Features will include...


  • Department/Group Management
  • Department/Group Knowledge Base
  • Inventory
  • Equipment Sharing