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Distributions provide site features and functions for a specific type of site as a single download containing Drupal core, contributed modules, themes, and pre-defined configuration. They make it possible to quickly set up a complex, use-specific site in fewer steps than if installing and configuring elements individually.

DataDiverz E-ssistant Distribution

DataDiverz newest project is the action-centric personal E-ssistant. Harvesting relevant information from the cloud, E-ssistants assemble highly specialized personal micro-sites. Navigate your lifestream, without the hassle of bouncing from site to site. Aggregate personal activities, niche-communities events, and social media trends all in one easy to use interface. Packaged for your life and your needs, E-ssistants will be available to you whether you're chained to your desk or on the road with your Android or iOS devices.


Watercooler is a Drupal distribution focused on tight-knit forum communities. The distribution is being built for Gamers With Jobs, with a focus on the features critical to an online community of its type.

Feature overview


Experimental CMS

Apps Test Profile

Quickie profile to test Apps installation via Install Profile



This distribution provides necessary Drupal modules to develop a lightweight file management platform for use with the EMC Atmos storage platform. Atmos is a distributed, multi-tenant object storage platform accessible using a RESTful web services API. The module utilizes PHP bindings that wrap the RESTful HTTP API.


Open Government Platform

OGPL is a joint product from India and United States to promote transparency and greater citizen engagement by making more government data, documents, tools and processes publicly available. OGPL will be available, as an open source platform. By making this available in useful machine-readable formats it allows developers, analysts, media & academia to develop new applications and insights that will help give citizens more information for better decisions.


Six Mile Portfolio

A image based portfolio distribution.

Keeping it Fresh: Content Scheduling

  • procedural directions for scheduling content
  • a drush make file to download the modules used
  • bdd tests that can be run to ensure the procedures still work with the lastest stable versions of the modules used

An html version of the tutorial is available at http://training.opensourcery.com/recipes/keeping-it-fresh-content-schedu...

Create Image Galleries and Slideshows

  • procedural directions
  • a drush make file to download the modules used
  • bdd tests that can be run to ensure the procedures still work with the lastest stable versions of the modules used

An html version of the tutorial is available at


OPIN - Enterprise Content Management Systems

Enterprise Web Engagement Management System. With both private businesses and national governments utilizing open communication to streamline processes, the recent launch our social business distribution, Highpoint, provides an elegant, encapsulated solution to opening up the flow of information in all types of organizations.


Enterprise Web Content Management System

If you are publishing a lot of content from a number of authors, you should seriously consider a content management system (CMS). A quality CMS can help you streamline your publishing processes. It can allow you to develop an information architecture that is robust, yet flexible. It can allow you to manage your content efficiently and cost-effectively.

What are the benefits of a web content management system?

A CMS makes it easier for people to create, edit and publish content on a website. Historically, website publishing has required significant technical skills (HTML, programming). A good CMS allows non-technical authors and editors to easily and quickly publish their content.

At some point even a content management site will need to be upgraded with a new and fresh visual design. Whereas static sites require a complete rebuild in these cases, content-managed sites can have a new design applied to its templates. The entire site, including all archived content, will very quickly reflect the new look and feel. This means that future site redesign projects will usually be less expensive than previous development projects, not more expensive, which is the case with static web development.


Source Code

Leaflet Kickstart

Evaluate a GIS solution using Leaflet post-haste!

Leaflet Kickstart is a quick way for developers to evaluate a Drupal 7 based GIS solution using the Leaflet module in combination with the Address Field, Geocoder and Geofield projects. Also included in the distribution is the Leaflet More Maps module which provides the Leaflet output with additional map styles.

This distribution is aimed more towards evaluating the collection of modules rather than a base distribution to build from (not that there's anything here to prevent you doing that). Leaflet Kickstart itself uses Buildkit as a base distribution. A number of GIS use cases are demonstrated using a custom Features module called Leaflet Kickstart Demo.


The distribution needs to be built using Drush Make. Once you've got Drush Make installed you should be able to run the following from the command line (where [directory] becomes the Drupal root for your build):

Library Site Install Profile

Library Site Install Profile -- very early development phase.

Localization server site

Install profile to set up your own localization server.

As a result of Drupcalcon Munich Localization server BoF, we decided it would be helpful to create and maintain such install profile.

See http://drupal.org/project/l10n_server


Druid - Stonehenge

Stonehenge is an installation profile that aims to be a complete agile project management system for Drupal. It is not yet usable, follow this page for updates.


Stongehenge is developed and sponsored by Druid. Contact us for Stonehenge support and customization as well as other Drupal-related things (optimization, consulting, module development, complete web systems or anything else you might need).

Human resource management


Leave Application / Holiday Management / Vacation Management

  • Define leave types relevant to your organization.
  • Displays information on leave entitlement, leave time, balance, history and paid time off all in a single screen.
  • Allows employees to apply for leave directly from the system and supervisors may approve or reject leave.
  • Sends out auto e-mail notifications to employees and supervisors on leave statuses.

Flag Sick for the day

Flag working from home

DevShop Devmaster


The DevShop Dashboard.

This project is a Drupal installation profile and makefile used to deploy the front-end for DevShop.


Team Site

Stonehenge hackathon

This is a temporary sandbox project for the Stonehenge hackathon happening 14.9.2012 at Druid.

just my essential install profile

This is just my essential install profile. What I do on nearly every fresh Drupal installation. What does it do?

Web TV Social TV Roma

Il Mulino Onlus No Profit

Trasmettere on line la Web TV Social TV Roma.

Hotel Booking

Changed distribution name to Open Hotel to better align with Drupal distributions naming conventions.

Head to the new project page at http://drupal.org/project/openhotel

Talo project