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Distributions provide site features and functions for a specific type of site as a single download containing Drupal core, contributed modules, themes, and pre-defined configuration. They make it possible to quickly set up a complex, use-specific site in fewer steps than if installing and configuring elements individually.



Pastebin is a Drupal distribution that provides you with a pastebin site out-of-the-box.


Here is the first project made by Khanh and Tien.


Web to Print distribution based on drupal

CIT Docs

CIT Documentation


Nube de Apps de corte Empresarial, via FB, para las Industrias del Retail y la Hospitalidad...

Project Kickstart

The main purpose of Project Kickstart distribution is to start the Drupal project development quickly with the best recommended libraries / modules / themes. Site builders can also use this distribution as it has features like responsive design for mobile devices, in-place content editing, pre-configured CKEditor WYSIWYG tool!

Generally we start the Drupal project development with downloading latest Drupal core and many contributed modules. For example, we need to go through various modules to find out the best suited modules for different purposes like Content, Mail, Search, Performance, User Management, Developer Tools etc. Then we need to enable those modules and need to look for dependencies, if any.

So to improve this process, we have packaged Project Kickstart distribution with latest Drupal core and commonly used modules. All of the contributed modules, have been picked carefully and used by us in many projects.

CoderDojo Mentors

Install profile for CoderDojo mentors site


Coriolanus Logotype


Coriolanus is lightweight install drush script which sets up for you a very rich Drupal installation in seconds.

It automatically set up a Drupal installation with a wysiwyg editor and several of the most useful modules.
The script runs the drush .make file which download the necessary modules / libraries, then execute several drush commands which set up the installation of database, enable necessary Drupal modules and disable others e.g. as 'update'. You can alter the script to add new modules.

Available modules:

admin_menu, ctools, context, calendar, date, devel, features, imce, i18n, libraries, menu_block, modernizr, nice_menus, nodequeue, pathauto, relation, strongarm, token, ckeditor, jquery_update, views, views bulk operations (VBO), views_slideshow, webform

Available libraries:

jQuery 1.7.2, jQuery UI 1.8, CKEditor 4.1

Enabled by default modules:

ctools views views_ui context context_ui features webform jquery_update libraries wysiwyg ckeditor


Drush 5.x, http://drupal.org/project/drush
MySQL server 5.x
(on Windows only) Cygwin or alternative e.g. git-bash


Himachal Pradesh tours and Travels

Omega Theme for Under construction page

Himachal Pradesh tours and Travels is a Drupal7 based distribution for tourism website. Provides the full functionality for a tourism based website. Expected features for this distribution are:-

Payment Gateway

Payment GatewayPayment GatewayPayment GatewayPayment GatewayPayment GatewayPayment GatewayPayment GatewayPayment GatewayPayment GatewayPayment GatewayPayment Gateway


This distribution provides basic features for a neighborhood / homeowner's association.


This is a "minimal" install profile I (will) use for building new sites to avoid repetitive setup work.

NOTE: This isn't really intended for anyone except myself! However, I'm posting it publicly so I can point to it when other people ask me what I use when building new sites. ;-)

Maybe it will turn out to be useful to others? If nothing else, it's an example of a personal install profile.

GT quickstart

An Installation profile/distribution for Georgia Tech.

Focus for Drupal

A distribution with the goal of a streamlined interface.

DC Cod

DC Cod is a Free Drupal Camp distribution, based on Drupal 7 and COD for AED


git clone --branch 7.x-1.x username@git.drupal.org:sandbox/mordonez/1988742.git dc_cod
cd dc_cod
scripts/build.sh ../dc_cod_docroot 

dc_doc_docroot : document root where the distribution builds.

This development is sponsored by Ymbra.

MVP Creator - build your startup fast!

A distribution (based on Panopoly) to allow startup founders to quickly and easily build the MVP (minimum viable product) of their web application.

Watch Drupal + Startups = AWESOME!, a presentation that I gave about startups, Drupal and MVPs to the Drupal414 meetup.

WARNING: This is super-alpha code, not even remotely close to being ready for production. :-)

However, this will contain the following:

  • Up-to-date and secure versions of all popular modules - so that downloading new modules will be a rare event. The vast majority of these won't be installed by default. See our drush make file for all the modules included.
  • Sane defaults for site builders after install - all the modules needed to build a site will be enabled, including the UI modules for things like Field, Views, Rules, etc.
  • Apps for setting up things that many startup web applications will want - for example: Twitter/Facebook login, advanced profiles, blog, e-mail marketing, monthly payment, etc.

The goal is to allow a non-technical founder to quickly build 80% of their web application by only point-and-click configuration in Drupal!

killer v1.x

Killer Distribution V 1.x
Html5 & css 3
Powered BY


Drupal CrowdInnovation is a pre-packaged solution for building either internal or external innovation sites. This distribution will enable your community nurtured innovation. Collaborate, generate, develop, prioritize and validate. Innovation is an integral activity that engages customers, partners and employees.


Naranj is an opensource ERP. Based on Drupal.


Help project overview

Connect people who need help with people who can give help.

On May 20, 2013, a tornado devastated Moore, Oklahoma. The next day volunteers at Drupalcon Portland reached out to FEMA to find out how we could help. Within 24 hours 100 volunteers contributed to the Drupal for Oklahoma, #Drupal4OK, effort and launched Help4OK.org. The site connects people who need housing with people who can offer housing and people who need a ride with people who can offer rides. In the week after the tornado, people in the affected area have requested similar new features:

  • Project cleanup assistance: Connect people who need help with cleanup with volunteers who are able to help.
  • Equipment availability: Connect those people who need cleanup equipment (bobcat, backhoe, etc.) with people who have special equipment that could be borrowed or rented.

Right now there are two parallel works in progress on this project:

#1 Help - Using help4ok.org as a proof-of-concept, incorporating feedback we've received from users and disaster response experts, we're working to make a Drupal distributionthat makes it fast and easy to set up and extend sites like help4ok.org.

#2 www.help4ok.org - This website is still actively in use supporting survivors and volunteers in the aftermath of the tornado in Moore, OK.

Open Aid Map

Sandbox distribution containing first version of a site template that can display IATI data.

After installing you can import some sample data doing:

chmod +x profiles/openaidmap/scripts/openaidmap_migrate_migrate.sh

My Question

Install profile that combines Questionnaire module and several visualisation modules to head start a website that collects statistical data.

To install do

drush make http://drupalcode.org/sandbox/batje/2012478.git/blob_plain/826f89a:/buil...

You need a working solr server on your localhost.

Vehicle Management System

Vehicle Management System : this is distribution to maintain Vehicle dealership, out lets,distributors,sales.
where customers can configure the vehicles as per their liking and place an order, this has order tracking.
Planned: actual status up date of the manufacturing process according to user set periodicity, or the stage completion which ever is earlier.
Ideas are welcome!!


Coming soon, a simple Bot.module distribution.