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Distributions provide site features and functions for a specific type of site as a single download containing Drupal core, contributed modules, themes, and pre-defined configuration. They make it possible to quickly set up a complex, use-specific site in fewer steps than if installing and configuring elements individually.


Tired of complicated local environments that are pain to setup and are always inconsistent between your machine, your co-workers machines and the live environment?

Druidbox aims to solve this problem by creating perfect environment automatically with just few commands. It uses Vagrant for virtualization, and Puppet for managing and keeping the installation consistent across all your environments.

Some of the installed tools include:
.. And many others.

The project(and installation instructions) lives in Github for now and is in development phase, please come back later for detailed info.


The project is developed by Roni Kantis and sponsored by Druid. Contact us for all Druidbox consulting and customization, as well as your other Drupal-needs.



The future home of the upcoming D8 Postfix Admin Profile.

This projest inspired by the Mailfix module.


Dorque is short for Drupal Torque - a play on the Amazon Turk. Where drupal.org/project/mturk works to connect users to the Amazon Turk, this Dorque works to emulate the Amazon Turk using off-the-shelf drupal modules and features.


  • bulk upload media for analysis
  • upload spreadsheets
  • create forms
  • set the number of people that need to be tested
  • approve or disapprove work
  • export results
  • collaborate with other Dorque sites

Folders Distribution

Folders is a very small and simple distribution focused on file management.

Is designed to work out of the box as a public file repository.

Possible use cases of this distributions are:

  • You are a teacher a want a really simple way to categorize your files in folders.
  • You are not a teacher but you want a really simple way to categorize your files in folders :)

Development in progress.


Drupal VM

This CentOS 6 virtual machine (VM) features everything you need to start using Drupal right away. The Drupal site is installed in /var/www/html/drupal-7, it connects to a local fresh database (see credentials) and this build is initially entitled 'Devopera Drupal Demo'. There's a symlink in the user's home directory making it straight forward to start installing modules using either Samba or SSH.



This is a project aimed at facilitating the sharing of daily work - tasks - through a distributed network of work platforms and people. This can be perceived similar to crowd-sourcing - though this adds the value of continuous sharing of tasks between industry professionals, university students, graduates and school learners.

The projects attempts to implement services that will enable the following scenarios amongst the target users;

Quality Management System

Quality Management System

The purpose of this project is to enable the provision of quality management services (QMS) through the implementation of the Requirements and Testing Hub (RTH) framework using the drupal framework.

This project comes as a result of the work currently done at the University of the Witwatersrand, Johannesburg, South Africa. It is with the help of the RTH tool - that the creation of QMS can aid in achieving the following goals;

1 - Improving users satisfaction

- This goal entails the improvement of users of any system (especially ERPs) by making it easy users to self-support and track all their queries, defects and enhancements

2 - Reduce the cost of development

- It is clear that with clearly defined checkpoints in any development - everyone will know the cost of time and money incurred.
- Visibility to any development cost - will encourage all to limit the costs

3 - Reduce the cost of maintenance

- With the any development it is essential to prepare post-development support processes in the form of a quality assurance (QA) manual that will aid in conducting quality control (QC) processes during any system production support
- Achieving the first goal through the achievement of the second goal will automatically translate to the achievement of this goal.

OpenGate Church Distribution

Details coming soon...

Multicampus support using Domain Access
Responsive design
Sermon Center
Events and Announcements
Stories and Testimononies

Didactic spot

This is a test project for Drupal.org packaging.



A site profile leveraging the course module (and friends) to create a Drupal-based LMS

CoderDojoBray Mentors

CoderDojoBray Mentors Site


NewsPlatform is a news publishing platform with a verification framework.

NewsPlatform allows you to curate pieces of evidence from social media and the web, and tie them together as a news Event. An event has a verification status and narrative which can be updated as more evidence is added. Events can be collected together to form a Story. A story allows you to tie events together with editorial analysis and original content.



Pastebin is a Drupal distribution that provides you with a pastebin site out-of-the-box.



Here is the first project made by Khanh and Tien.


Web to Print distribution based on drupal

CIT Docs

CIT Documentation


Nube de Apps de corte Empresarial, via FB, para las Industrias del Retail y la Hospitalidad...

CoderDojo Mentors

Install profile for CoderDojo mentors site


Coriolanus Logotype


Coriolanus is lightweight install drush script which sets up for you a very rich Drupal installation in seconds.

It automatically set up a Drupal installation with a wysiwyg editor and several of the most useful modules.
The script runs the drush .make file which download the necessary modules / libraries, then execute several drush commands which set up the installation of database, enable necessary Drupal modules and disable others e.g. as 'update'. You can alter the script to add new modules.

Available modules:

admin_menu, ctools, context, calendar, date, devel, features, imce, i18n, libraries, menu_block, modernizr, nice_menus, nodequeue, pathauto, relation, strongarm, token, ckeditor, jquery_update, views, views bulk operations (VBO), views_slideshow, webform

Available libraries:

jQuery 1.7.2, jQuery UI 1.8, CKEditor 4.1

Enabled by default modules:

ctools views views_ui context context_ui features webform jquery_update libraries wysiwyg ckeditor


Drush 5.x, http://drupal.org/project/drush
MySQL server 5.x
(on Windows only) Cygwin or alternative e.g. git-bash


Himachal Pradesh tours and Travels

Omega Theme for Under construction page

Himachal Pradesh tours and Travels is a Drupal7 based distribution for tourism website. Provides the full functionality for a tourism based website. Expected features for this distribution are:-

Payment Gateway

Payment GatewayPayment GatewayPayment GatewayPayment GatewayPayment GatewayPayment GatewayPayment GatewayPayment GatewayPayment GatewayPayment GatewayPayment Gateway


This distribution provides basic features for a neighborhood / homeowner's association.


Online is a distribution that enables to quickly develop a drupal site for small business. Clean code and speed optimizations are t the core of tis distribution.