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Distributions provide site features and functions for a specific type of site as a single download containing Drupal core, contributed modules, themes, and pre-defined configuration. They make it possible to quickly set up a complex, use-specific site in fewer steps than if installing and configuring elements individually.

Party Install

This is an install profile to set up Party Module.

It comes with the ability to generate 'dummy' parties with real content and a nice Party Dashboard to view and edit parties.

Party Lite

A Simple Install Profile for the Party Module that creates a basic contact list.


Eskul is a distribution targeted for schools, especially schools in Indonesia.

Riot Drupal

Riot-flavored Drupal core.


Minimal distribution - test only

FoodCoop System

FoodCoop System is an open source group ordering and billing system based on Drupal Commerce (Drupal 7) and PHP language.


Main goal of a project is build easy to install platform for (not only Polish) food cooperatives, to help manage orders, stock, tasks and members.

First version of the system was founded in 2013 by UNDP for Warsaw Food Cooperative and was developed by Obin.org and RatioWeb.pl members.


This distribution enables developers to easily set-up Fan Club Websites for various celebrities from various industries.

Key Features:

  • Image galleries
  • Video libraries
  • Appointment schedulers
  • Interviews
  • Discussion Forums for fans
  • Article galleries
  • & many more


It is a Twitter Installation Profile that can be used to build a website which has twitter
like functionality and is integrated with twitter's API.

The most interesting feature of this Installation Profile is that you can
send tweets to twitter from your website and can also import tweets from twitter for
a particular user by creating an account on your website.

MongoDB profile

This is the D8 installation profile for MongoDB.

working copy of commons

required? really? for a sandbox?

NS Panopoly

NodeStream and Panopoly combined to form the perfect marriage, probably spawning the most beatiful children the world has ever seen.


A bombproof enclosure, generally located under the rampart and terreplein, for the purpose of housing cannon which fired through embrasures in the scarp. Casemates were also used as quarters, magazines, etc. In permanent fortifications they were vaulted, but in impermanent works they sometimes had trabeated structures.


AnotherDrop Startup

AnotherDrop Startup is a distribution based on Drupal version 7.
Using AnotherDrop Startup helps you save time in creating a drupal website.
It started as a personal project in order to fill the need for a
ready-to-use basic drupal website with basic modules and

AnotherDrop Startup is suited for advanced developers as it offers the
platform to begin directly configuring and seting up a drupal
website, starting from a level where basic tasks have been already

Drupal Brasil

The purpose of this project is to create and maintain a new site for the Drupal Brazil community. It will be a site more social with integration functions between users and creating regional groups.

This project will be available for download in distribution mode, so that communities in other countries may also contribute and use it.

Soon a more detailed description of the functionality.




A project by http://www.sooperthemes.com/#-Drupal-7-Themes..

A website platform for Open Science

Drupal Distribution with advanced organic groups system for management of workgroups. The distro is aimed at organisations that do scientific research or provide infrastructure for scientific research. The core functionality provides workgroups where assets, deliverables, and other documents can be stored, as well as a platform for group discussions.

Furthermore the distro provides many features for reporting and PR management such as a news section, blog section, governance section, showcases section, an events calendar and tools for researchers to submit new research initiatives to the website.


Status May 2013: Testing the system in production environments, making small adjustments

As of now there is no installation profile, only a collection of modules. I'm looking for opportunities for funded or collaborative development of the system.

An entity based distribution

Open Science uses modern Drupal 7 development practices and makes extensive use of Entity API and entity based modules. Why does this matter? This means that your content is stored in a consistent manner and is easily addressable by powerful toolkits like Views, Rules, Apache Solr, entity cache etc.

Code based layout


Otto is a general Drupal distribution for the management of coworking spaces. It is currently under active development and is being spearheaded largely out of Droplabs, a coworking space, classroom and hackerspace in Downtown Los Angeles, California.


Distribution file for CoderDojo project


Turkish localized install with commonly used features pre-configured.


A Drupal distribution for associations, chambers, and other membership organizations.


GOCampaign is a complete campaign management platform.

Listen, engage and act. Create rich relationships and use them to achieve your aims.

More information coming...

Drupal User Group


This distribution will be created for Drupal User Groups to help them with and unified platform to manage their events and the community.


Coming soon...

Story document is available here in English and Hungarian language.


Collections and Internal Records Management

CLAIR is an open-source Collections And Internal Records management system built as a Drupal distribution. It gives museums and institutions the ability to manage online collections and can be used as an "out-of-the-box" Collections Management System. It is fully customizable and designed to provide a base system that can be customized and scaled to meet most (if not all) business requirements.

CLAIR is under active development on Github, please see here to download and become involved.

Project Management for Agile

This is a distribution for drupal6 which helps to maintain projects based on agile methodologie. It contains the following:

Content types:

  • Projects
  • Tasks
  • Files

Capable of:

  • Creating new Projects
  • Creating tasks for a particular project
  • Attach files for a particular project
  • Assign tasks to a particular user
  • Email notification when a user is assigned to a particular task


Installation profile for CoderDojo Bray