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Distributions provide site features and functions for a specific type of site as a single download containing Drupal core, contributed modules, themes, and pre-defined configuration. They make it possible to quickly set up a complex, use-specific site in fewer steps than if installing and configuring elements individually.

Configuration installer

The Configuration Installer is a installation profile that takes over the Drupal installer and allows sites to be created from existing configuration.

This is an installation profile and needs to be put in /profiles in order to work.


Vagrant Drupal Development

Vagrant Drupal Development (VDD) is fully configured and ready to use development environment built with VirtualBox, Vagrant, Linux and Chef Solo provisioner. VDD is virtualized environment, so your base system will not be changed and remain clean after installation. You can create as many environments as you wish without any consequences.

The main goal of the project is to provide easy to use fully functional, highly customizable and extendable Linux based environment for Drupal development.



govCMS is an open source, cloud based content management and website hosting service for Australian Government entities. govCMS allows government entities to create and manage websites based on best practice, that are compliant with Australian Government standards. govCMS is a cost effective solution as it removes the burden for agencies having to own and manage software or infrastructure. govCMS offers a comprehensive service including support, website design and development, and managed operations.


DrupalRooms - Complete Room Booking and Webiste Solution for Hotels, Vacation Rentals and B&Bs

The Drupal Rooms distribution aims to quickly get you setup with a working Drupal distribution for a hotel.

The room booking functionality is offered via the Rooms module.

We will be posting the distro here shortly - in the meantime have a look on github.

Developed and maintained by Roomify.



Chilean E-Commerce Installation Profile

The installation process will help you do the following:

  • Integrate a Khipu account for the payment system.


Casa - Vacation Rental Solution

For the Casa distribution, please go here.


Yaqut Epub Generator

The aim of this distribution is to provide a way for authors to convert their word documents to ePub via a WYSIWYG editor. The ePub is the standard for electronic publishing.


Open Event


To remove

Media Development Profile

This profile is intended for developers who want to work on Media and File Entity. It gets your D7 installation configured to insert images into a text area via CKEditor.

Apart from that, the profile's make file downloads a number of media provider (see http://groups.drupal.org/node/168009) and development modules, to get you going with media testing/development.


Arabic Installation Profile

A Drupal 7 Arabic installation profile


Clinic Appointment Management System

It is a doctor appointment management system that we can use it for one or multiple office clinics.

Appointment Management System is the quickest way to get up and to run with patient appointment management. It includes the latest version of Drupal core, FullCalendar, and the other modules it is depending on. It lets you create a fully functioning appointment book, managing system out of the box. It comes with comprehensive reports powered by views module.


MVP Creator - build your startup fast!

A distribution (based on Panopoly) to allow startup founders to quickly and easily build the MVP (minimum viable product) of their web application.

Watch Drupal + Startups = AWESOME!, a presentation that I gave about startups, Drupal and MVPs to the Drupal414 meetup.

WARNING: This is super-alpha code, not even remotely close to being ready for production. :-)

However, this will contain the following:

  • Up-to-date and secure versions of all popular modules - so that downloading new modules will be a rare event. The vast majority of these won't be installed by default. See our drush make file for all the modules included.
  • Sane defaults for site builders after install - all the modules needed to build a site will be enabled, including the UI modules for things like Field, Views, Rules, etc.
  • Apps for setting up things that many startup web applications will want - for example: Twitter/Facebook login, advanced profiles, blog, e-mail marketing, monthly payment, etc.

The goal is to allow a non-technical founder to quickly build 80% of their web application by only point-and-click configuration in Drupal!


ELMS: Media Management

zMedia management in multiple formats

ELMS Media is the Asset management solution created for use with ELMS by the e-Learning Institute at Penn State. ELMS Media can be applicable to serving media assets to any website (drupal and non-drupal) but takes into account certain criteria that educational institutions must take into account when storing and serving media. For best results, use with the entire ELMS Learning Network distribution from github!


ELMS: Interactive Course Object Repository

ELMS: ICOR stands for Interactive Course Object Repository. It is an organic groups based distribution meant to be used in conjunction with the ELMS Suite of Tools based approach to educational technology implementation. For best results, use with the entire ELMS Learning Network distribution from github!



gcl logo

GCL installation profile

This profile intends to be an alternative for chilean government's sites.

It was based on "Kit Digital" which was published by the chilean government in order to have an standard for its web sites. The original "Kit Digital" did not have a Drupal alternative, just plain HTML and a WordPress theme.



For best results, use with the entire ELMS Learning Network distribution from github!

Ulmus is a concept that spawned the 7.x version of the ELMS Learning Network. Ulmus provides a base Drupal distribution for the rapid, consistent development of other distributions. This fits with the Suite of Tools approach to learning network design by created an interconnected network of tools as opposed to building one tool to fit all.

The following distributions are based off of this one:



ArrayShift themeA question/answer site built to emulate the core functionality of sites on the StackExchange platform, such as:

Related modules and themes:

Originally built as a fantasy site for a Do It With Drupal conference, the installation profile is capable of bootstrapping and configuring the initial site.


Drupal Flight Control

Dashboard to deploy, sync, rollback, snapshot and monitor ssh-connected environments.

Roomify Casa - Vacation Rental Solution

The Casa distribution is a vacation rental website in a box with an integrated booking engine.

The booking functionality is offered via the Rooms module.

We will be posting the distro here shortly - in the meantime have a look on github.

Installation instructions are in the README file. Please note, this distro requires the download of our forked full_calendar library. It WILL NOT work with any other version.