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Distributions provide site features and functions for a specific type of site as a single download containing Drupal core, contributed modules, themes, and pre-defined configuration. They make it possible to quickly set up a complex, use-specific site in fewer steps than if installing and configuring elements individually.


A simple App to define points in a map and filter them using categories.


ELMS Compliance Distro

ELMS Compliance Distribution (ECD) is a distribution for helping institutions manage all kinds of compliance processes. While being able to be installed as a stand alone, this really shined when plugged into ELMSLN. ELMSLN has functionality that will automatically pipe things that need compliance reviews into ECD in order to make that a separate process that doesn't need wrapped up in the rest of the designed systems in the network.

Some compliance issues this will help tackle / make more accountable:


Image Toolkit Benchmark

Image toolkit comparer (GD, imagick, imagemagick, gmagick)


PM Kickstart

PM Kickstart provides an easy way to get started with Drupal PM.

This distribution is under active development and will be posted shortly.


Hunter CMS - 猎人中文建站系统

Sorry, I think I was born for Drupal !

So I think I must create a best stuff for Drupal!

The project integrate 7 modules, I named it :

"Seven Artifact"

龙珠 Ueditor


龙珠 Simple validation






Canvas is a distribution designed to make starting new Drupal projects a bit easier, through some useful common configuration, module choice, and setup.


Yaqut Epub Generator

The aim of this distribution is to provide a way for authors to convert their word documents to ePub via a WYSIWYG editor. The ePub is the standard for electronic publishing.



Callblast is a free and open source Drupal installation profile that enables the creation and management of bulk SMS and voice calls.

Callblast provides a simple mechanism to manage contact lists with phone numbers, names, organizations, groups and related fields. It also supports the following kinds of blasts:
* Send SMS Announcement, which enables users to send single text messages to selected groups.
* SMS Opt-In Invitation: which enables users to send subscription invitations to selected contact groups. The subscriptions will only be executed once the SMS recipients reply with the appropriate keyword. (NOTE: subscription, unsubscription and help keywords might be defined in admin/voip/sms_actions)
* Voice Announcement from Text, which converts your text input into and audio file and plays that file to each contact in the specified groups.
* Voice Announcement from Audio, which plays the specified audio file in calls to the target group.
* Voice Announcement using VoIP Script, which enables the creation of interactive text messages and voice calls.



Make beautiful, modern Drupal websites. For visitors, content authors and administrators.




A Drupal development platform in a box, with everything you would need to develop Drupal websites.

Vlad stands for Vagrant, LAMP, Ansible, and Drupal and is a Vagrant project that uses Ansible to provision a working development environment. This environment contains a simple LAMP setup with Drush, but can be extended to include Varnish, Redis, and even NodeJS.

The current list of technologies available in Vlad is:


Editorial is a blogging distribution created as part of ELMS Learning Network.


Discuss Distribution

Discuss is a forums and discussion distribution built on top of Harmony Core and Ulmus. This is leveraging all of the components of the Harmony distributions, without the connotation that it is a public forum system. Discuss is being engineered to work as a stand alone private forum but will work best as part of ELMS Learning Network.


Casa - Vacation Rental Solution

For the Casa distribution, please go here.



gcl logo

GCL installation profile

This profile intends to be an alternative for chilean government's sites.

It was based on "Kit Digital" which was published by the chilean government in order to have an standard for its web sites. The original "Kit Digital" did not have a Drupal alternative, just plain HTML and a WordPress theme.


Enterprise for Everyone

Quickly build enterprise Drupal applications.

Built with Platform.sh in mind.



A distribution to enable core profiling.



Crux is a Drupal 8 only distribution which allows you to create powerful edge-to-edge websites using the Paragraphs module.

The following modules will be used:



MojoCart brings together Panopoly and Commerce Deploy to create a robust e-commerce distribution.


  • Catalog powered by Search API
  • Authenticated and anonymous user checkout enhancements
  • Radix theme harnessing Bootstrap.

Try it out on SimplyTest.me



What is Drupsible?

Drupsible is a DevOps tool for Drupal continuous delivery, based on Ansible. By using Drupsible, your team will be able to provision, import, integrate, deploy and maintain Drupal websites across complex infrastructures using a simple set of YAML configuration files.

How does Drupsible work?

Drupsible uses DebOps and other Ansible roles to manage all of the infrastructure needed by your web application and takes care of all the needed configuration to run it.

Wysiwyg Fields demonstration

The Wysiwyg Fields demonstration distribution is exactly what it sounds like; A distribution demonstrating the Wysiwyg Fields module.



Inbox is the communications hub for ELMSLN. It is an authority based distribution meant to be a messaging and communications center. All other distributions wishing to interface w/ the student's "inbox" can use the API capabilities to send messages to the student (or any other user for that matter).

This makes the most sense when in ELMSLN but as per the methodology can, and should be able to be stood up on its own as a communications hub for other projects (though educational focused most likely).



The OpenBiz distribution makes it easy to create a business site


Drupal 8 DrupalCamp Organizing Distribution

Drupal 8 distribution to provide a basic key functionality of the Drupal Camp website.This showcases Drupal 8 core's functionality within a site scenario similar to a live drupal camp website.

Use this distribution to get the basic features of the drupal camp website. The distribution also serves as an example site for the Drupal 8 Websites.