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Distributions provide site features and functions for a specific type of site as a single download containing Drupal core, contributed modules, themes, and pre-defined configuration. They make it possible to quickly set up a complex, use-specific site in fewer steps than if installing and configuring elements individually.


Coming soon...



This is an extenstion to current cash flow module. Instead of packing everything in a single module, its better to create a distribution which will offer all the configurations done out of the box!

This distribution will allow you to record your diffent types of financial transactions. A user can have both personal and company/organzation finansical transactions. Income & expeses can be recurring and much more. The ultimate goal of this distribution is to provide a single point where you can record all your transactions, manually, for now!







Kalvi is a next generation e-learning suite which aims to be both easy to use and feature rich. It strives to embrace learning standards such as SCORM, XAPI etc wherever possible and builds on the shoulders of giants.

This projectspace houses the Kalvi distribution which is a quickstart for kalvi core.


Kalvi is under heavy development and is currently unsuitable for use in production.



Chances are if you've heard about Harmony, you want to check out Harmony Core (the basis for all things Harmony) here:

Harmony Core will give you the starting point of your forum/community where you can post things and extend.

Harmony Forum is an upcoming distribution. For more information go to http://getharmony.io



Drupal.fi finnish community site install profile.

We decided to move the code to github for easier contribution through pull request-system: https://github.com/bfr/drupalfi



This module is depricated. Please visit ERPAL platform for the successor.



OpenBeerfest is a minimalist Drupal distribution for Beer Festivals and other events related to Beer.

This project is sponsored by the High Country Craft Food and Beverage Festival.


Tweet Server




Development and issue management of this project happens at


Open Video

Open Video is a distribution for filmmakers, photography studios and production companies who are looking for an easy off-the-shelf solution for photo and video portfolio sites.

The birth of this project started with Filmfolio in 2011 and is continuing with Coders with a Cause's website barn raising for Pasadena Media at GLADCamp 2014, the Greater Los Angeles Drupal Camp.


Light Weight Distribution

Light Weight Distribution is a distribution to cater development analysis effort made on choosing best possible modules to start with a drupal project. Here we have consider following contributed modules that are required to start a basic development in drupal.



Top level structure

Video stepping through how this works in the context of ELMSLN.

Codebook: Municipal Code

A distribution for creating and maintaining municipal code books.


Global Release Party Distribution

Based on the concept of the Drupal 7 Release Party initiative this project aims to provide a Drupal 7 based distribution based on the work done for the Varnish 4.0 Release party in April 2014. This should provide a base to build the upcoming Drupal 8 Release Party site and hopefully many more.

More details to follow soon.



This distribution aims to pull in many of the modules that have been gobbled up into D8 core, giving you close to feature parity with the upcoming release.


Commerce Deploy

Commerce Deploy aims to simplify Drupal Commerce development for site builders and developers. Get started faster and cut the cruft of dependency gathering. The ideology behind Commerce Deploy is to provide enhancements to Drupal Commerce development without getting in the way.

What makes Commerce Deploy different?

Unlike other Drupal Commerce profiles, Commerce Deploy does not have an end goal to provide a specific out-of-the-box goal. Nor does it try to make too many assumptions. The beautiful fact of Commerce is its flexibility, we want to respect that.



A kickstart distro for the NuData open data platform.



Rhymes Distro

This is an example distribution used to demonstrate Drush Make and Git workflows.

This distribution does not get packaged correctly by drupal.org because Drush 7's contrib_destination property is not supported yet. The issue is being tracked here, and this project's make file is being used to test as the issue moves forward toward resolution.




Chilean E-Commerce Installation Profile

The installation process will help you do the following:

  • Integrate a Khipu account for the payment system.


Devtrac Distribution

Devtrac Logo

This distribution is the quickest way to get up and running with Devtrac. It can be used for tracking development by all kinds of organizations, ranging from small ngo's to large international aid organizations. It includes the latest versions of Drupal core, Devtrac modules, and other modules it depends on. It also gives you a set of options to create a site that fits your organization's needs.

Who should use this distribution? Anyone who wants to skip weeks of configuration to build a development tracking site.


Drupal 6 Long Term Support

This is where Drupal 6 LTS will live. If you want to get involved with D6LTS, please contact the security team

Crowdfunding Kickstart

This distro brings Drupal Crowdfunding with many preconfigured pages, views, administrative stuff and theme to enable an "out-of-box" crowdfunding platform like Kickstarter and Indiegogo.