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Distributions provide site features and functions for a specific type of site as a single download containing Drupal core, contributed modules, themes, and pre-defined configuration. They make it possible to quickly set up a complex, use-specific site in fewer steps than if installing and configuring elements individually.

Islamic Community

An Installation profile for running a local islamic community.

Custom Link Shortener

Custom Link Shortener is an installation profile to setup a site as a service to provide link-shortening services. It integrates with a number of tools already in use today to provide scalable and measurable short link services for a variety of needs.

NodeStream example profile

This is an example installation profile that uses NodeStream as a base. It can be used as a template when creating new installation profiles on top of NodeStream.

NodeStream example project

An example project structure when working with NodeStream and installation profiles based on that.

Small library website

This installation profile will allow small organization to manage their own library website (which can be integrated with the rest of Drupal site). There can be multiple managed libraries, each with its patrons and librarians.

Open Music Festival

Open Music Festival is a free open source inspired by a recent Music Festival project and Rowlands Group wishes to pass on the work to the community.

Starting Point

The Starting Point installation profile contains modules commonly enabled when building a new site. This package speeds up initial site setup time, by including the following modules:

  • Administration Menu
  • Backup and Migrate
  • CKEditor
  • CTools
  • Devel
  • File Entity
  • Google Analytics
  • Media
  • Menu Block
  • Meta tags
  • Module Filter
  • Pathauto
  • Token
  • Views
  • Webform

DrupalRooms - Complete Room Booking and Webiste Solution for Hotels, Vacation Rentals and B&Bs

The Drupal Rooms distribution aims to quickly get you setup with a working Drupal distribution for a hotel.

The room booking functionality is offered via the Rooms module.

We will be posting the distro here shortly - in the meantime have a look on github.

Developed and maintained by Roomify.


*There are never in nature two beings which are exactly alike.

-G.W. Leibniz

*Statistical thinking will one day be as necessary for efficient citizenship as the ability to read and write.

-H.G. Wells

*People who don’t count won’t count.

-Anatole France

*It is the mark of a truly intelligent person to be moved by statistics.

-George Bernard Shaw

MongoDB Install Profile

This is a test profile for MongoDB that I have created because I had the need to do some test on environment on different servers, and also show some clients how Mongodb works.

Some modules are downloaded when you run the make file, this are the modules that I needed to run my own tests. You could easily add your own modules you want to test with MongoDB in the make file.

Also a couple of patches is done in the make file. These are patches that I needed to get my setup to work - so if you have different things you would like to test, it could be a good thing to check these.


Requirements: You need drush and drush make and mongodb running on the server with the php extension.

You need to update your settings.php to include the mongodb stuff (Example set up below). Note that if you add mongodb on a existing site, you need to import you nodes into mongodb if you would like to use field storage.

//path to your mongodb_cache_inc
# -- Configure Cache
$conf['cache_class_cache'] = 'DrupalMongoDBCache';
$conf['cache_class_cache_bootstrap'] = 'DrupalMongoDBCache';
$conf['cache_default_class'] = 'DrupalMongoDBCache';
# -- Don't touch SQL if in Cache

OWC - Twin Cities 2012

This is the installation repository we will use to generate our Drupal sandbox sites during the Overnight Website Challenge 2012 : Twin Cities.

Webchick's test profile

A profile to test the new Drupal.org distribution tools.


Sigra is a self-maneged resourses management integral system.


This install profile has moved to Drupal Ladder. All open issues from this project have been moved there.


This is a simple Installation Profile to show how MongoDB can be used with Drupal.

Built with Build Kit, this project contains the MongoDB and Search API MongoDB Drupal projects.

Beginners Distro

This project is an installation profile to help Drupal Trainers and Drupal Beginners have a good base installation of Drupal with some additional modules installed.

OpenAtria.com Makefiles

Makefiles used to maintain the platforms for OpenAtria.com

Schema.org Kickstarter

This installation profile is deprecated, please install directly the schema.org module on your existing site.

Schema.org kickstart is an installation profile featuring a few schema.org types set up in Drupal 7 using the schema.org module. It is the quickest way to get up and running with the Schema.org module. This package includes Drupal core 7.12 and all the necessary modules.

GDLC Distribution

GDLC Distribution

Selenium Monitoring

This installation profile provides a management environment for a simple Selenium monitoring system.

Provision BOA Merge

This is a sandbox only mirror of the official Aegir Provision project for Nginx configuration clean merge from BOA fork.


This is just a basic install helper to automate the installation of all the required modules for agreservations - a resource management and online booking system for websites for offering resources for rent.


This is an installation profile for developing and testing the API module.


The build file will download and prepare a Drupal source tree containing the



Notification and Messaging testing

This serves as a holder to test and develop notification and messaging changes in clean environment and repeatable manner.