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Distributions provide site features and functions for a specific type of site as a single download containing Drupal core, contributed modules, themes, and pre-defined configuration. They make it possible to quickly set up a complex, use-specific site in fewer steps than if installing and configuring elements individually.

Paranoid Drupal

This is an UNSTABLE project that currently is in an unstable state and should not be used for any purpose for any reason. It should never be considered anonymous or secure.

Paranoid Drupal is specifically targeted to groups in oppressive regimes and those desiring a strong platform for community-building in anonymous and secure situations. It select modules that enhance security, is configured to protect its users anonymity, and provides best practices for installation and deployment methods.


Skeleton profile geared towards site development.


Riff is a distribution that allows musicians to quickly and easily set up websites geared towards promoting their music, communicating with fans, and building an online presence.


A Drupal Website can give an image of Islam.


Drupal Instalation Profile for OpenMelva projects.


Coach - A platform where sport coaches and players can interact, keep track of progress and create exercise programs.

Drupal Rise

Clone Highrise with Drupal

Drupal Ledger

Drupal Ledger is a double-entry bookkeeping platform powered by the Ledger module.

Hardened Drupal

Like Drupal. But "hardened" with additional modules/configuration to try to make it more secure (or at least to match common conceptions about how to make something secure).

This project comes with the same warranty as all other projects on Drupal.org.

A full drupal install is available below.


Capla is a Drupal 7 distributions build for developing small and middle size Drupal websites. It is base on the idea of making user friendly back-end for editor that is easy to set up. With features that already contain some content types and settings you can save up time at the beginning of the project.


Distribution that embraces philosophy behind kitf and debutf specifications, while allowing to build sites with Panels, Panels Everywhere and a responsive theme.

Test Case Manager

Test Case Manager (TCM) is an attempt to create a free industry ready platform for businesses, groups, and individuals to create, modify, organize, and record runs on test cases for one or more projects. The goal is to use as little custom work as possible and use the core and contributed components of the Drupal.org community as a basis to make a complete software/distribution that can be readily installed anywhere Drupal would normally be installed.

open bookstore

This is a distribution for chinese user, If you want to use it, you need learn chinese first.
build on Drupal + Ubercart 3 + Apachesolr +various custom module.
It is the example code of think in drupal.

这里包含的是Think in Drupal的实例代码,我们将在时间充足的情况下,将其转为发行包。
基于Drupal+ Ubercart搭建社区型电子商务的实例代码。



techPOLIS is a distribution to allow quick and easy deployment of local technical community websites.

This project is based on concepts and ideas from:


Also known as "Library Drupal" or "Library Pal" is a custom Drupal distribution is designed for small and mid sided libraries to assist in the speedy development of a modern, semantic web capable website.

Build a Site Event Calendar

This project contains:

  • procedural directions to create an event calendar
  • a drush make file to download the modules used
  • bdd tests that can be run to ensure the procedures still work with the lastest stable versions of the modules used

An html version of the tutorial is available at http://training.opensourcery.com/recipes/event-calendar

Responsive Drupal Testsite

Some experiments around responsiveness dumped into a small distro.
Nothing to worry about.

COD Development Sandbox

COD Development Sandbox


Drupal distribution to make a products and services showcase.

Crowdfunding Drupal

This as Drupal distro focused to deploy a crowdfunding site.

Currently is in active development and a RC version will be release on the comming weeks.

DevSite Sao Paulo

Dev site for sao paulo.

Albatross Starter

This is the base installation profile used by Albatross Digital. It downloads and installs the most commonly used modules including:

  • Views
  • Context
  • Media 2.x-unstable7
  • Bean
  • Features

Clone of openenterprise

I clone the openenterprise profile, to have a point for my drush make file to fetch the profile.

Some updates and tweaks done, since i have not to take care on the restrictions of D.O. regarding the profile.