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Distributions provide site features and functions for a specific type of site as a single download containing Drupal core, contributed modules, themes, and pre-defined configuration. They make it possible to quickly set up a complex, use-specific site in fewer steps than if installing and configuring elements individually.

Kendra Hub

Kendra Hub...

Kendra Social

Kendra Social...

Jootle Social

Jootle Social is a Drupal Installation Profile that provides a complete social networking experience with all the power of Drupal.

The final touches are currently being completed, and the first pubic beta is expected to be available on or before Sept 16th 2011.

Jootle Social is built with Drupal 7.


D7 - Nashville Drupalers User Group Site

Note: This is a "re-start" originated with an Acquia profile distribution (Drupal 7.4).


AgriDrupal is both a suite of Drupal-based solutions for agricultural information management and a community of practice around these solutions.

See the AgriDrupal Wiki homepage for an overview of AgriDrupal projects.


Basic e-Learning Library.

Developed by Open Learning Exchange and Koumbit

This distribution is live on http://library.ole.org

Because it requires Solr, Tika and OpenOffice we have released it as a Virtualbox.
For now, see https://ole-apps.sourcerepo.com/redmine/ole/projects/ole-toolkit/wiki/Vi... for documentations.


'TemplesTour' is a Drupal distribution aimed at developing websites of temples around the world.


Turning pressflow into fastflow by adding configuration the CDN module for "parallelizing requests across hostnames", the cookie domain will appear as editable as well, with a suggested domain based on the CDN rules to not serve any static resources from as the "cookie domain".

Eventually I'd like to add install wizard support for a bunch of SEO modules, the module that runs all those web accessibility tests, and s default mobil domain setup & configured theme. I'll figure it all out eventually I'm sure, having "FastFlow,Mobile,Accessibility,SEO" distribution.


A custom profile for D7 websites.


Testing profile

Core development

Note: this project is now owned by @tim.plunkett, but was created by @chx. New maintainers are always welcome.

This is the profile i use for core development. Like minimal but adds two node types and simpletest. Takes 18% more time than minimal. Standard is double of minimal so that's not an option.

Time Machine

Time Machine is an installation profile for communities and organizations looking for turnkey time banking software for their members and participating businesses.

For discussion about this project as well as time banking in general, consider joining the Time Banking group at http://groups.drupal.org/time-banking


This is a development sandbox for the COD (Conference Organizing Distribution) code sprint in Los Angeles on October 8 & 9, 2011.

For more details about the sprint, see http://groups.drupal.org/la/cod-d7-sprint


Drupal install profile to setup a website like nhaccuatui.com fastly.

Open Commerce

Open Commerce is a Drupal distribution that helps you build a full featured e-commerce site based on Drupal 7 and Drupal Commerce.

Installation files and demo will be available very soon.

Koorie Archival System Install

This is an installation profile for the Koorie Archival System.

NGO'd OpenCivic

This is a customised ready-to-use Installation Profile for NGO's.
All basic features required for an NGO's activities have been tried to be accomodated.

This is under active development.


OpenPlaza is a Drupal distribution for multi group sites.

If you are conformable with drush make the make file build-openplaza.make can be used to build openplaza with the recommend command

drush make --prepare-install openplaza-build.make openplaza

This project is powered by Atenea tech and Ymbra.


Chatrooms installation.

Open Parish

Open Source Catholic Logo

This installation profile was created in 2011 to help (primarily) Roman Catholic Parishes in the U.S. provision a website quickly, using sensible defaults and Drupal/web/SEO best practices. The profile provided a baseline website that parishes could use or emulate in building their own online presences.

Current Status

This installation profile has been deprecated in favor of the OpenChurch Drupal distribution. Individual projects that are part of the Open Parish Initiative will still be maintained separately, and efforts will be made to make an easy onramp specifically for Catholic parishes into the OpenChurch distribution. See: #1380850: See if collaboration with 'OpenChurch' is possible?.

Development and progress will happen both here and at http://www.opensourcecatholic.com/project/open-parish

Project module installation profile


This sets up the Project* modules for the Drupal.org use case.

Installation instructions

Clone the '7.x-1.x' branch of this project using the instructions found in the 'version control' tab above, and then use the drush make build-projectinstall.make --prepare-install --working-copy d7project command to download Drupal 7 core and all the modules needed for this installation profile into a folder called 'd7project' inside your current working directory.


While working on a project with the Palmetto Technology Hub, a couple folks from #chsdug found there are no great open source systems to run a multi-user, client-facing helpdesk. Most open source options haven't been updated in 2 years or longer. All the proprietary options that are halfway decent are expensive.

As a result, we're building a distro called FLOSSDesk. The goal is to use core and contrib code whenever possible to ease upgrades and ongoing management.

Current features:

  • Case creation by agents or clients
  • Internal and external case notes, with a single chronological view of a case
  • Automatic email to client or agent when external notes are added to a case
  • Reply-by-email to notifications, with attachment handling
  • Notification to old agent when a case is taken over by a new agent
  • Ability to change case attributes (severity, status, assignment) without going into the node edit form
  • View of "My Cases" for clients
  • Views of "My Assigned Cases" and "All Open Cases" for agents and managers

In development and planning:

  • Responsive theme
  • Automatic service level management and escalation notifications

Archimedes Server Profile ☒

My sandbox of the Archimedes Server Profile. I file issues here for anything Archimedes.

Things which were in the issue queue here but have gone on to their proper homes for acceptance:

Commerce Polska

Polish version.


A Drupal 8 installation profile for small groups of collaborators who want to tell the world about their project, and convince others to join in. Community activists, open source project evangelists, groups or clubs -- if these groups sound like you, we want to hear from you!

Looking for more information? Check out the Snowman discussion group and FAQ.