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Distributions provide site features and functions for a specific type of site as a single download containing Drupal core, contributed modules, themes, and pre-defined configuration. They make it possible to quickly set up a complex, use-specific site in fewer steps than if installing and configuring elements individually.

Mica Standard

Mica Standard installation profiles.

Mica Demo

Mica Demo installation profile.

Animal Rescue Site

My goal is to create a standard installation that can be used by Animal Rescue Organization to quickly develop their website. The project will include:
- Animal Content Type
- Volunteer Profile Pages & Blogs
- Animal Search Engine
- Events Calendars
- Adoption Application Form
- Volunteer Application Form
- Animal Alumni
- and more...

Openturk Installation

this is the installation profile to setup openturk crowdsourcing platform for Amazon Mechanical Turk
related modules are: mt_task, mt_karma, etc.
example: openturk.org


CollaborativeForms is a Drupal installation profile used for collecting data across multiple groups and locations and provide intuitive break-down of the data, as well as raw data exports.

It is currently being used by the University of Michigan Health System on several projects to collect patient data used for research purposes.

CollaborativeForms has most of the modules needed to create the forms that can be collected collaborative within a group and the data aggregated across multiple groups. The forms are CCK-based and can be customized greatly by the different modules included with CollaborativeForms.


Since CollaborativeForms uses components not hosted on Drupal.org (jQuery UI, plus several Features hosted on GitHub), it will not be hosted here. CollaborativeForm has its own website for distributing the files.

To download CollaborativeForms, go to the official website: http://www.collaborativeforms.com


News Hub

Not ready for production.

Installation profile for news websites.


OpenAcaDept Logo

OpenAcaDept is a Drupal 7 distribution that can be used for creating academic department or faculty websites. It includes following functionality: projects, publications, events, resources, blogs and user profiles. It has configured front page, menu structure, url aliases and breadcrumbs.

How to install?

  1. Download OpenAcaDept distribution or download this project and build it with the following command:
  2. drush make openacadept/distro.make openacadept_distro --prepare-install
  3. When installing, please, select OpenAcaDept installation profile.


Related modules

Affecting issues

Simple Multilingual Blog

This is a proof of concept install profile for a very simple multilingual blog based on translation and i18n modules.

Features (WIP):


The "development" project is an install profile setting up a D7/D8 instance the way I tend to deploy it by default when coding:

sito internet



// $Id: install.php,v 1.238 2010/10/22 02:53:19 webchick Exp $

* @file
* Initiates a browser-based installation of Drupal.

* Root directory of Drupal installation.
define('DRUPAL_ROOT', getcwd());

* Global flag to indicate that site is in installation mode.
define('MAINTENANCE_MODE', 'install');

DLearning Installation Profile

This is a test project for an installation profile.

P6 Profile


P6 Profile is a Drupal 6.x installation profile. It includes many essential
contributed modules pre-configured to get you started.


Following instructions are for 6.x-1.1 and older releases. Current releases uses the new Drupal Distribution Packaging system and includes the modules, themes, libraries and patches defined in the .make files, you don't need to run drush make to build the package anymore. See Notes in the download area for details of the release notes and what is included.

1. CD into the webroot.

2. Download this installation profile and extract to profiles/p6_profile under web root:
So, it should be like profiles/p6_profile/p6_profile.profile
Or you can use drush, too:
$ drush dl p6_profile --destination=profiles

3. Run drush make to download the core, contributed modules and themes:
$ drush make profiles/p6_profile/p6_profile.make . --prepare-install

4. Move p6 sub-theme to sites/all/themes
$ mv sites/all/themes/p6_base/p6 sites/all/themes/p6

5. Copy i18n-ascii.txt file to sites/default for enabling transliteration prior to creating aliases:

Aten Development Base

This is a very basic install profile used to speed up initial project development by automating some tasks we (Aten Design Group) tend to do on every site, e.g. enable Views. While you're welcome to use this and suggest additions, this is primarily for internal use, so we'll reject anything that isn't useful for our needs.


Store is an installation profile which aims at providing a default Drupal Store for retailers.

It uses the set of Drupal Store baseline Features designed to work independently yet integrate seamlessly together.

The overall store is build using the commerce module.


This is a simple Drupal distribution for photoblogging. It's under active development at the moment.


Profile for internal use

Mercury StackScript

StackScript Screenshot

This sandbox project represents the git repository and issue queue for the Linode StackScript that installs Mercury.

Wow, that's a big phrase. Let's define those terms:

  • Linode: Provider of Linux-based VPS's, perfect for running Drupal on. I'm a huge fan.
  • StackScript: StackScripts are "Custom recipes for your Linode". They are essentially a shell script that take arguments from an HTML form and ran upon the first boot of a Linode instance.
  • Mercury: Mercury is an open source stack that when combined together, offers blazing fast Drupal. There is a group dedicated to the stack at http://groups.drupal.org/mercury.

Thanks go to Pantheon Systems, for making the "how to" of Mercury publicly available. Pantheon Systems also offers hosted Mercury instances frontended by a wonderful web-interface for a hassle-free high performance Drupal experience.

Developer profile

Dave Reid's local development install profile...in a sandbox!


testing the sandbox for a Church Management System

B2B store solution

This is an installation profile that allows you to get your own online shop based on Drupal Commerce. Now it has a base functionality of the shop, additional user role "diller" which has a discount when user is logged in.
As a main theme we use blackpiano. Rubik was selected as administration theme.
For more convenience of admin navigation we include administration menu in this profile. Also it has some default content to better understand features of this profile.

server reboot

am handling whole networks in dehradun ....always i use sudo reboot command..


Personal fork of COD used for contributing patches back to the main repo.


Commerce with german localization

With the files in this repository you can create an installation profile that installs Drupal Commerce (http://drupal.org/project/commerce) together with related modules and the german localization.


There is no need to download anything manually. It's also not necessary to checkout anything with git. Instead just type the following command to create the complete Drupal directory tree that contains everything you need.