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Distributions provide site features and functions for a specific type of site as a single download containing Drupal core, contributed modules, themes, and pre-defined configuration. They make it possible to quickly set up a complex, use-specific site in fewer steps than if installing and configuring elements individually.


Enables cataloging of footnotes and multimedia resources from a book or other document.

See the writeup about the project that spawned this distribution.

Discursive will eventually be hosted here, on Drupal.org. Some components are still missing from Drupal.org's package manager to properly build Discursive here. For further details: Install Profile Packaging.





CityGroups is a public directory of community groups for your city. We are actively working on this installation profile as a "Data-Wiki" and aim to foster a series of community sprints to develop this project further in 2011-2012.

What & Why

In cities across the country, there is amazing work being done by community organizers to mobilize their neighbors and take on community problems.

CityGroups is a searchable public directory which allows community organizers and residents to find community groups so that they can work together.

Like a wiki, city staffers and community members can contribute and retrieve the data in the system. The goal is to promote and assist smaller, less-visible groups who do important work but require modern tools to publicize it.

CityGroups will help them work together and work better.


The main goal of the site is to allow city residents to find community groups working for the public good, organized by topic and location. The groups have a service area that can be drawn on a map. Like a wiki, authenticated users can edit any entry. The community can flag groups as inactive, recommended, duplicates.


The site is definitely not perfect yet - and we are reaching out to Drupallers in different cities to help tackle this project.


A Drupal based Social Networking Platform... coming soon!

ergonlogic's copy of Hostmaster

Clone of Hostmaster (6.x-1.x branch) with a dev branch for Attaching quotas to other objects

PZO drupal install

Installation profile to set up development environment.


Video Kit 1.x for Drupal 7.x
Get started building with Video module fast.

In addition to the standard Drupal requirements you will need the following to
make use of Build Kit:



Launch is an installation profile that builds a simple survey site intended to gather marketing information and contacts for the upcoming launch of a new service.

CivHub-Education Profile

An education based, installation profile for the www.civhub.org web site.

Create a simple installation profile for educators who are a part of an k-12 based education system, or who aren't. Get beyond the needs of admin or staff in a school system and get to individual department or teacher pages with specialized blogs or education programs that can store and create content for students.

Spanish Distribution

This is a Drupal distribution for Spanish speaking users. It comes with the Spanish translations and a lot of useful modules.

Maintained by the Drupal Peru community, to get involved go here: http://groups.drupal.org/node/162064

NP Auction

An installation profile to build a simple auction site that links to eBay. Developed for nonprofit fundraisers.

You will still need an eBay account; this project simply provides a all-in-one-place showcase to send people to for your fundraiser, for which you can publish a fundraising URL.

Group auction items by Category (taxonomy). This site is built using Context.

This site was originally developed for Street Roots in Portland, Oregon.

Drupal for mosques

This is a Drupal distribution for mosques. An out of the box solution for those wanting to simply install without any configuration whilst having all the required features (an perhaps more).

It is still in development and drawing board.

Eldir Harness

This is a project that is designed to allow development of the Eldir theme without a full hostmaster install.

If that makes sense, and you want to give it a spin you probably want to run:

drush make --working-copy http://drupalcode.org/sandbox/darthsteven/1267494.git/blob_plain/refs/heads/7.x-1.x:/eldir_harness_stub.make

Kendra Hub

Kendra Hub...

Kendra Social

Kendra Social...

Jootle Social

Jootle Social is a Drupal Installation Profile that provides a complete social networking experience with all the power of Drupal.

The final touches are currently being completed, and the first pubic beta is expected to be available on or before Sept 16th 2011.

Jootle Social is built with Drupal 7.


D7 - Nashville Drupalers User Group Site

Note: This is a "re-start" originated with an Acquia profile distribution (Drupal 7.4).


AgriDrupal is both a suite of Drupal-based solutions for agricultural information management and a community of practice around these solutions.

See the AgriDrupal Wiki homepage for an overview of AgriDrupal projects.


Basic e-Learning Library.

Developed by Open Learning Exchange and Koumbit

This distribution is live on http://library.ole.org

Because it requires Solr, Tika and OpenOffice we have released it as a Virtualbox.
For now, see https://ole-apps.sourcerepo.com/redmine/ole/projects/ole-toolkit/wiki/Vi... for documentations.


'TemplesTour' is a Drupal distribution aimed at developing websites of temples around the world.


Turning pressflow into fastflow by adding configuration the CDN module for "parallelizing requests across hostnames", the cookie domain will appear as editable as well, with a suggested domain based on the CDN rules to not serve any static resources from as the "cookie domain".

Eventually I'd like to add install wizard support for a bunch of SEO modules, the module that runs all those web accessibility tests, and s default mobil domain setup & configured theme. I'll figure it all out eventually I'm sure, having "FastFlow,Mobile,Accessibility,SEO" distribution.


A custom profile for D7 websites.


Testing profile

Core development

Note: this project is now owned by @tim.plunkett, but was created by @chx. New maintainers are always welcome.

This is the profile i use for core development. Like minimal but adds two node types and simpletest. Takes 18% more time than minimal. Standard is double of minimal so that's not an option.