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Distributions provide site features and functions for a specific type of site as a single download containing Drupal core, contributed modules, themes, and pre-defined configuration. They make it possible to quickly set up a complex, use-specific site in fewer steps than if installing and configuring elements individually.

Auto profile

Auto profile allows you to use a module, such as a feature module, to act as a
profile and automated the installation settings.


  1. Add the auto_profile to the 'profiles' directory.
  2. (Optional) Apply the reinstall.patch to core or move the reinstall.php into the root directory along side install.php.


Visit reinstall.php instead of install.php to automatically flush the database
and select auto_profile. Alternatively, install.php can be used like normal to
select auto_profile.

Be sure to define a module called "site" which will be the only module the
profile depends on. All dependencies will need to be specified on the "site"

Installation settings can be specified in the profile to auto-fill the values
during installation to make rebuilding a site very quick and easy. To override
values follow the form array structure and start with the key "profile". The
site_name will default to the name of the site module. The following
demonstrates how to override values.


ADFS Standard


The Ausy/DataFlow Solutions standard installation profile, with Drush Make support.


Конечно – URL shortener distribution

Leveraging Jeff RobbinsShURLy module, Конечно is a ready-to-use Drupal distribution for a URL shortener site.

Comes configured for anonymous use right out of the box.

Created and maintained by Reveal IT.

The install profile can be seen in action at ooh.dk.

Конечно is Russian for “surely”.



coming soon :)


Multiplicity - Collaborative e-mail responding

A platform for a team to respond to e-mails.

If you are getting lots of e-mails to a single account and want to collaborate on responses to them - this is the Drupal distro for you!

It allows some team members to be "responders", who can write messages but not send them. They must be approved and sent by other team members called "senders". All team members can comment on messages and responses, as well as make changes. Specific messages can be assigned to a specific user.

Still early in development!


eduDU Kickstart

The eduDu Kickstart distribution is a series of best practice modules for those in education to get sites up and running quickly. It includes usability, development, performance, and other modules commonly used in the creation of awesome drupal sites!

This project is managed by the EDU Drupal Unconsortium.



The BOA project has moved to Github!

* Use our Github project for contributing code, or reporting bugs, or requesting features.
* There is also an IRC channel.

New releases announcements are posted on Twitter


Drupal of Things Slim distribution

While we hope to release a full and stable distribution in the near future, currently this distribution does not really works.
Please review our process and why we decided to leave it for now.

You are welcome to see our demo site and be part of our process.


Drupal Ladder Distro

The new project home of the Learn Drupal distro, now called the Drupal Ladder distro, is here:

Background about name change:


Paranoid Drupal

This is an UNSTABLE project that currently is in an unstable state and should not be used for any purpose for any reason. It should never be considered anonymous or secure.

Paranoid Drupal is specifically targeted to groups in oppressive regimes and those desiring a strong platform for community-building in anonymous and secure situations. It select modules that enhance security, is configured to protect its users anonymity, and provides best practices for installation and deployment methods.



TAP aims to provide tools to easily create and deliver mobile tour applications in a museum setting. Content creation is performed in the content management system, Drupal. TAP tours are exportable into an intermediate format, TourML, which can then be used as pluggable bundles for mobile applications.

TAP provides a way for non-technical museum staff to assemble a wide range of mobile experiences without needing to know any of the underlying technical details of the Web or mobile technology. In addition to the means for assembling content, TAP in its current state also provides user interfaces for Web-based mobile tours and simplenative applications for an iPod-based tour.

Freely available tools and standards are essential to the museum community to promote the adoption of best practices, to facilitate collaboration, and to encourage the creation of potential avenues for future content sharing. IMA’s initial work with the TAP authoring tool includes support for an early version of the TourML specificationand offers a functional, but incomplete, proof-of-concept, demonstrating how such a system might work.




This is a starter distribution that makes drupal more user friendly.


The packaging system on drupal.org doesn't support all features necessary to build the Starter distribution automatically yet. So for now you can checkout the profile code and build the distribution yourself or just download this fully built and packaged release hosted at Dropbox.



Drupal Rise

Clone Highrise with Drupal


Hardened Drupal

Like Drupal. But "hardened" with additional modules/configuration to try to make it more secure (or at least to match common conceptions about how to make something secure).

This project comes with the same warranty as all other projects on Drupal.org.

A full drupal install is available below.



Core features

Included contrib modules



Distribution that embraces philosophy behind kitf and debutf specifications, while allowing to build sites with Panels, Panels Everywhere and a responsive theme.


open bookstore

This is a distribution for chinese user, If you want to use it, you need learn chinese first.
build on Drupal + Ubercart 3 + Apachesolr +various custom module.
It is the example code of think in drupal.

这里包含的是Think in Drupal的实例代码,我们将在时间充足的情况下,将其转为发行包。
基于Drupal+ Ubercart搭建社区型电子商务的实例代码。




techPOLIS is a distribution to allow quick and easy deployment of local technical community websites.

This project is based on concepts and ideas from:


Training Wheels

The new project home is http://gettrainingwheels.org.


NodeMaker Logo

NodeMaker Status

The NodeMaker suite is currently under heavy, active development, an we expect an alpha release in the next couple of weeks which translates to roughly the middle of August. We'll be pushing for a DrupalCon Munich release announcement!!


Attiks demo profile

This is a distribution to demonstrate the following modules:


SPS Prototype

This is a prototype for the Large Scale Drupal Content Staging Initiative

To install download and run

drush make --prepare-install build-sps_prototype.make sps_prototype

build.sh also included.


Drupal Design Camp LA (DDCLA)

This is the project page for the code and issue tracking for Drupal Design Camp LA 2012 and future DDCLA conferences.

Conference Website: http://ddcla.org
Working Group: http://groups.drupal.org/ddcla
Planning Wiki: http://groups.drupal.org/node/196533