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Distributions provide site features and functions for a specific type of site as a single download containing Drupal core, contributed modules, themes, and pre-defined configuration. They make it possible to quickly set up a complex, use-specific site in fewer steps than if installing and configuring elements individually.

Open Parish

Open Source Catholic Logo

This installation profile was created in 2011 to help (primarily) Roman Catholic Parishes in the U.S. provision a website quickly, using sensible defaults and Drupal/web/SEO best practices. The profile provided a baseline website that parishes could use or emulate in building their own online presences.

Current Status

This installation profile has been deprecated in favor of the OpenChurch Drupal distribution. Individual projects that are part of the Open Parish Initiative will still be maintained separately, and efforts will be made to make an easy onramp specifically for Catholic parishes into the OpenChurch distribution. See: #1380850: See if collaboration with 'OpenChurch' is possible?.

Development and progress will happen both here and at http://www.opensourcecatholic.com/project/open-parish


Commerce Polska

Polish version.


Ubercart x PayPal x Taiwan

This profile will install Drupal 6.x with Ubercart 2.x and PayPal Express Checkout in Traditional-Chinese.

This project is sponsored by PayPal and developed by NETivism.

== Detailed info in Chinese ==

Drupal Ubercart 購物車 x PayPal 是一套以 Drupal 為基礎的中文購物車安裝包,整合了 PayPal Express Checkout 付款機制,只要10分鐘,就能裝好一套電子商務購物車,立即開店。



Shop Findastic

Shop Findastic is a Drupal distribution that facilitates you in building an e-commerce site with Solr Integration and Faceted Search.

The Distribution is created and maintained by netstudio.gr.

Distribution files and Demo will be available soon.



Publish yourself.

Features a digital CV/resume, blog, social network integration, contact form, and more.

See #1260214: Choose your Drupal

Target audience

  • Everyone who wants a have personal web site.
  • Drupal contributors and developers


- todo and TBD -


Small Business

The small business profile provides a pre-configured Drupal site with common modules used to allow small business to quickly launch a better-than-brochure style page.


Install with commonly used features pre-configured.


Drupal Forum


Drupal distribution to collaborate and discuss community interests on a message board system.





DrupalRecruiter is a premium solution for high end, professional recruiting job boards. It can be used as a standalone commercial job board portal or as an integrated part of your existing website.


Custom Link Shortener

Custom Link Shortener is an installation profile to setup a site as a service to provide link-shortening services. It integrates with a number of tools already in use today to provide scalable and measurable short link services for a variety of needs.


NodeStream example profile

This is an example installation profile that uses NodeStream as a base. It can be used as a template when creating new installation profiles on top of NodeStream.


Starting Point

The Starting Point installation profile contains modules commonly enabled when building a new site. This package speeds up initial site setup time, by including the following modules:

  • Administration Menu
  • Backup and Migrate
  • CKEditor
  • CTools
  • Devel
  • File Entity
  • Google Analytics
  • Media
  • Menu Block
  • Meta tags
  • Module Filter
  • Pathauto
  • Token
  • Views
  • Webform


DrupalRooms - Complete Room Booking and Webiste Solution for Hotels, Vacation Rentals and B&Bs

The Drupal Rooms distribution aims to quickly get you setup with a working Drupal distribution for a hotel.

The room booking functionality is offered via the Rooms module.

We will be posting the distro here shortly - in the meantime have a look on github.

Developed and maintained by Roomify.


Webchick's test profile

A profile to test the new Drupal.org distribution tools.



This install profile has moved to Drupal Ladder. All open issues from this project have been moved there.


This is a simple Installation Profile to show how MongoDB can be used with Drupal.

Built with Build Kit, this project contains the MongoDB and Search API MongoDB Drupal projects.


OpenAtria.com Makefiles

Makefiles used to maintain the platforms for OpenAtria.com


This is an installation profile for developing and testing the API module.


The build file will download and prepare a Drupal source tree containing the


Using Drupal source code

Using Drupal book cover

Source code for the O'Reilly Using Drupal book.

See http://usingdrupal.com/



DAC is a acronym for Divide And Conquer.

DAC is a set of features designed in a certain way so that they are very modular. You can choose to enable only the parts that you need. Documentation is coming but you can use the elements, extensions and connections at this moment.

DAC is dependent on the Features module.


Auto profile

Auto profile allows you to use a module, such as a feature module, to act as a
profile and automated the installation settings.


  1. Add the auto_profile to the 'profiles' directory.
  2. (Optional) Apply the reinstall.patch to core or move the reinstall.php into the root directory along side install.php.


Visit reinstall.php instead of install.php to automatically flush the database
and select auto_profile. Alternatively, install.php can be used like normal to
select auto_profile.

Be sure to define a module called "site" which will be the only module the
profile depends on. All dependencies will need to be specified on the "site"

Installation settings can be specified in the profile to auto-fill the values
during installation to make rebuilding a site very quick and easy. To override
values follow the form array structure and start with the key "profile". The
site_name will default to the name of the site module. The following
demonstrates how to override values.


Service Kickstart

This is an Drupal Distribution that help you build your service system fast with these included features:

- Service Plans
- Referrer/Coupon System
- Support Center (Tickets/Cases/…)
- Knowledge Base
- Notification System


ADFS Standard


The Ausy/DataFlow Solutions standard installation profile, with Drush Make support.


Конечно – URL shortener distribution

Leveraging Jeff RobbinsShURLy module, Конечно is a ready-to-use Drupal distribution for a URL shortener site.

Comes configured for anonymous use right out of the box.

Created and maintained by Reveal IT.

The install profile can be seen in action at ooh.dk.

Конечно is Russian for “surely”.