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Distributions provide site features and functions for a specific type of site as a single download containing Drupal core, contributed modules, themes, and pre-defined configuration. They make it possible to quickly set up a complex, use-specific site in fewer steps than if installing and configuring elements individually.


This install profile allows for the easy creation and management of online petitions.

This profile was created and is maintained by Koumbit Networks.

Linked Data Platform

The Linked Data Platform is a toolkit for generating, importing, visualising and publishing RDF data. This distribution currently contains everything you need to pull RDF data into Drupal, relying on modules such as sparql_views and rdf_importer to generate views and nodes driven by RDF.

Provision Clone

Clean clone for clean patches.


OpenPM, Open Project Management, is a professional platform designed to make projects, teams, clients and businesses communicate better and stay organized.

Defunct Springboard

Springboard, Jackson River’s innovative solution for online fundraising and marketing, is a packaged distribution of Drupal for non-profit organizations who need to accept online donations and want to use Drupal to power other user touch points such as petitions, email registration and more. Springboard also provides a robust integration queue for bi-directional sync of data between Drupal and Salesforce.com CRM (standard, NPSP, and Convio’s Common Ground).


An upcoming installation profile...


Ready to use Kickstart version of drupal with WYSIWYG, Media Management, Captcha & a lots more already configured.
more details shortly!

Archimedes Server Profile

Archimedes is a passive application monitoring server built on Drupal but designed to facilitate any web based application. Archimedes achieves passive application monitoring by installing an Archimedes client on your web hosted application. In Drupal's case, its installing the Archimedes Client module.

The Client collects up information about the application and sends it back to the server where the server reads it in and creates or updates the site node that represents that client on the server.

Archimedes currently collects these metrics

  • Hostname
  • Servername
  • Site Data size
  • Site Root size
  • Database details
  • Database size
  • Site instance Metrics
  • Environment (Production, Staging, Development)
  • Associated users
  • Git hash
  • Git remotes
  • Unique Identifier
  • Software specific
  • Modules, themes, etc


Some of the features of Archimedes

  • Client communitcates with the server via Email. This means the client can get around firewalls without additional firewall exemptions
  • RSA key encryption. All data collected by clients is encrypted with the servers public RSA key. Only the server can decrypt it to read the information


Clear admin


This profile creates clearer administration user interface for Drupal.

In Drupal 6

Sets with Rubik for admin theme and installs the following modules:


help somebody

Student Signup

Students need to sign up for lots of things besides courses. Things like service learning, teacher education, or social work programs all need to track students outside the scope of a course or even a semester. The Signup Project will provide a way for a campus to track the relationships between community partners, site coordinators, students, faculty, courses, and programs; while being simple to maintain and easy (even fun!) to use.

Mica Profile

Mica installation profile


Related Projects


An installation profile for a graphical portfolio.


An installation profile that mimics the features and interface of Tumblr.

Use case: People who are looking to run a simple blog but potentially want to expand the functionality of the site in the future or are looking for a self hosted solution.



Base Project

Starting my own install profile.

IRC Bot Profile

An install profile to set up a site dedicated to hosting a IRC bot.

Portfolio Showcase

Showcase is a multifaceted installation profile created specifically for designers and other creatives, looking to showcase their work. The fluid design accompanied by dynamic content plug-ins create an engaging site experience. The installation profile is highly user-configurable with a unique portfolio functionality and is compatible with Drupal 7.

Standard Batch Starter Kit

This project is a starter kit for installation profile development that demonstrates how to use a batch process for your installation and how to install from the command line, which is useful during profile development.


  • Re-packages the Standard Profile to install in a batch process.
  • Includes an alternate install script that allows you to install from the command line.
  • Allows you to change the default theme and admin theme by changing settings in the install file.


Installing your profile in a batch process has several advantages:

  • The installation occurs over several page requests, so that it will not time out.
  • Coding the installation profile as a batch process creates more structured and cleaner code.
  • Coding as a batch process allows you to easily manipulate and change the order of operations.
  • Custom installation code can be placed in a separate file, allowing for smaller files that are easier to maintain.
  • You can easily set and change settings variables in your install.php file without touching your installation code.

GrandFoo Install Profile

This project is abandoned due to lack of interest among the affiliate community for whom it was offered.
This profile should grow over time to include some extra themes, modules, and configurations that a small site would need on start-up. As with all Installation Profiles the idea is to get off the ground quickly without having to ponder a lot of small configuration items that are commonly used.


This was an install profile I developed for MNN with custom modules to provide data handling and display of content created by the Access Center media distribution, live video streaming and on-demand media using Mongodb. It was intended for integration with the Open Media system. Used in production at MNN, it was not approved for wider distribution.

Hostmaster GSOC11

Help move the Drupal-based Aegir project to a 2.0 release by working on the port of the Aegir frontend to Drupal 7, and writing a DNS zonefile editor.


Installation profile for drupal 7

Project Manager Profile

A Drupal Installation Profile that installs fadeddata's Project Manager module.

Example installation methods:

Mica Minimal

Mica minimal profile.