Used to switch between install profiles found in /profile directory. This module is useful for moving an existing site to distribution.


  • Switching profiles is NOT a trivial change like switching a theme.
  • ALWAYS test before using on a live site and ALWAYS have a backup
  • Switching Profiles does NOT run the profile's .install. This will not work for all distributions.
  • Modules, themes, and libraries included in a distribution are only available when using the distribution. Modules, themes, and libraries in sites/all are available to when using any profile... AND OVERRIDE THE VERSION IN THE PROFILE EVEN IF THE SITES/ALL VERSION IS OLDER
  • Because some modules register absolute paths to files in Drupal's registry table, you may run into issues when switching profiles even if the version of the module is the same. (Tips for fixing registry related issues).
  • If the Profile Switcher module was included in a /profile/[profile_name]/modules and you switch to a profile that doesn't include the Profile Switcher module, you will get a page not found error after the switch not be able to switch back until adding the Profile Switcher module to sites/all/modules

What is the difference between an Install Profile and a Drupal Distribution/Packaged Distribution?

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