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This module allows users to set privacy options for their profile fields when using the core profile.module. It does not create any settings pages or configuration screens, and it integrates seamlessly with the existing profile module.


When configuring profile fields, a new checkbox appears below the normal visibility options "Allow user to over ride visibility". Checking this box allows a user to make a private field public or a public field private.

View screenshots of the configuration settings and profile edit form to get a complete idea of the interface and abilities of this module.

Notice: Any other contrib modules that display profile field values are not likely to adhere to privacy settings set by this module, use at your own risk.

Branch Status

Drupal 7 port in the works. Drupal 5 version of Profile Privacy is now unsupported.

The 6.x-2.x branch is maintained by Chris Pliakas (cpliakas). The improvements added since the 6.x-1.x branch are listed below:

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