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Profile pictures is module which allows you to use core profile module and adds extra fields to it, like images. You can configure all standard options for images uploading: maximal size and dimensions (also you can use ImageCache module to set additional image processing options and Token module to set custom image saving paths).
So, you can define two and more pictures for each user (for example, company's logo and contact person's photo). This module carefully integrates with core profile administer page and also works with Views and Profile Privacy.

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New version: 6.x-1.3

Just a lot of bug fixes:

Integration with One Page Profile for version under 6.x-1.2

Integration features (after 1.1-beta1)

Important bugs for pre-1.2:
If you cannot save settings (6.x-1.0), see #767422: not saving dimentions
If you cannot save settings for your old fields (6.x-1.1-beta1), see #810688: Beta prevents saving changes to other profile fields


Please, review this issues to help me with future releases:
#801282: Preview and big photo feature - integration with ThickBox? Your opinion is important.

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