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Similar to the Profile2 module, this module is an alternative and simplified successor to the deprecated Profile module that ships with Drupal core. This module differs from Profile2 in that it doesn't set up separate entities for each category, but instead allows you to categorize fields on the user entity. This can greatly simplify the management of these fields.

This module requires CTools.

Migrate from Content Profile

Included with this module is a drush command for migrating data from CCK fields on Drupal 6 Content Profile nodes to Drupal 7 User fields, dynamically creating Profile Lite Categories for each node type.


  • Before using this command you must migrate your data from Drupal 6 using the Content Migrate module packaged with CCK.
  • This command messes with your data! Make backups before using it. :)
  • This command is not ideal for large datasets. If this is a recurring request, work can be done to convert it to use Queue API.
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