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Allows displaying parts of the Content Profile form in blocks.

The purpose of this module is break the profile form into small chunks the user can edit in context, instead of being faced with a huge, off-putting, wall of form elements.

Who should use this module?

Site admins who've noticed their users are becoming overwhelmed by the size/complexity of profile forms; any site where users might benefit from the improved usability of editing their profile without having to go to a different page.


Content Profile is required; CCK is recommended but not required.


  • This module does not work with Drupal core's profile.module (it doesn't conflict with it, rather, it ignores it and only deals with Content Profile module's form parts).
  • The term 'parts' was chosen on purpose, since this module deals with top-level parts of the Content Profile form, not 'fields', this is confusing at first but a quick look at the module's administration page should make this clear.

This module was developed for Eat3D and The Webmaster Forums (who have moved to Drupal from vBulletin -- yes, we do like Drupal's forum!).

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