This project is not covered by Drupal’s security advisory policy.

Profile Checkboxes is a small elegant module that adds the much sought after, but elusive multiple choice checkboxes/multi-select and single choice radio buttons to the core profile module. This is made possible WITHOUT hacking the module or applying a patch. Instead, a single configuration option is added to the "list selection" profile field form page. Selecting this option will magically transform the given single list selection options to checkboxes, multi-select or radio buttons on the user profile form page. All other regularly configurable list selection field options are honored and the checkboxes/multi-select/radio buttons can be themed just like any ordinary form element.

Switching existing single list selection fields to checkboxes/multi-select/radio buttons is supported; any previous single list selections by users are preserved. However, to prevent data loss, switching back to a single list selection from checkboxes or multi-select is prohibited.


The new version of Profile Checkboxes includes several significant improvements including:

1) me alias module support
2) values stored as serialize array
3) individual user list links
4) definable delimiter separator string per field
5) updated schema structure
6) partial Views support
7) misc. bug fixes

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