This module extends Profile 2 by allowing administrators to create privacy levels as predefined groups or sets of profile fields on a per role basis. Users can then select from among the privacy levels to apply access control to their profile.


Profile 2

Installation & Configuration

You must configure this module! Failing to configure this module will result in inaccessible user profiles. In order to protect user privacy, profiles created prior to enabling this module will have strict access control (i.e. be inaccessible), until the user updates the setting.

  1. Go to and enable the Profile2 Privacy module.
  2. Go to and add a profile privacy level.
  3. Give your privacy level a title and description. Both of these fields are displayed to profile owners to help them determine with privacy level to select.
  4. For each role, select the profile fields that are visible to users in that role, when the profile owner has selected this role. For example, if you created an “authenticated users only” privacy level, you might set the anonymous role to view first and last name fields, the authenticated role to see first name, last name and contact fields, and an admin role to see all fields.
  5. Once you’ve created and configured your privacy levels, go to and click the manage fields next to the appropriate profile type
  6. Add a privacy field by selecting the “Profile Privacy” field type

This module was sponsored by Aten Design Group, OpenSourcery and development funded in part by Online News Association.

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