Probabilistic Weight allows to define custom probabilities for sorting entities

This module provides a field type in order to assign a "probability weight" to it.

A probability weight is a float number which indicates a weight... not a fixed weight as many other modules do, but a weight with certain degree of randomness in order to ensure desired content appears in the first places with some probability, but not always. This module allows Views module to sort content in that way.

It's very useful in marketing context, where some products are desired to be promoted, but not always, in order to avoid being annoying.

Many fields can be assigned to any entity type, so you can have not only a unique probability weight per content, but many as desired.

Other similar project is Random Weight, but there are many differences because the scope is totally different:

  • The most important difference: there is no randomness control with Random Weight. Weights are assigned randomly. With Probabilistic Weight, you can define which entities are most likely to be in the top by assigning them a probability.
  • Random Weight generates a weight randomly using cron. But then, the weight is always the same and the entities will be sort the same way, until the next cron runs. With Probabilistic Weight, query results will be different each time query is executed.
  • With Probabilistic can have more than one probabilistic sort criteria per entity (more than one field per entity).

MySQL, SQLite and PostgreSQL are currently supported, but it's planned to support as many as possible in the future.

This module intends to generate queries with different query results each time. If you are using core page caching or Boost, you can use also Ajax Blocks to avoid having always the same HTML result for anonymous users.

#D8CX: I pledge that Probabilistic weight will have a full Drupal 8 release on the day that Drupal 8 is released.

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