Enhanced password reset landing page (with new password inputs)
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Demo Video of PRLP from CodeKarate.com

The Password Reset Landing Page "PRLP" module enhances the original password reset landing page by letting a user set their new password at the same time they "log in" using the one-time-login link. It can also show a username and email address field. The password entry field can be configured to be mandatory. Other entry fields can be hidden through configuration and the page the user is taken to after login can be configured.

Users often forget to change their password after they use the one time login link in their password reset email. Forgetting to set their password will require them to request password reset link emails repeatedly, without fixing the underlying problem - namely that they haven't set their password to something they can remember.

This module supports Drupal versions 7 and 8.

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Drupal 8 users: Please upgrade to 8.x-1.3 (important security update)

We noticed that this module broke (stopped working) in Drupal 8 after D8.1 release due to some major changes in the core. We have now fixed that issue in this module's 8.x-1.2 release. But then, that had some serious security problems. We fixed those in 8.x-1.3. Please upgrade to the latest version immediately.

Updating to Drupal 7.35 introduces a bug into the module. Version 7.x-1.1 fixed the issue


You can read the readme, or better yet, watch this featured video below from codekarate.com.


The idea for this module came for a client need, and from the discussion here - http://groups.drupal.org/node/277658.

Project Sponsorship

Development of this module is sponsored by SpinSpire, a Drupal development company based in Florida that specializes in High Performance Web & Mobile projects.

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