This project is not covered by Drupal’s security advisory policy.

Privatemsg Bulkmail

The Privatemsg Bulkmail module is intended for site administrators who want to send out an identical private message to a large user base (100.000 users and more). An example use case would be an internal notification to all registered users through a private message.

This module requires the amazing Privatemsg module.

The Privatemsg module itself (version 6.x-2.x and higer) offers a feature to send messages to roles. The following description of the feature set describes how this module differs from that Privatemsg feature:

  • Send out private messages from a specific user (instead of the current user)
  • Define a dedicated bulk message user and prevent that user from logging in (to prevent performance issues)
  • Prevent users from responding to a bulk mail message
  • Include AND exclude recipient group of a bulk mail. Example: Send out a bulk mail to all authenticated users that are not site admins
  • Restrict the recipient group to users who logged in or signed up after a certain date
  • Send an individual test message to a specified user before sending out the bulk mail

For further documentation, please have a look at the README.txt file included with the module.

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