Privatesg message list

Privatemsg allows your site's visitors to send private messages to each other. Perfect for community oriented sites, such as forums and social networking sites. Many additional features are available as separate modules.

Current features

  1. send and receive private messages on a site (between multiple recipients)
  2. threaded conversations (make it easier to keep track of messages and replies)
  3. search private messages
  4. tagging and filtering (helps organise conversations)
  5. user blocking
  6. e-mail notifications of new messages

Which version of Privatemsg should I use?

Comparison of feature differences between Privatemsg branches

Stable branches: 7.x-1.x

If you are interested in a stable and tested version of Privatemsg, use the latest stable 1.x release. No new features will be added to these branches and the API and UI is stable and will not be changed (including strings for translation).

Development branches: 7.x-2.x

New features are being added constantly to these branches, so use these if you want to test and help with development.

Drupal 6 support

Please note that support for Drupal 6 officially ended on February 24, 2016. While there are a few companies offering to support Drupal 6 beyond that window, the current maintainers do not have any intention on doing that with this module. Unless someone else steps up to maintain that branch, there will be no support for the 6.x-* branch(es). The existing code can still be downloaded via the "Version control" tab beneath the project title above or the "View all releases" under the Downloads table below.

Want to get involved?

All contributors are welcome-- help write code, test patches, and/or suggest new features. At the moment, we could use help adding Views integration: #744374: Introduce a pm_thread table #1573000: Preliminary Views integration

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