Private Download provides a private download directory for use when the file system is configured for public download access.

Files contained in the private download directory are only accessible to users belonging to a permitted role.

Private files can be accessed via Drupal's private download system. Exp.

Private Download does not provide the means to upload files to the private download directory. Admins need to upload the files via FTP or perhaps with a file manager module (i.e. Web File Manager). However, files can be uploaded directly to the private directory using CCK FieldField.

Configurable admin settings:

  • Private download directory name
  • Customizable .htaccess file content
  • Definable download file header attributes

Private Download differs from Private Upload as files contained in the private download directory are NOT attachments of nodes.

This module was originally inspired by a blog post on

Special thanks to anrikun (Henri MEDOT) for volunteering to serve as co-maintainer.

Technical Notes

When deactivating and uninstalling the module, the .htaccess file in the private directory will not be removed in order to protect any private files contained in the private directory. The .htaccess file must be manually deleted to make the files publicly accessible.

Project Information