This module is a PDF Library addon for the Print module that allows you to generate the PDF version of an HTML page using DocRaptor's HTML to PDF API.

DocRaptor runs on the commercial PrinceXML library and provides support for powerful CSS Page Media queries such as Headers & Footers, Page Numbers, Page Breaks and more. Full documentation is available on DocRaptor's Documentation site.

Use of this module requires an API key provided by DocRaptor, although the key YOUR_API_KEY_HERE can be used for testing and development purposes.


  1. Install this module in sites/all/modules
  2. Download the DocRaptor php wrapper here and copy to sites/all/libraries. Example path should look like this: /sites/all/libraries/docraptor/docraptor.php
  3. Enter your API key here: admin/config/user-interface/print/pdf/docraptor
  4. Go to admin/config/user-interface/print/pdf and set PDF generation tool to Docraptor.
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