Download print-7.x-2.0.tar.gztar.gz 94.49 KB
MD5: 5e5cef97acc0135bf0debefa82f3c4f8
SHA-1: b3baf7908e41458b04340eb39c2feb5af12be2eb
SHA-256: 37408dde233dcefa90720ce0c1e1b0742fb5e8e673966d6ac7166737e525fdfd
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MD5: 32ef759ea1171b6dcb80acb9dd1c68a0
SHA-1: 88b43d83e8e6362795a50987287d92ed7cd8ce65
SHA-256: 5b9d7dd561761c3b28b1f2470b74441d7951abc6ef6016643bd18de51b8464ea

Release info

Created by: jcnventura
Created on: 2 Apr 2014 at 08:19 UTC
Last updated: 2 Apr 2014 at 20:04 UTC
Core compatibility: 7.x

Release notes

Fixes SA-CONTRIB-2014-036 - Print - Cross Site Scripting

Changes since 7.x-2.0-beta2:

  • #1940732: apply filters to the in-page anchor tags.
  • Support latest PDF tool versions in the drush download command.
  • #2171901 by c960657: remove 'Powered by TCPDF' link.
  • #2103095 by CarlHinton, alexandrezia: prevent warning on failure to create pdf cache directory.
  • #2085169 by jwilson3: fix dompdf unicode support.
  • #2001778 by edvanleeuwen: fix empty ePubs.
  • #1865562 by Mat77: fix PDF errors when print-site_name is removed from the template.
  • #1941772: provide more watchdog info in case of wkhtmltopdf errors.
  • #1984106: Clear tokens when value is not available.
  • #1907080: remove contextual links from non-content pages.
  • #1884144: fix Constant already defined notices.
  • #1926982: Use better pattern to remove image query strings from the URL.
  • #1842712: Fix Views join handler.
  • #1882966: Remove the reset button on the send by email form.
  • #1927110: Increase path field size in *_page_counter to 255.
  • #1774298: Rename PrintTCPDF::SetFooterData function to PrintTCPDF::setFooterContent to avoid conflict with one with the same name introduced in TCPDF 5.9.174.
  • Add drupal_alter call to print_mail before email is sent.
  • #1929598: Enable print_ui module on upgrade.
  • #1959482: Enable the PDF generation sub-module on update.
  • #2021613: Specify dependency on node module.
  • #1897648 by siliconmeadow: Show token help in the wkhtmltopdf settings page again.
  • #1986478: add support to TCPDF v6.
  • #1857172 by paulgrand: add drupal_alter call to print_pdf_tcpdf.
  • #1820736 by chrisns: add drupal_alter call to print_pdf_mpdf.
  • Update MPDF drush to download the latest version.
  • #1911546: restore PDF module name line removed by mistake.
  • Use optimized PNG images.
  • #1806282: fix TCPDF cache path location bug.
  • #1804436: fix PHP notices when using print_join_page_counter
  • #994564: use PHP authentication with wkhtmltopdf when available.
  • #1895040: fix some notices when the print node fields are set to NULL.
  • #1931744: fix typo in PDF tool not found message.
  • #1911546: remove unneeded files lines from the .info files
  • #1780220 by weri: only translate non-node titles in mail form.
  • #1775314: custom join handlers were broken.


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