A magical way to start Drupal 8 development

by Sitback

Presto is a Drupal distribution with batteries included. It sets up some sane content editing defaults and helps you kickstart your site with Drupal Commerce.


The recommended way to install Presto is to use Composer:

composer create-project sitback/presto-project MYPROJECT --stability dev --no-interaction

You can also install Presto from the download links below, however this is not recommended. A Presto site installed via these downloads will not include eCommerce support, due to limitations with the drupal.org packager.

Note: Only PHP 5.6 and above are officially supported. The profile should run under PHP 5.5 however it isn't tested and may have unforeseen quirks.

Included with Presto

Presto includes the following functionality pre-configured and ready to use right out-of-the-box:

  • An Article content type with some pre-configured fields
  • A Basic Page content type with a Paragraphs-based body field
  • Some pre-configured Paragraph types:
    • Textbox
    • Image
    • Promo bar
    • Divider
    • Carousel
    • Block (allows the embedding of Drupal blocks)
  • An Articles listing page (at /articles) which displays a paginated listing of articles, sorted by publish date
  • A contact page (at /contact) that contains an embedded contact form
  • Google Analytics installed (but not configured!)
  • The ability to add meta tags to all entities on the site
  • A couple of pre-configured user roles: Administrator & Editor
  • The ability to share nodes on social media
  • Pathauto for automatical URL aliasing
  • Canonical redirect functionality
  • XML sitemap generation
  • A magical theme, based off Bootstrap 3 (coming soon!)
  • Optional, pre-configured eCommerce functionality, via Drupal Commerce.

Ongoing development

All ongoing development is being handled on Github:

Supporting organizations: 

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