Extends Field group with an option for a Popup field group. This will render a link which, when clicked, shows all of its children in a simple position: fixed popup.

This module does not mess around with the structure of the form or the DOM particularly. Rather the children of the group are surrounded in a <div>, which is then styled as a very simple position-fixed popup.

A button is then rendered on the form which toggles the popup open/closed. The label of the button is configurable.

Theming the popup

For convenience this module allows you to choose arbitrary additional CSS files to be included on the page. This allows you to easily customize the styling of the popup, even though it may be being viewed in an admin theme.

The System Stream Wrapper module must be installed to use this feature.

Browser support

The popups have been tested in the Seven theme, down to Internet Explorer 8. It's all very simple so I would hope that it works down to Internet Explorer 5.5 (if your admin theme can otherwise handle that!).

Similar modules

Field Group Colorbox does a similar thing, from a brief look I would emphasize these differences:

  • Field Group Colorbox supports grouping fields into an additional "Trigger" group, allowing you to customize which elements trigger the colorbox. Popup field group only adds a button in-place to trigger the popup it, though you can customize the text on it.
  • Field Group Colorbox uses Colorbox, this gives you way more control over the particulars/parameters of the popup, but may be more likely to break JS behaviours you may have on the page (since it moves stuff around in the DOM). For example Drupal #states on a node edit form works great with Popup field group.
  • Field Group Colorbox doesn't support nested popups (i.e. a popup over a popup) since there can only be one instance of Colorbox open on a page. Popup field group supports these out of the box pretty much to an arbitrary depth. Not that I'm recommending this as good UX!
  • This is speculation, but I wonder if Field Group Colorbox was built with entity view (i.e. Manage Display) in mind, while Popup field group was certainly built with entity edit (i.e. Manage Fields) in mind. As such it may be true to say Field Group Colorbox will look/feel way nicer out of the box - suitable for showing to an end user, while Popup field group works great on the entity edit form in the Seven admin theme for tidying up your admin UX.

Please do let me know if I have misrepresented Field Group Colorbox or there is something more helpful I could put here!

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