Show a message in a Responsive Popup for your first time users. The module doesn't require any JavaScript library but uses pure JavaScript to show a nice Popup.

The module stores the browser cookie information about the user so the popup is displayed only once, first time the user visits your website.

N.B This doesn't use the Drupal 8 core dialog module in any way.

Installation is like any other module. Since, there is no external JS library being used you place the module under /modules directory. That's it. Go to Extend and enable the module.

Using Drush: drush en popup_dialog.


  • Once the module is installed, go to '/admin/config/popup_dialog/popupsettings'.
  • When enable checkbox is checked, users will be getting the Popup based on cookie.
  • The Title field is for the title of the Popup
  • The Body field is the content of the Popup.
  • Delay amount is the time lag after which the popup will be shown to the user.
  • Top Offset is the vertical spacing of the popup from top.

Save the configuration and clear the cache.

Now whenever a new user visits your website they will be visited by the popup, but only for the first time.

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