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Plutado Red

This theme is part of the plutado series of themes. It has been designed from scratch by David Plutado Fugate (plutado) with the idea that it should be relatively simple for beginners and experts alike to change the images that make up the aesthetics for the content area and sidebars, as well as the backgrounds (the original fireworks .png files are included in a folder along with this design). The themes in this series have been designed to especially accentuate elaborate background designs – and as such, the normal content area is offset a good distance from the top of the page. Even without modifications, these themes work pretty well out of the box.

List of features:

  • Supports zero, one, or two sidebars. These sidebars are both located on the left side of the main content area. The left side bar is a fixed width of 300px, and the right sidebar is 160px wide.
  • CSS based dropdown menu for primary and secondary menus.
  • Cross-browser compliant. Tested in ie6, ie7, firefox, safari, and opera.
  • Standards compliant. Validates according to W3.
  • CSS based, table-less design.
  • Includes ie6 and ie7 specific stylesheets.
  • Fixed width theme, set for optimal viewing with screens resolutions of 1024 and up.
  • Includes blocks regions for leaderboard (above the header), header, left sidebar, right sidebar, content top, content bottom, region top, region bottom, footer, and footer ad (below the footer).
  • Supports the usual stuff –logo, site name, mission, site slogan, search bar, submitted by, breadcrumbs, footer message
  • Supports primary and secondary menu functionality
  • Built using theme engine PHPtemplate.

Project Information

  • Maintenance status: Unknown
  • Development status: Unknown
  • Reported installs: 8 sites currently report using this theme. View usage statistics.
  • Downloads: 35,332
  • Last modified: 1 December 2014
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