This project is not covered by Drupal’s security advisory policy.

A module which uses the Plupload jquery library to enable multiple simultaneous
upload of images into a gallery
Two different widgets are available:

1. Where the images are added to an image field on the entity (Field Gallery)

2. Where the images are added as separate entities via entity reference field on the entity (Entity Gallery)
This implementation is similar to Node Gallery module. PlUpload gallery uses default Drupal functionality and entity reference to create more or less the same functionality without all that custom code.

Both widgets create three tabs on the entity page:
- upload files / images
- manage files / images
- view files / images (gallery)

There is (at this stage) quite a bit of configuration including creation of form and view modes. For the gallery page you can use a module such as Views Field Formatter to generate a suitable gallery.

plupload_widget - required by Field Gallery
Entity Reference - required by Entity Gallery

The alpha release of the module works. There are a number of todos:

1. Make the tabs follow the site theme and not the admin theme
2. Get the other fields functionality working (when doing bulk upload using Entity Gallery you can set the value of some fields)
3. Constraints and requirements. ie foolproofness!

Please read the detailed README before configuring this module or the full wrath of PlUpload Gallery demons will befall ye!

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