Plagiarize is a content filter that allows authors with the proper permissions to embed the summary of one piece of content into the body of another.

This gives the flexibility of specific placement of a summary within a node body, and because it is a content filter, the body is rendered before Drupal's search indexer is called thus recording keywords within the teaser as belonging to the node in which it is "embedded."

The filter uses shortcode replacement to substitute for another node's summary and optionally can add a title, link which can be linked back to the original node.

A separate shortcode can be added to create a plain list or anchored list of the "embedded" nodes.


One summary limit. Currently only the first summary field is plagiarized if there is more than one instance of a body field. If there is demand for it I will include a method for using more than one summary field.

No body clipping. To prevent summary recursion, the summary must be explicitly entered by the node author. A snipped from the body won't be accepted. This is something I plan to fix in future releases.

WYSIWYG Integration

There is currently no WYSIWYG integration, but I feel that it would be a huge advancement in usability. I am open to accept patches or other contributions to help speed this feature along.

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