This project is not covered by Drupal’s security advisory policy.

Imagefield Pixlr screenshot

Look at Image Editor module first - it has all the functionality of this module and more.

Bring Photoshop-like functionality into your Drupal website! Meet Pixlr power - create/edit any images online in the powerful and feature-rich image editor and save resulted images back to your site!

This project integrates Pixlr online image editing service into Drupal.
It enables you to edit your uploaded images (Imagefield) and then saves it back to your site either by replacing the original image or adding new Imagefield item.


Installation and Setup:

  • Download and install all the modules from the Dependencies section above
  • Download the Pixlr javascript library ( and place it into /sites/all/libraries/pixlr folder OR if you are happy Drush user then "drush pixlr-library" command will do the job for you
  • Download and install this module
  • Add Imagefield to your content type:
    • Configure the number of values under Global settings:
      • If you plan to replace the original images with the edited ones - you can set any value here
      • If you plan to get the edited images back as new Imagefield items - you should set it to several/unlimited number of values (so that at least one more is available to save the edited image)
    • Enable the "Remote URL textfield" source under the "File sources" fieldset (Filefield Sources functionality)
    • Check the "Enable Pixlr" checkbox under the Pixlr fieldset. Set other options as appropriate for your setup.
  • Enable "use pixlr" permission for needed roles

If your images are not available from the external network (for instance, you are using the private file system) then you will get the error message from Pixlr as it couldn't access it. In this case you have 2 ways to proceed:

  • Close the editor, then use the "Upload to Pixlr" button to upload your image to the server and then try to edit it again.
  • Accept the error message and either create a new image using Pixlr Editor or open an image from your computer or other URL and edit this one.

If you are using the Secure Pages module you need to make sure that "pixlr/save/*", "pixlr/upload" and "pixlr/exit" paths are returned using the same protocol as the "node/edit" path. Or just add them into "Ignored pages" setting.

Development Status and Roadmap
Development for Drupal 6 is mainly finished. Please use Roadmap issue to request new features.
Work on Drupal 7 version is not started yet.

Project information