This project is not covered by Drupal’s security advisory policy.


This module put some of the piwik web analytics reports directly in your Drupal site.

Piwik reports was formerly a submodule of Piwik Web analytics module. Since 6.x-2.x it has been dropped. This project take over the maintenance of this submodule.

Currently only a Drupal 7 version is available.


  • global or per user token auth
  • multiple sites report allowed
  • block for in page statistics


7.x-3.x works for Piwik 1.5+. Piwik Web analytics is not a dependency any more, but is still necessary to track your site. New features are going here.

6.x status: a 6.x branch is present in git, but it's just a clone of the latest code in Piwik Web analytics. I'm not using 6.x any more so a 6.x release is not planned. If anyone is willing to jump in to look after the 6.x branch I will happily share project maintainership.

Development has been sponsored by Relinc.

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