Pinned Site on the Taskbar (Screenshot)

Users of Windows Internet Explorer 9 can pin any website to the Windows 7 taskbar just as they pin applications. When a website is pinned, it can be opened quickly and conveniently. A Pinned Site is more than just a shortcut, however. Using the Pinned Site features, you can improve a user's ability to navigate, control, and interact with your site.

The Pinned Site module helps to integrate a site with Windows 7 Desktop using Internet Explorer 9 features fast, easy and without any knowledges in Javascript and HTML.

Detailed information about Pinned Sites technology you can read at Introduction to Pinned Sites.

This module gives to user several useful features:

  • Declaring a static list of tasks for fast navigation to common destinations within a site.
  • Creating a dynamic list of recent site posts.
  • Changing the application name, application tooltip, application start URL and application window size.
  • Making the browser look and feel like your site by changing the color of the Back and Forward buttons.

Pinning a site to the taskbar is very simple:

  • Tear off a tab, and drag it to the taskbar OR
  • Drag the favicon from the address bar in Internet Explorer to the taskbar.

The module uses javascript Pinned Site API and special HTML meta tags to make the site Pinned.
Detailed information about Pinned Site API is located at Pinned Sites Developer Documentation.

Note: The module's Javascript and meta tags only take effect in Internet Explorer 9. Other browsers have to ignore them.

Available interface translations:

  • Russian (Русский)

The module doesn't support multilingualism. So patches and ideas are welcome.

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