This project is not covered by Drupal’s security advisory policy.

This module will no longer be maintained. Please have a look at for a great solution for image editing.

This module has been developed to integrate the image-editing services of Picnik ( with a Drupal installation. Picnik offers the ability to edit and modify images online without the need of an image-editing tool on the user’s computer. It allows for resizing, cropping, colour adjustments, text overlays and many more image manipulation options.

While there are a number of modules available with which to manipulate images, there is no easy “one-stop” solution that offers all the options available with Picnik.
On top of that, the available modules target either administrative users or a scripted way of manipulating images (like ImageCache). The Picnik service offers a clean and easy-to-understand interface.

Once the module is enabled and configured, editable images display an edit link when hovering over the image. Clicking on the link redirects the user to the Picnik interface and loads the selected image. After the user has modified the image and clicked on “Save Changes,” the modified image is send back to the Drupal site, presenting the user with a before/after view. The style of this view can be overridden with theme functions. In the before/after view the user has the final choice to apply or discard the changes.

ImageCache Integration

This module takes into account if an image is processed by ImageCache. In this case, the original image is send to Picnik for editing. Upon saving the modified image the module will clear all ImageCache versions of the specific file.


There are two basic levels of permissions:
Edit Own Images – The user can only edit the images that belong to nodes he/she can edit.
Edit All Images – The user can edit all images, even those inside of blocks.

Additionally, there is an option to give permissions if a user is allowed to change the module settings.

Settings and Installation

It is possible to set a class for images that should not be editable as well as to restrict the HTML area in which the “Edit Own Images” role can edit images (this should be set to the node content area). For more detailed information please see the README.txt file in the module package.


This module has been developed by ImageX Media.

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