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PicLens Photowall

The PicLens Drupal module is has just found its new maintainer - rsvelko from!


The PicLens module for Drupal makes it easy for you to provide your visitors with an immersive slideshow experience for rich media on your website. It supports the mediaRSS feeds which is needed by the 3D plugins. The PicLens Lite is also supported enabling a really slick slideshow on your own website.

For more information about PicLens and browser 3D plugins, go to

Supported Drupal modules available as submodules of piclens

Other modules implementing hook_mediarss_items

When you enable support on the PicLens settings page, a MediaRSS feed listing all images in an image gallery, album etc will be available. It's also possible to add a 'Start slideshow' link to start PicLens Lite, a really slick slideshow interface.
Go to for settings.


Several functions are available to create your own mediaRSS feed or add the link and/or javascript needed for PicLens (Lite).
You can implement hook_mediarss_items() in your own custom module to pass along media items. Read the documentation for all functions and code examples.

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