Run a sports pickem league using Drupal. Currently it is setup for the NFL, but it could be used for NHL, College Bowl season, March Madness, MLS, etc... Includes pick the winner style along with point spread and confidence points.


  • Import-export of game sets feature so you can share team lists and schedules with other users of this module (7.x and 6.x use different formats).
  • Multi-league: more than one league can use the same gameset so the commish need only enter the scores once!
  • Multi-gameset: you can run more than one sport (or division) at one time.
  • Email reminders: let people know when the pick lock-up time will come.
  • Charts:

    Pickem7.x: Google Chart Tools

    Pickem6.x: Open_Flash_Chart_API
  • Dynamic timer(*): let people know when the picks are due by Javascript Timer.
  • Automatic score updates(*): Not having to type in those pesky sports scores...priceless. Service provided by Sports Scores module.

(*) Optional integration will other Drupal modules.

Game Set Files(version dependent!)

#2544978: NFL 2015 Gameset (7.x-1.2+, @drubage and @tlreiners)


New release: Pickem 7.x-1.9 (September 2):
Make sure to run update.php and clear your caches:)


Meager Install Guide
FAIR WARNING: Once Drupal8 (and Pickem 8.x) is released, the Pickem 6.x branch will move to unsupported.

If you want to help...

Share your team lists and schedules by posting an issue with an attached .gameset file.
Or Submit a patch:)

Appreciation Section

Confidence points game type: kiel2155
NHL Game set creation: @johandenooij
NFL Game set creation: @justintime, @tlreiners and @drubage
Release 6.x-1.1 sponsored by BriteSparkz LLC

Branch Status

7.x-1.x Branch: Stable.
7.x-2.x Branch: Defunct, Merged into 7.x-1.x
6-x-2.x Branch: Stable, BugFix only

Please contact me for paid extensions of this module as well as for general Drupal consulting and development.

Project Information