Admin Configuration

This module provides gallery support in the form of associating Picasa albums with nodes.


  • Link any public Picasa album to a node
  • Thumbnail view with a template you can override
  • Lightbox2 support already in the default template
  • Select albums of the current Picasa account with autocomplete
  • Supported node types configured via admin settings
  • Define if thumbs should show on teasers and/or page views
  • Define how many images in the gallery should be displayed on teasers/page views
  • Define the sizes of thumbnails and images to request from Picasa
  • Define whether you want an Albums tab on the node or not
  • Image data results cache with a defined expiration
  • Restrict what picasa accounts content can come from
  • Restrict how many albums a user can upload per node


  • zend
  • libraries (Technically not required but strongly recommended)

This module uses the Google API library provided in the Zend Framework. You must install the zend module in order for this to work.

Note: We strongly recommend you install libraries! The Zend module does not require it however it will use it if installed. It will save you a lot of headache if you otherwise ended up configuring the Zend module wrong.

When installing the Zend module you MUST go to its configuration page and save the correct path to the Zend Framework directory. Even if it shows up, you must submit the form.

Project information