This project is not covered by Drupal’s security advisory policy.

Use PhotoSwipe to display picture galleries on your Drupal website. This Javascript lightbox library offers very nice mobile browsing features (in particular swiping to the next picture)!

Drupal 6 (not supported)

Warning: Since this module is based on a much newer version of jQuery (even than the one proposed by jQuery Update), it is likely to create heavy compatibility problem with other modules and cannot be used in admin or edit pages. Nonetheless it can be used without Drupal or jQuery errors on standard pages!

Drupal 7

The drupal 7 version depends on jquery_update (>2.2).
Because PhotoSwipe needs a jQuery version bigger than 1.5, jquery_update version 2.2 wont work. Please use the 2.3 version and make sure you have selected jQuery version 1.7 (recommended) or 1.8 in jquery_update settings.

  • Branch 7.x.1.x: For PhotoSwipe v3.x
  • Branch 7.x.2.x: For PhotoSwipe v4.x

Drupal 8

No dependencies!
Support for PhotoSwipe v4.x.
Initial porting done, please test!

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