Persona is no longer actively developed by Mozilla. Mozilla has committed to operational and security support of the services until November 30th, 2016.

On November 30th, 2016, Mozilla will shut down the services. and related domains will be taken offline.

If you run a website that relies on Persona, you need to implement an alternative login solution for your users before this date.

For more information, see this guide to migrating your site away from Persona:

This module enables users to sign into a Drupal website using Mozilla Persona. It works out of the box.

Persona is the Web's identity API. It connects identity providers (for example, Gmail), web browsers, and websites.

When signing in with Persona, the user's identity provider gives the web browser cyptographic proof that the user owns an email address. The web browser can then give an assertion to any website that the user wants to be signed into.

A user's identity provider will have no knowledge of which sites the user is signing into.

Mozilla Persona Beta 2
Dan Callahan's PyCon US 2013 session

Because Persona uses email addresses as identity identifiers this module can be enabled on an existing Drupal site and all users will be able to sign in using Persona.

In its default configuration this module allows users to sign in with Persona or with the legacy Drupal username and password system. There is an option for Persona to "take over" authentication completely.

The module can also be disabled at any time and all users will be able to use the Drupal authentication system.

Currently no email services or web browsers support Persona natively and there are no stable software libraries to verify assertions, so Mozilla is bootstrapping the ecosystem by emulating all three of these components:

  • Email services - Persona will act as a secondary identity provider by verifying email addresses the old way (sending an email with a verification link). For certain domains (currently and Persona can also use Identity Bridging. This involves using technologies that identity providers already implement like OAuth.
  • Web browsers - Mozilla have provided a JavaScript shiv that uses HTML5 storage. It will not be required for browsers that implement natively.
  • Assertion verification - Mozilla host a verification service. This module will be able to perform local verification once there is a stable software library.

Eventually it will be possible to sign in using Persona without any Mozilla service being involved whatsoever.

This module needs a list of stand-out websites that use it. If there is a site that should be on this list, please create an issue and it will be added.

To use a Drupal website as an Identity Provider for Mozilla Persona use BrowserID IDP.

Dan Callahan and Jonathan Brown had a session on Mozilla Persona at DrupalCon Prague.

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