Manage issues of periodicals like journals and magazines as taxonomy terms.


  1. Install and enable periadical module
  2. Optionally install and enable views_bulk_operations module in order to enhance the administrative interface of periodical
  3. Navigate to Administration » Structure » Periodical Issues » Settings
  4. Enable the vocabularie(s) where you want to store issues
  5. Optionally you may customize the widget used for the issue date (e.g. date_popup) under Administer » Structure » Taxonomy » (your vocabulary) edit » Manage Fields


  1. Navigate to Administration » Structure » Periodical Issues » Generate

Configure issue generation rule

  1. Set values for First Issue Number and First Issue Date
  2. Choose at least a period (Days, Weeks, Months) and the date of the last issue
  3. Optionally choose months and weekdays in the advanced fieldset
  4. Optionally add exception dates in the "Except" and "Additional" fieldsets

Configure Term Template

Choose issue number and publication date tokens from the "Generated Issue" group to automatically compute the name of the generated terms. Tokens are also replaced in the description field.

Click on "Continue" in order to generate the terms.


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