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IDCard is a simple module that creates PDFs from user's information for the purpose of creating a printable Identification card. The module allows an administrator to define a badge template that is then filled in with information from the user's account. Examples would include security badges, identification cards, Conference badges, etc.

A template defines the background image to be used, size of the card (height, width), print orientation and has a PHP code area to define what user's fields will be printed and where. If the profile module is enabled those fields will be available for inclusion on the card. This module was created for Manhattan Neighborhood Network to provide physical ID cards for the Community producers, and staff.

Permissions include "Manage the templates", "Print All User's cards" and "Print Own card" (i.e. a user could print their own card/ badge).

Relies on TCPDF

be sure to download the correct TCPDF version based on your version of PHP (4 or 5)
Relies on the Upload Module (included in core Drupal, must be enabled)
Initially funded by: Manhattan Neighborhood Network
Thanks goes to the developers of PDFView and also Openflows development firm

Currently the module works best with 72 dpi images.
If you have experience coding with multiple image DPIs (width/height, etc.) please lend your expertise is helping to better handle non-72 dpi images.

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