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A listener for Paypal Instant Payment Notification(IPN) messages.

This module can be used with PayPal Buy Now Buttons and other PayPal systems. This module does not create these buttons but can be used to respond to the notifications.

This module strives too be very minimal. It will not add features for creating PayPal Buttons(which can be made manually), keeping track of PayPal payments(which can be tracked on, or any kind of cart system. If you are looking for a more complete and complex PayPal commerce integration you can check out these modules

If all of these other modules seem to complex for your needs and are willing to write a little code(recommended) or are very comfortable with making Rules then this module might be a solution for you.

Learn more about Instant Payment Notification(IPN) messages. Or detailed docs..

Uses PHP-PayPal-IPN library

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Provides two hooks for listening to IPN messages

  1. hook_paypal_ipn_notification
  2. hook_paypal_ipn_entity_notification - Notifications for specified entity(as determined by URL

The modules listens for IPN Notifications at two paths:

  1. paypal-ipn-listen
  2. paypal-ipn-listen/entity/[ENTITY_TYPE]/[ENTITY_ID]

For this module to work one of these paths must be used as PayPal a Notification URL. The simplest way of setting this up is via the notify_url parameter on a Buy Now button.


PayPal IPN Rules

Provides Rules events for the hooks above. IPN Post
information and the related Entity(if any) are available in Rules events.

Relate Modules

PayPal IPN Organic Groups

Example Sandbox project that subscribes the buyer by email to an Organic Group.

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